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What Are The 5 Worst Speed Bumps Of Health?

You can enjoy an extra twelve to fourteen years of good life! No really! That’s a promise. It’s not a pill or potion! You just have to take care of yourself. Deep down, we all know that if you follow healthy lifestyle options, you will live longer. Not just that but you will enjoy better health in your life. Now we can boil it down to just 5 essential factors. In a large study, which followed over 78,000 women and over 44,000 men, researchers have shown that if you follow a healthy diet (more of that later), exercise regularly,...

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5 Simple and Effective Antibiotic Alternatives

We’ve arrived at a place where the short-comings of drug-based medicine are all too plain.  Nothing demonstrates that fact more than our growing issue with antibiotic resistance.  Now, more than ever in mankind’s history, we must find reliable, affordable, and effective antibiotic alternatives. Antibiotics are gradually losing their ability to protect us against common bacteria.  When this realization is coupled with the very real side effects and the rocketing expense, the need for other options becomes an actual emergency. Before antibiotics, there were holistic options that worked for thousands of years.  The pursuit of the perfect “miracle” drug to fix everything has overshadowed basic principles (such as hygiene, quality rest, and nutrition) that keep people from getting sick in the first place! Common sense seems forgotten.  It seems everyone wants it “easy” rather than “correct” but that’s not a long-term solution.  Eventually, the repercussions of “easy” catch up. A good example of this is diet soda filled with cancer-causing chemicals and artificial sweeteners.  The soda industry played a big part in the obesity and diabetes epidemics. They presented an “easy” solution to their consumers who could no longer consume their full test goods.  The advice was not, “Don’t drink soda because it’s bad for you.”  Instead it was, “You can still have this horrible thing without the calories and sugar!”  Now numerous scientific studies have linked diet sodas to...

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Vitamin D, Depression & Why Psychiatric Illness is a Cultivated Myth

Vitamin D supplementation may help reduce the symptoms of depression, new results of an updated meta-analysis show. “People who were vitamin D deficient and depressed seemed to respond best to supplementation, but there was some evidence that supplementation improved depressive symptoms in people who had a normal level of vitamin D,” Marissa Flaherty, MD, of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, told Medscape Medical News. Don’t I keep telling you guys, there are some good doctors out there? Not everybody in the medical profession is corrupted (yet). This is very refreshing, to find...

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The Anti-Aging Benefits of CoQ10

Is your body making enough Coenzyme 10?  When you’re young, your body naturally produces enough CoQ10 benefits to protect your health.  Many of your biological systems put this critical antioxidant to work handling cellular maintenance, growth, and energy. However, as you age, your production begins to slow.  Those with heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and even cancer have been shown to be deficient in CoQ10.  This deficiency could be a side effect of the diseases or an underlying cause.  Researchers are uncertain but the connection between deficiency and disease is well proven. Why You Need CoQ10 Benefits Ubiquinone (CoQ10) was...

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The Future Of Medicine

I predict the extreme polarization of medical sciences. There will be a small (and diminishing) corps of dedicated individuals; real scientists who want to make a difference. Through them, and only through them, we will continue to make significant advances in medicine. But their effort will be swamped out by the continuing wave of lies and corruption which passes for “science”. It contains no new discoveries, only new ways of lying about what the pharmaceutical industry is peddling. But those who criticize this system of rampant corruption will be increasingly pilloried and attacked as incompetent, dangerous, dishonest, stupid. It’s...

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