Here’s a pot-pourri (a miscellaneous anthology) of intriguing and interesting science. I’m posing the questions but not telling you how to get the answers till the end. 1. The most powerful nutrient on Earth is not a food, a vitamin, a mineral or a phytonutrient. It’s very abundant in this universe and could solve almost all nutrition deficiencies. Want to know what it is? 2. What does a bee visiting a pretty flower to pollinate have in common with humans having sex? Nothing at all, you think? You’d be wrong. There’s an essential clue at such moments to the whole nature of this universe and what happens in it. It’s particularly critical to the understanding of life and therefore, of course, to an ...[click to continue]
For most of us, the words exercise and weight loss can cause an entire range of emotion and much of it isn’t positive. The journey to weight loss can be filled with self-doubt, frustration, and even anger at the lack of results. It’s a familiar story. The key is not to take your workouts to insanity level. A new study published in Current Biology found that you can only burn so many calories through exercise. After that, you’re doing nothing more than damaging muscle tissue, wearing yourself out, and pushing a rock uphill to get mowed down by it again. Participants in the research were at several levels of mobility. Some very active while others were sedentary. Those who were most active did burn more calori ...[click to continue]
Well, you all know by now my quirky definition of health: EVERYTHING is health! Bad things impact us at many unseen levels and cause stress. Government lies and oppression are the greatest plague to Humankind at this point in time. It’s our BIGGEST health and wellness issue by far. The worldwide plague is getting WORSE, not better. We could be entering a new Dark Ages. Just to remind you, if you are feeling complacent: there is no vaccine for injustice, brutality, war and destruction of resources. An outbreak of evil could occur anywhere, any time, as it did in Germany in the 1930s. Good diet, nutritional extras and regular exercise will not protect you. The gun seems to be the only thing that will work again ...[click to continue]
I’ve written many times about the dangers of obesity, inflammation, and how stress will absolutely kill you if you allow it to take over your life. These three things are intrinsically linked in modern humanity and are causing a ripple effect in our physical, emotional, and mental health. Obesity and inflammation are listed as risk factors for every major disease and condition. Their common denominator is stress. When you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or upset, your impulse is to reach for comfort foods that make you fee ...[click to continue]
Throughout history, the world has been terrified of those who exhibit signs of mental illness. One must wonder if it is actual fear of the person who is mentally ill or instead, fear of somehow “catching” what they have.

Decoding Mental Illness

There are many layers to conditions and diseases of the brain and emotional construct. Despite more than a hundred years of intensive study, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what causes mental illness, how it affects the individual, and how to treat it. In this field, the “trial and error” method has many times caused more damage to patients. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 450 million people currently ...[click to continue]
Those of you who follow my work and have seen my video “Who Needs a Brain?” on YouTube, or read last week’s newsletter arguing that the brain cannot possibly do the job that science ascribes to it, might wonder if I am trying to say the brain is worthless. We all know that’s not true. If you get too much brain damage, you can observe the effects. Loss of cerebral cortex will produce little change or harm; people with 98% of brain tissue missing can still think and remember normally. But if the vital centers are damaged, such as the speech area, or motor control, the person will be paralyzed or have difficulty speaking. The important point I a ...[click to continue]
You have heard and read me saying for years that brain and mind are not the same; that the extended mind is outside the physical body; that memory is in the surrounding encapsulation of the body, not in our tissues (which leads to the concept of a low-level “cellular memory”). Mechanistic brain science, on the other hand, insists that memory and cognition all take place within the brain, because “it must be so”. There is nothing non-physical, they say (which in a way is true!) Here’s an interesting study (Nov 2015) that makes it clear that memory function (recording and retrieval) is so fast that ...[click to continue]
Ah, the gut. A too-often neglected area so crucial to your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Referred to as the “second brain” of your body, the gut affects more than most people know or understand. Protecting it is critical. Without good gut bacteria, the rest of your body can go downhill fast! The wonderful thing about your belly is that even if you’ve beaten it up for years with pro-inflammatory foods, poor habits, and little hydration…it isn’t too late! Your gut is incredibly resilient and with a few tweaks to your lifestyle and eating habits, you can mend the damage and prevent future problems. ...[click to continue]
Supplements caused no deaths in 2014. This says it all. The great orthomolecular nutritionist doctor, Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, always said: "No one dies from vitamins." He was right when he said it and he is still right today. But that cannot be said of orthodox medicine. In the year 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield, from the prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, published a shocking study which revealed just how incompetent doctors really are (there are always exceptions, remember). medical-errors-barbarastarfield Her study, published in the Jou ...[click to continue]
If you think the obesity epidemic isn’t a real concern, I’d like to take this opportunity to convince you otherwise. Between 1980 and 2014, the rate of obesity worldwide has more than doubled according to the World Health Organization. In less than four decades, the world has grown fatter, unhealthier, and (though we’re living longer) seemingly unconcerned with the quality of their additional years. 1.9 billion adults and more than 40 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese on this planet! The poor quality of our diet, lack of exercise, and bad habits have led us to this. A growing trend in these statistics are those who claim to be “addicte ...[click to continue]
No it’s not back “big time” just now. But you have cause to worry. Allow me to explain and share with you the history and some fascinating facts about polio... Officials are fudging it and refuse to use the “p-word” but a condition clinically indistinguishable from polio has arisen in California. They call it acute flaccid myelitis. Translation: sudden onset paralysis, caused by inflammation of the spinal cord (which is what polio does). Fifty-nine cases of acute flaccid myelitis have been identified in California in the past 3 years. Most cases (50 of 59) occurred in children and young adults, very typical of polio. But 2 patients—both immunocompromised adults—died within 60 days of symptom onset. Exp ...[click to continue]
All year long, I talk to you about ways to prevent disease, fight disease, and live a longer and stronger existence. It’s my calling. It’s what I love to do. Maybe you’ve listened and maybe you haven’t. We all have our choices to make. In my first post for 2016, I want to tell you that the time has come to change your life.

No more excuses.

No more waiting.

No more taking the path of least resistance.

Right now, this minute, it’s time to make life change that’s going to keep you healthy, keep your brain sharp, and help the rest of your life be the best years you’ve ever had. ...[click to continue]