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Is MRSA the new Black Death?

MRSA “fever” has struck the country with the publication of a telling article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA 17th Oct 2007). This morning I was invited on a radio show to discuss the problem and get it into perspective. I had recently done a piece for subscribers to my ‘Wholesome Living Letter’ on this very topic. I had likened the community active form of MRSA (as opposed to the hospital “superbug” version) to the Black Death from ages past. One of the other guests, who I suppose I should not name, was being interviewed by several radio stations, including the one I was on. He blamed illegal immigrants, claiming it was their dirty habits and lack of personal responsibility; he also blamed foreigners for tape worms, TB, Chagas’ disease and a whole host of other dangerous diseases. I followed him and declared his opinion “fascist, unscientific and inciting prejudice and hatred”. Fortunately, he had left to spread his poison somewhere else by the time I said this, otherwise a war of bitter words would have broken out. No matter, I stand by my condemnation of this foolish and ignorant tirade. It’s akin to hysteria. The studio presenter, normally a very mild and civilized man, ended up raising his voice in shock at what “these people” are doing to our country. This is how mob violence...

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Cancer alternatives. The holistic choices

Cancer alternative therapies Hi folks! I have posted my first blog links on the many cancer alternatives available to you. These lead all over the alternative-doctor website. Take a look by following these 2 links. There are factors like nutrition, enzymes, psychology and lifstyle. You can also access several free books describing cancer alternative...

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