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Alternative Medicine Benefits Getting the Recognition They Deserve!

While you might casually know and understand the benefits of alternative medicine, it’s unlikely that your traditional health care provider feels the same. Until the past century, practices now considered “alternative” were the only treatments available to most people when they were sick or hurt.  Yes, discoveries have been being made for a couple of hundred years but those treatments weren’t available to the masses!  Even antibiotics (discovered in 1928) took more than a decade to make it to the public. Now, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t always room for improvement!  Of course, there is!  New discoveries are...

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Old Masters and New Ideas

I’m not quite sure why early “masters” are so-called. Some of their paintings are gruesomely bad; all wrong anatomically! But Piero della Francesca was a man before his time. Art historian Sir Kenneth Clark attributes to him “the greatest small painting in the world”. It’s the Flagellation of Christ, hanging in the National Gallery in the ducal palace in Urbino, Italy. I went to see it yesterday. Here’s proof: I’m standing next to it! Thing is, it’s in bad shape. The painting is oil and tempera on board and woodworm is chewing away at it, plus the board is now...

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The Ugly Hidden Truth About Feeling Tired

Did you know…that if you’re always waking up feeling tired and fatigued there’s a deeper problem at hand? It has nothing to do with you getting enough sleep or eating better. In fact, there are several reasons why you may have low energy more often than not… …You could be experiencing too many demands on your time, the aches and pains of getting older, severe daily stress, or the loss of a loved one or a friend – and can all have a huge impact on your energy and your overall vitality. Now I’m sure you’ve tried to fix...

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Types of Headaches and How to Ease the Pain Naturally

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 50% of the adult population globally has experienced a headache within the last year.  Between 2-4% experience headaches 15 or more days every month.  It’s one of the most common conditions experienced by your nervous system and can derail your life depending on what type of headache you suffer from. Something that affects so many should be a primary focus of the medical community. However, doctors only get about four hours of undergraduate training on all headaches.  That means, they don’t know enough to diagnose or properly treat their patients who come...

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You Can’t Make Up Fairies and Angels… But They Can!

A cynical headline perhaps. But it’s true! If you talk about higher beings, other planes of existence, angels, spiritual helpers or discarnate entities, you are considered a cook. That’s all garbage they say; woo-woo nonsense; you need to get a grip on reality. Ha! What’s this reality they are talking about then? It’s mostly made up (invented). First, the dark matter: 0ver 90% of the universe they call “reality” simply isn’t there. “Oh it’s there alright, we just haven’t found it yet,” they say. Oh yeah? Like medieval demons and dragons, I suppose. Dragons and demons and succubi and...

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