Apparently, Dr. Ronald Krauss, UCSF Adjuvant Professor and Director of Atherosclerosis Research at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, is really to blame for the horrible story, which all vegans and vegetarians are incensed about. It was a recent front cover headline by Time magazine: “Eat Butter”. They are calling him “Doctor Lard” (in derision). The magazine had the temerity to argue there was no science for the value of a low-fat diet and, moreover, the feature article pointed out there was GOOD science to tell us about the benefits of eating saturated fats. The author, Bryon Walsh, is decried as a sloppy author (or worse). Vegetarians and vegans, in my experience, are not inter ...[click to continue]
Alternative medicine and traditional healthcare are two terms tossed around the modern health industry rather often.  There are negative opinions about both but each has their place in today’s health environment. Traditional healthcare is referred to as Western medicine because it is traditionally used by the United States and Western Europe.  It is defined as the medical treatment based on the use of drugs and surgery to treat symptoms (signs of illness). Alternative medicine covers a broad range of treatments and is also referred to as complimentary alternative medicine (CAM).  Practitioners emphasize education, prevention of disease, and holistic treatment. Some of the most well-known alternative ...[click to continue]

Is Tree Hugging Good For Your Health?

Years ago I lost a mighty volume of poems I had written. As an already-published poet they were not just dreams or self-delusions; these were GOOD poems. I wept over that notebook. It still haunts me; the beautiful language that came to me in the night; up in the skies; on far-flung mountain tops; and by the ocean shore… All gone!

I’ve tried to re-construct some of it but poetry isn’t like that. It’s a moment of intense creation that never comes again.

But I do remember one of them was about hugg ...[click to continue]

Are there easy ways to reduce stress and anxiety naturally?

Tense moments such as paying bills or looming work deadlines will trigger several stress hormones in the body, which cause muscle tension, sweating, increase in heart rate and, increased respiration. Stress is a silent killer and puts you at risk for chronic diseases, obesity, and insomnia. I am sure you feel the hectic pace of everyday life wearing and tugging on you and you aren’t alone...did you know that worldwide nearly 500 million people suffer from stress?  It’s shocking yet true. Mental and emotional stress can even cause chronic muscle pain and depression.  What mimics a crippling disease is actually an emotional state that is programmed by basi ...[click to continue]

Pain is the King of symptoms; it demands respect and can be cruel when ignored. It erodes the quality of life, demoralizes the patient and causes a horribly negative emotional response. Those in chronic pain are particularly miserable, because they know it will be back again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

But acute pain is bad too, because the patient is not used to it and has no practice at enduring its difficulties.

Yes, pain is medicine’s number one call to action. Nobody likes pain. ...[click to continue]

Got Cancer? Take An Aspirin!

A couple years back I ran a newsletter piece under the same jokey title. Maybe you thought I was kidding? No, really, the science is good.

Remarkable as it may seem, humble aspirin has a strong effect against cancer cells. This is in part due to the fact that cancer is part of the picture caused by our “inflammatory fire”; partly because it has a specific cytotoxic effect—see below.

A study published in 2011 showed taking ...[click to continue]

Popular medical advice calls for a low-salt diet.  Magazines, television, and news outlets report that salt is bad for your heart. The Institute of Medicine released the results of their study on this very topic and determined that there was no evidence that drastically reducing salt intake would help your heart. Even more shocking, they were unable to determine the possible harm in removing salt from your diet! In fact, recent studies have linked low sodium intake to diabetes, flagging metabolism, heart disease, decreased cognitive ability in older adults, and an increase in falls resulting in fractures. Still, the medical industry as a whole still endorses a low-sodium diet.  Popular recommended levels are as much as ...[click to continue]
Honey bee venom is the “buzz” and it seems to help. Here’s a surprise scientific report. At the 18th International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders, in Stockholm, Sweden (June 8-12, 2014), a very interesting paper was presented showing that a combination of acupuncture and bee venom improved symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s a bit of a surprise. Acupuncture has been used for years in Asia to relieve Parkinson's symptoms—it seems to protect nerve cells like the ones the disease destroys—but it’s not like Western drug-bound science to even cast a glance in its direction. This is a milestone! Bee venom (Apis mellifica) is another holistic remedy that’s been around for ...[click to continue]
You know I have been saying for decades that autism is NOT caused by mercury. That theory is dead. Mr. Nasty—Marc Sircus of Medical Veritas used that statement to call me a madman and accused me online of being in favor of mercury, that I was stupid and had sold out (see link below) — all sitting comfortably in Brasil, where he thinks he’s safe from a libel suit. 1 Sircus has no meaningful medical qualifications but he’s highly opinionated. He does all his “research” on Google and proceeds to slag off doctors he doesn’t like from a safe distance. Trouble is with people like Sircus, he doesn’t let mere facts from experts get in the way of his theories. I have the last laugh however: be ...[click to continue]

Two weeks ago, I discussed part 2 of my critical detox plan. I described it as something essential to “health literacy”!

This week as promised, I will dive into part 3.  Long before the days of wi-fi and cell phones, people were starting to react to their electrical environment.

We are under pressure from environmental pollutants, microwave towers, and more science is emerging on these unseen radio waves and emissions can affect your health.  EMF radiation is not only dangerous it affects your body at the cellular level.

...[click to continue]

I like reading Jon Rappaport of “No More Fake News” fame. He’s spiritual and artistic, as well as a really good investigative reporter and… a terrific compelling writer. Just today (June 9, 2014) another piece came in from him, with the subject line: “Drug cartels are amateurs: here's the real thing.” Mexican cartels? Colombian cartels? Afghan poppy lords? Middlemen? Street dealers? Are you kidding? They're small fry. Check out the pros. prescription drug use Medical News Today, June 22, 2013, reported "Most America ...[click to continue]
This column, as you know, looks far beyond the rest. While they are “advizing” you about doses of vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium and hormones (yes, I do that too), I’m telling you what’s coming down the turnpike and it’s fascinating and actually rather grand in concept. It’s learning about ourselves in completely new and hitherto unthinkable ways. We are entering the age of the health avatar; a computer simulation that has all of YOU inputted as data: your age, sex, activities, lifestyle, genetic profile, MRI scans, existing diagnoses, allergies and everything else that goes to make up a unique human being called YOU! From that information, the program will be able to make predictions about wha ...[click to continue]
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