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Surprising ways that foods can really hurt you

Last night I did a teleclass for Hilton Johnson. This was its title. From that you will see that it’s serious stuff! In fact I quoted several moving stories of people from my casebook who had been BADLY hurt by foods. Not just bellyache but being imprisoned in their own bodies, unable to express themselves and learn language. One woman discovered herself at the age of 39: she just woke up one day and "I realized that I was there" (her own words). Can you imagine how awful it must be to be "born" at the age of 39 years? She had been unable to read or write or cross the road safely. She couldn’t handle money and was a danger to herself in the kitchen. But she was rescued entirely by my discovery that a single unsuspected food allergy was the call of all her misery. But she was far from my only staggering case, sadly. It’s true that foods can REALLY hurt you. Listen to the teleclass recording here: diet wise (while you are there, consider signing up for my free teleseminars) Better still, get my book "Diet Wise". It’s probably the best $20 health investment you can make. It turns existing diet theory and teaching on its head....

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What lies beyond the popcorn cell phone hoax?

Here’s the truth about cell phones, a lot of researched references. Never mind the popcorn gag. Don’t let the fact that this was a hoax lull you into believing that cell phones are safe. Maybe the power sellers and Wi-Fi companies arranged the hoax, to distract from the very real problems we are facing. What problems? I’ve posted a whole page of stuff on this topic AND BARELY TOUCHED THE SURFACE OF EXISTING SCIENCE STUDIES SHOWING CELL PHONES, WI-FI AND MICROWAVE RADIATION IS DANGEROUS. This is for real. cell phones as bad as chest...

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15 minutes could save you 15- 22 lbs and 4 inches off the waist

It’s not often you’ll find me recommending a weight loss product. The best way to lose weight is eat differently, as you know! But it can be difficult to eat the way you want. I’m away from home constantly and it isn’t always easy, I understand that. Now science has come to the rescue with an amazing and different product. It’s a leptin-sparer. By that I mean that your body will respond to LESS leptin. Feelings of satiety that we like to call feeling "full" come from leptin. So logically, you would think more is better. But no. It’s like insulin. Insulin spares blood sugar and keeps it down. But when things go wrong, as in diabetes, the body stops listening to it. Despite climbing blood sugar, insulin levels rise significantly. We call this "insulin resistance" and it’s big trouble. Recovery starts when the body begins to listen to the insulin message. At that time insulin levels FALL. Well, overweight and obese people are kind of "leptin resistant". So when the leptin signal starts getting through at last, the person eats less, feeling more readily satisfied. At that time, leptin levels FALL (just like the insulin example). That’s what I meant by a leptin-sparer. It’s not a scientific term, just something I made up for this blog! A breakthrough clinical trial carried out at the University of  Connecticut showed...

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Stevia and FDA scam

What’s natural about a completely fake artificial sweetener, just because it started as a plant? So did Vincristine and Vinblastine, both deadly chemo agents. They come from the periwinkle plan (Vinca major).  Opium started as a plant… So did Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade). I could go on! Isn’t it odd that the plant Stevia is dangerous according to the FDA but as soon as some big shot corporation with dollars to bribe the FDA officials comes along, suddenly adulterated Stevia is fine! The FDA has spent decades attacking Stevia, impounding it, harassing importers and trying to put them out of business, generally being bullying and heavy-handed, as the FDA likes to. Stevia isn’t new. It’s been used for centuries as a sweetener in South America and is used Japan. But in the US Stevia may only be sold as a dietary supplement — not as a sweetener or a food additive — due to the FDA’s safety concerns. Actually the FDAs “concern” was keeping it’s cronies at Monsanto happy, by stamping down the competition for their deadly sweetener aspartame. Then along comes “Truvia”, a bastardized form of Stevia, and suddenly the FDA is stevia-friendly: GRAS “generally recognized as safe”. Truvia, a new Stevia product developed by Cargill and Coca-Cola, isn’t settling for supplement status. It’s set to debut later this year as a tabletop sweetener and ingredient in certain Coca-Cola...

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Auto-immune disease and allergy

I first wrote about this in my books in the 1980s. I endorse her story but it was pre-written by great pioneers, decades ago! In THE AUTOIMMUNE EPIDEMIC: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance—and the Cutting Edge Science that Promises Hope, Donna Jackson Nakazawa, herself afflicted with Guillan Barre syndrome (an autoimmune disease), and other autoimmune diseases, lays forth the disturbing ways that “autogens” — a term Nakazawa coined to denote chemical and other triggers of autoimmune disease — are wreaking havoc with the human immune system. She offers a clear course for hope, detailing the personal, political, and economic choices that can help curb this epidemic before it is too late. THE AUTOIMMUNE EPIDEMIC combines up-to-the-minute research emerging out of dozens of today’s cutting-edge scientific labs with the frontline perspective of autoimmune sufferers. Nakazawa explores vital topics including: What role chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, diet, and genes play in developing autoimmune disease •How our modern lifestyles and environmental contamination have created a “perfect storm” – the ripest possible conditions for today’s autoimmune epidemic to take hold The connection between autoimmune disease and allergies, the rates of which are likewise skyrocketing The disturbing fact that 75% of autoimmune sufferers are women—and one in nine women will be afflicted with these diseases The fact that the average American woman is eight times more likely to have autoimmune...

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