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The Physical Dangers of Stress – You’re Destroying Your Body!

The dangers of stress are an exceedingly real and shockingly prevalent part of modern life.  A decade ago, around 25% of Americans considered themselves to have unusually high levels of stress in their daily lives.  In a Gallup poll released at the end of 2017, that number climbed dramatically to 79% of Americans! How Stress Works Stress can be caused by many different factors.  Acute stress is a normal part of life.  You might feel it after a fight with a significant other, a particularly hard commute to work, preparing for an interview, or before an important test. Acute...

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Gluttony, Obesity, and Chronic Inflammation

Every person experiences inflammation as part of a normal immune system response to infection, sickness, or stress.  This is a system function called acute inflammation and your body needs it.  However, chronic inflammation is a different animal altogether – and one of the leading causes of major disease. It has been proven to both cause disease and worsen disease.  Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and autoimmune diseases are just some of the horrific consequences of chronic inflammation that rages out of control and is never resolved. The Link Between Obesity and Inflammation In a society where we are literally...

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Life and Death At Trevi Fountain

I was looking for a shop I knew near the Trevi fountain in Rome. As I pushed through the heaving July crowds (so many people you would need a catapult to get a coin into the fountain at a distance!), I spotted a sad soul almost invisible, low down in a shop entrance. She crouched low, her head resting on her knees, indifferent to the crowds. She was I guess in her late fifties; a very picture of sorrow, while all around her were milling, equally-indifferent tourists, all having a good time. I wondered for a moment was her...

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Find Happiness – Make it Your Default State of Mind!

If you read the news, it seems that the “pursuit of happiness” is a top story.  It is made to seem like some ideal that must be chased.  The truth is that you can find happiness in your daily life, for your entire life, by changing your thinking. What brings you joy, contentment, and pleasure can be very different from someone else. Even the people closest to you may have a different definition of what “happiness” means.  Perhaps reading quietly in a room alone is one’s ultimate joy.  Being in a crowd of people during a celebration may be...

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One of My Most Important Projects EVER!

Most of you who read my works know I stand for much more than bodily health. That’s corny, easy-peasy stuff (a cinch, as the Americans would say). My view of health is bigger, wider, deeper, longer and more detailed.I’m in this for healing lives, not just preserving the body. What’s the point of living an extra thirty years, if your life is so meager that you’d rather be dead? Ha ha! So quietly, over the years, after being one of the world’s top 10 in holistic health pioneers, and then helping spearhead the electronic medicine revolution with my book Virtual...

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