Is Botox® Safe? Does Botox® cures depression? It’s a headline from the Huffington Post, so it must be true, right? (joke) In fact, the spin-doctors, manufacturing junk truths, have gone as far as suggesting that Botox® will solve Alzheimer’s. I mean…. How nuts does it get? “It’s just another brain problem, so it surely must help,” seems to be the mentality. That’s like saying baseball is the same as ping pong (well, they both use little round balls, don’t they?) This is a classic example of falsehood, exaggeration and “headline” mentality in our buzz-infested modern world. Somebody floats a catchphrase and then is goes viral, as they say. Nobody questions the origina ...[click to continue]
The importance of sleep is something that can make me a little preachy. There are many reasons it tops my list of free things you can do right now to improve your mental and physical health. Getting enough sleep is critical to every cell in your body and one of the biggest connections is between sleep and your brain. If you don’t get enough sleep…
  • You have a higher likelihood of gaining weight.
  • You’ll have more inflammation in your tissues.
  • Your sex life will suffer.
  • You’ll have more mood fluctuations during the day.
  • Your workouts won’t be as effective.
  • Your driving is worse – comparative to drinking and drivi ...[click to continue]
This piece is proving extremely popular and people are copying and circulating it already. Please feel free to share it but leave my byline in place! code-of-living-delight-gold-masks We have many codes of behavior. Mostly interdicts (things that are restricted or forbidden). We have lists of priorities. But what about a code of delight? Should we not subscribe to a ritual code of happiness, meaning and sheer indulgence of joy? Aristotle, no less, said the highest duty of an individual was the pursuit of happiness. The thing is, he recognized ...[click to continue]
Healthcare is a business. A lucrative one. Around the globe, major corporations hold the lives of billions in their hands and make decisions based solely on their bottom line. When that business model affects your quality of life and length of life, you need to be concerned. Now, more than ever in human history, you must take control of your personal healthcare.

The Staggering Global Picture

In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service (NHS) is massively overwhelmed and understaffed. Their bed and staff shortages result in last-minute surgery cancellations – currently at a 15-year high. More than 74,000 patient operations were cancelled in the span of one year due to ...[click to continue]
Here's the truth about supplements: Even taking healthy supplements can be a bother. I had one patient with severe depression who, unaccountably, felt really low when she took a particular multi-vitamin formula. It was a good mix, I took it myself at the time. But it came to light this patient was severely allergic to potato—it made her depressed—and it so happened this particular formula was made with potato shavings, instead of corn starch! It was “hypo-allergenic”… but not if you are allergic to potato. I’ve issued many warnings over the years that B vitamins are derived largely from yeast; vitamin E from wheat germ; over 90% vitamin C used in the supplement industry comes from corn. That can be a problem, if you are co ...[click to continue]
Your emotional state affects your health before, during, and after a disease diagnosis. How you think, how you feel, how you go through life changes you on the cellular level. Emotions and cancer are far more linked than mainstream scientists and conventional doctors would have you believe. Despite scores of studies showing the connection between stress, inflammation, and deadly diseases – it seems making the leap between emotional health and physical health is simply too difficult. If your emotions are negative or chaotic before you’re diagnosed with cancer, imagine the upheaval you’re going to feel once you receive the news that the #2 killer in the world is now part of your life. I’ll give y ...[click to continue]
Despite the continued controversy and dangers of statins, it remains the number one prescribed class of drugs in the Western world. A headline that caught my eye over the Christmas break was Survival Up, Complications Down With Perioperative Statins at Noncardiac Surgery. Sounds promising. Maybe these things do work better than I think? Maybe not! In a nutshell: In a large retrospective cohort of patients who underwent non-cardiac surgery, those who received perioperative statins were less likely to die within 30 days or have surgery-related complications than their peers.1

A Bit Of Science For You & The Dangers of Statins

Large cohorts are good for science. But retrospecti ...[click to continue]
Another year is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock.  How did you do in 2016 in regards to your health and happiness?  What grade would you give yourself? If you’re like many, you might have started strong with some New Year’s resolutions that covered all the bases.  Financial goals, weight loss goals, relationship goals, and more that you had all intentions of meeting or exceeding. Statistically, most of us gradually slow or outright stop progress toward our resolutions within the first month of the year.  Some people last barely a few days into January. It’s like we crumble under the expectation. Preserving your health for the rest of your life cannot simply be a New Year’s resolution.  It’s got to be ...[click to continue]
It’s Christmas! [Do I have to pay Noddy Holder for saying that?] Time for me to offer you a gift; a gift of KNOWLEDGE.

He’s Noddy But Nice!

Noddy Holder MBE is an English musician and actor. He was the lead vocalist and guitarist of 1970s highly-successful English glam rock band Slade. Their biggest hit was the #1 Christmas song: “Here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun...” Apparently, it earns almost GBP 1million sterling in royalties every Christmas (about $1.2 million). Now he’s suing people for yelling, “It's Chriiisstmaass!” He claims royalties for it. Holder recalls that he and fellow writer Jim Lea wanted to come up with ‘upbeat and optimistic’ lyrics, to counter t ...[click to continue]
The psychology of cancer is as complex as it is misunderstood. The mainstream scientific community has finally begun to examine the link between emotions and cancer but their overall opinion is still that emotions don’t matter. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Psychological Stress and High Risk Behavior

All of us have some form of negativity in our pasts. Suffering is so often the plight of being human. We lose people we care about, painful moments involve loved ones and strangers alike, relationships end, and disasters happen. Financial, physical, emotional, and mental trauma takes a toll on every cell in your body. One link conventional medicine admits between emotions and cancer is ...[click to continue]
Medicine Beyond un-assailed in its powerful wisdom! (Beyond the so-called laws of physics.) gravity-theory-mb-held-viv Some of you like conspiracies, I know. You want conspiracy? Here’s the biggest conspiracy of all time. It’s called physics. It’s laughable. Science long ago gave up looking for facts and finding explanations. Now they invent theories and, when evidence is lacking, they make it up! Like gravitons, ...[click to continue]
When you were a child, germs were all lumped together. All you knew, all your parents knew was that they were bad for you. Whatever you went for – a cough, a sore throat, ear pain, a cut – you were given antibiotics. Antibiotic overuse wasn’t known back then. We now know that all bacteria aren’t bad. Many of them are actually necessary for your survival. Unfortunately, antibiotics can’t tell the difference. They wipe out everything – the good and the bad – without discriminating. There haven’t been many “new” antibiotics launched in the past decades. They aren’t big money-makers like antidepressants, statins for cholesterol, or drugs to combat erectile dysfunction. Even the average person on ...[click to continue]
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