I’ve written at length about the importance of sleep to lower body wide inflammation, control weight, and keep your internal organs functioning into oldest age. New research has made the importance of sleep even clearer. Researchers at the University of California – Berkeley discovered that sleep deprivation may be one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s Disease. Deep, quality sleep prevents the buildup of proteins called beta-amyloids, which have been identified as a toxic compound that raises the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Around the world, more than 4 ...[click to continue]


Ironically, Hitler was about killed by his physician Theodor Morell and the meds he prescribed for him.

Nazism is in our midst folks, tread very carefully, you are headed for the concentration camps if you disobey. Desperate to protect every dollar of their evil profits, Big Pharma has organized a worldwide crackdown on online pharmacies. They call them “illegal”. Most are beyond USA law anyway, so they dragged in Interpol, which is supposed to be a police force catching serio ...[click to continue]
You know your kidneys are critical to your health, but do you know all the functions they accomplish around the clock? Kidneys work hard to…
  • Remove waste products from your body through the urine that are by-products of the foods you eat.
  • Flush out toxins you accumulate from your environment, lifestyle habits such as smoking or substance abuse, and the chemical by-products of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Produce active vitamin D that keeps your bones strong.
  • Affect your uptake of the essential vitamin calcium from the intestinal tract.
  • Keep y ...[click to continue]
It’s one of the biggest shocks since the discovery of vitamins... Molecular hydrogen. What’s Prof. talking about now? Let me back up and explain. We all know the antioxidant story… Free radicals or “reactive oxygen species” (ROS) are extremely damaging to our tissues. So we eat fresh color-rich foods and take protective substances called “antioxidants” which protect us from this damage; we stay healthy; we live longer, right? Well, not quite, as it happens. Yes, it’s true that ROS damage our tissues. There’s molecular oxygen (O2), superoxide (charged oxygen radical), triatomic oxygen (ozone), the hydroxyl radical (OH-) and the peroxide radical (-H2O2). ...[click to continue]
If you’ve ever experienced gallstones yourself or known someone who suffered through them, you know that they can be horrifying! Knowing how to get rid of gallstones and ensure they never return is of crucial importance!

What is a Gallstone?

Your gallbladder is located just beneath your liver. Its job is to store the bile that the liver produces until it is released into the small intestine when fat needs to be dissolved. It is basically a holding tank and eventual pump for the bile to go from the liver to the intestine. Gallstones form from cholesterol, bile compounds, and excess calcium salts to form a hard, crystallized mass. One gallstone or several at a time may form, varying in size from that of a grain of sand to a de ...[click to continue]
I’m writing to you all now as a largely aging demographic but who—like me—wants to stay young forever. I have a lovely wife and we have wonderful, fulfilling sex. I’ll know I’m “growing old” when that stops (by the way, it’s not “OK but not as good as it once was…”; some of the best-ever lovemaking has been this year). I’m not saying this to boast in any sense, just to tell you it’s all there for you. All you have to do is decide to party… and you can start partying, at ANY age. Nevertheless, there is science to guide us and I love that fact that, almost every day, I get a surprise by new discoveries. Take the one that triggered this ...[click to continue]
An inflammatory response is part of your body’s immune system and without it, you’d be unable to heal from sickness or injury. However, when inflammation gets out of control, it puts every cell inside you at risk for illness and disease. That happens when your body is no longer able to turn down the heat. Chronic inflammation is considered a root cause of the biggest killers in the world and as standard diets and lifestyles become increasingly pro-inflammatory, the statistics are going to continue to get worse. Following an anti-inflammation diet can help prevent… ...[click to continue]

Why You Need Them & The Most Important Supplements I Take Everyday

I’m sure you have joked once or twice to your spouse or your children, “Do you think I’m made out of money?” Yet the truth of the matter is if you fall into the hands of the wrong medical professionals, you are going to get financially milked, like a cow. cow-most-important-supplementsIn fact, I have joked over the years about the nature of the farmer-ceutical industry: it’s designed to harvest sick people and sell them treatments for profit! You are worth a LOT of mon ...[click to continue]
Your body requires zinc to live and symptoms of zinc deficiency are often misdiagnosed. This essential element plays an important role in many of your bodily functions. Most of your zinc is found in your bones and muscles as well as the prostate and semen in men. During pregnancy, cells rapidly divide as the fetus develops. Zinc is necessary for healthy growth and the prevention of congenital birth defects. It continues to be pivotal to growth as children age. For adults, zinc is crucial to fertility in both genders, a healthy prostate throughout life in males, important for female menstruation regularity, a powerful vitamin to fight the outward signs of aging, and helps to protect vision. More than 300 enzymes require it for activity ...[click to continue]
This week’s newsletter is unprecedented; in that it is the first time, I can recall when I revisited a newsletter theme for the subsequent week. The reason is quite simple: I uncovered more interesting information on this medical myth. It’s definitely worth a second look! In fact, I made a mistake in last week’s newsletter. I suggested studies that show brain damage caused by fetus imaging ultrasound would be hard to find in Western literature. Indeed they are; but not absent entirely. I found a remarkable ...[click to continue]
There is no doubt that there are benefits to be found in many different genres of music. It can often seem to help when nothing else is able to change our mood or motivate us. For thousands of years, humans have been intrinsically linked to music in all its forms. It is part of our mourning, our celebrations, and our rituals. Researchers in Finland set out to prove just how linked we can be and discovered that classical music in particular influences your brain’s gene expression, resulting in positive effects on cognitive function (such as learning and memory) and dopamine production. It also lowered activity in cells ...[click to continue]
Here’s compelling evidence that ultrasound scans may be the real cause of autism. Look at the evidence and then decide. I think there is possibly real cause to discard existing theories. We can only get a solution if we find the right cause of the problem, I’m sure you will agree. I have made no secret out of the fact that it’s definitely NOT mercury. That has been disproven and the only people who cling to it are seriously underperforming intellectuals, who can’t accept real evidence that their pet ideas are WRONG! I have repeated several times in my publications that children who never had ANY vaccine have been getting autism spectrum problems. That fits well with the model I like, which is live rogue measles organism. One s ...[click to continue]