Almost every time I write about cancer, I add the injunction to hang on tight…. Things are moving so very fast that, apart from the corruption in the industry, the problem may soon be solved! One of the most important things we have been in need of is a way to test for cancers l-o-n-g before there is a tumor. Current medical science cannot detect anything smaller than a pea and even bigger ones often get missed. Testing for Hidden CancersScans are a waste of time and very dangerous. A CT scan delivers as much as 500 times the radiation of a standard X-ray, pote ...[click to continue]
Yes, teeth can kill! In medical terms, "energetic" means that a message or transmitter goes out to all parts of the body. Teeth can work like little batteries. This problem becomes more complicated when you remember that the brain is only a few millimeters away. Sounds strange? Just wait...

Think Root Canal Fillings Are Safe?

Root canals can be a particular danger and many experienced holistic practitioners recommend removing them as part of a comprehensive anti-cancer program. A word of caution however: removing amalgams can be very dangerous and create a disastrous suppression of the immune system. This is certainly a topic where conventional medicine, decades ago, stood right where alternative innovative dentists ...[click to continue]
I keep hitting the topic of antibiotics for MRSA and the fact that people need to get educated on antibiotic resistance. You've heard of MRSA, everyone has heard of MRSA. But did you know it now kills more people than AIDS and is gaining ground fast? It doesn't require unusual sexual practices to spread; with the latest strain you can literally inhale it at your local club or supermarket. Many people did so and died rapidly as a result. You probably know that one of the reasons we have antibiotic resistant bacteria threatening our very lives is that these wonder drugs have been overused. Doctors are partly to blame. But did you know that the MAIN problem comes from farmers abusing antibiotics, administering them to livestock ...[click to continue]

Your Medical Avatar

I don’t normally turn to the Wall Street Journal for information. But on this occasion I got it from there first, before my Medscape mailing came around. I used to consider Medscape a lively and open-minded source for interesting news in orthodox medicine, some of it bordering on fringe. Then Eric Topol, the editor-in-chief, gave serious voice to that charlatan Paul Offit, talking about his scam book Do You Believe in Magic? The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine. Throughout the text, Offit argues that healthy alternatives are not just unproven but are, in fact, proven NOT to work. To pull off this outrageous lie he had to completely and brazenly ignore the tens of thousands of ...[click to continue]

The Cuddle Hormone (Can I Get Shots?!)

Oxytocin was once thought to be an exclusively womens’ hormone and involved only in setting up uterine contractions during labor and squeezing the uterus empty after birth. Now we know both sexes have it and it performs a great role in love and bonding: so much so it’s sometimes called the “love hormone” or the “cuddle hormone”. Lots of oxytocin gets released at orgasm, in both sexes. Hmmm. Like to get regular injections for that, wouldn’t you! The basic point, in Nature, is that the mother will bond with her newborn and love the child. Her nurturing desires are what will take care of the little baby for months, even years, to come. With th ...[click to continue]
What is apoptosis? Let me share with you how plants can create a powerful reaction that can cause cancer cells to self destruct. If there was a substance that had powerful properties which caused cancer cells to undergo apoptosis (programmed suicide), you would think it pretty remarkable. You would also expect the medical profession to jump on this “miracle cure” and start promoting it. Unfortunately, most of the medical profession isn’t interested in cures; it’s only interested in money. A cured patient is a disaster—the poor doctor loses his income stream. In fact the profession thinks that a patient who dies slowly and with expensive treatment is the ideal situation, but a cure is a problem. So, we ...[click to continue]
If you remain skeptical about electricity’s central role in life forces, just wait for the publication of my new book Medicine Beyond! Meantime, you need to look at some genuine evidence (it’s also evidence of the fact that science knows nothing, not even the limits of its own ignorance). Consider the following intriguing and well-documented cases, that cannot be wished away by mere denial (you know, the old scientific approach: it can’t be true, therefore it isn’t). One of the earliest investigated cases of an “electric person” was that of Angélique Cottin of La Perière, France. At the age of fourteen a strange condition befell her in which any object she went near would retreat from her, as if pushed, like ...[click to continue]
Yet again, the health benefits of sleep comes up as a major factor in anti-aging. The less sleep you get, the more your mental faculties decline. In fact, if you don't get a regular 8 hours sleep, the magnitude of the mental decline is equal to being four to seven years older, according to new British research. People often go without sleep, expecting to fit more into their lives. The sad truth is, you'll end your active mental life early, if you don't get enough sleep. In fact, women who slept seven hours per night had the highest score for every cognitive measure, followed by those who had six hours of sleep. For men, cognitive function was similar for those who reported sleeping six, seven or eight hours. However, less than six ...[click to continue]

Can the Benefits of Folic Acid Prevent Memory Loss?

A published in the Lancet Jan 20th 2007, has shown that the benefits of folic acid significantly improves cognitive performance in older adults — specifically as it relates to memory and information processing. A randomized, placebo-controlled trial, which included 818 subjects aged 50 to 70 years who were folate deficient, showed that those who took 800 µg daily of oral folic acid for 3 years had significantly better memory and information processing speed than subjects in the placebo group. Furthermore, serum folate concentrations increased by 576% and plasma total homocysteine concentrations decreased by 26% in participants taking folic acid compared with those taking ...[click to continue]

Are Senior Moments Linked to Inflammation?

It was always thought that in aging our immune systems and our mind deteriorate. That’s not strictly true. It changes in character. Those who stay fit in mind and body till extreme age have a vibrant immune system. But what causes a senior moment? With age, immune cells called T-cells become more like natural killer (NK) cells, which typically target tumor cells and virus-infected cells. Now a new study that showed people who were most physically and cognitively resilient had a dominant pattern of stimulatory NK receptors on the T-cell surface, and that these unusual T-cells can be activated directly through these NK receptors independently of the conventional ones.

Ho ...[click to continue]

Electrotherapy - Discovering the Ultimate Healing PowerYou will be learning more about the burgeoning specialty of Electrotherapy in times to come. I’ve devoted a whole chapter to it in my next book Medicine Beyond (which is a massive re-write and expanded version of Virtual Medicine). True to its ridiculous history of attacking anything they didn’t think of first, medical orthodoxy has always viciously impugned any suggestion that electrical healing or Electrotherapy has validity and it's been labeled charlatanism for the best part of a century. Now they are having to eat humble pie and ad ...[click to continue]
It’s true that doctors have abused antibiotics for decades. But the really guilty party and the truly reckless fools are those in the agribusiness (big shot farmers, livestock merchants, food manufacturers and all their hangers on). Did you know that 70% of all antibiotics in meat consumption goes, not to hospitals for administration to humans, but the farmers, to feed their livestock? That’s according to a careful study by the Union of Concerned Scientists — and that is the main reason we’re seeing the rise of pathogens that defy antibiotics. While doctors are being urged not to use prophylactic antibiotics, even to protect human babies, farmers use them in huge quantities to protect baby calves, pigs and poultry. It’s wors ...[click to continue]