In our modern world, there are few ingredients as dominant and dangerous to our food supply as added sugar. I’ve spoken at length about the dangers of sugar (as have countless others in the medical and scientific community) but it seems we’ve underestimated the devastating effects. You read that right. As much as we’ve railed against sugar, we should have yelled a lot louder. To be fair, sugar is delicious. Food manufacturers add it to just about everything. The sugar in bread, canned vegetables, and lunchmeat are just a few foods you wouldn’t consider “sweet” but are packed with the stuff. They do this because they ...[click to continue]
Why on earth do people have their faces injected with one of the most powerful poisons known (botulinus toxin)? The registered name for this folly is Botox®. The quick answer, I suppose, is that it is important for people—especially women—to maintain their good looks for as long as possible. But at what cost? Eventually you will lose your facial expression altogether and nothing is more aging than looking like a Parkinson’s disease expressionless mask. I recall Joan Rivers, who was a master of all parody, asking “Am I smiling?” meaning, “Is my face moving, I can’t even tell!” Such injections are a costly, damaging and permanent treatment. It overrides the dynamics of character ...[click to continue]
Holidays again. There is an old saying “In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” [Locksley Hall, by Alfred Lord Tennyson]. In my case, its winter holidays triggering the same thought. Maybe that’s a function of age! But then, I think I know more about love today than any young whippersnapper who has the uncontrollable hots for a lady! successful-relationship-love-needs-shadow On a recent long drive I came up with a 10-Point Inventory of Love Needs And Musts of a Healthy Relationship. ...[click to continue]
Cancer is currently the #2 killer of men and women worldwide. It’s expected to overtake heart disease in the next two decades. Listening to cancer organizations talk about “fighting cancer” gives the impression that they’re winning when in fact, they’re not moving the needle much at all. Orthodox medical care has made very little progress in conquering this disease. Like many deadly illnesses, cancer has become the monster in the closet to be feared but at the end of the day, that fear presents its own set of problems.

The Bottom Line of the Cancer Conglomerate

Cancer is a business. An incredibly profitable machine that lines the pockets of doctors, facilities, chari ...[click to continue]
One of the stupidest and longest running medical follies is the daft story that sunlight causes skin cancer. It does NOT, it protects against skin cancer. It’s vital for your long-term health that you grasp this and stop listening to the dangerous propaganda being expounded by ignorant MDs and research scientists. Those of you who have read Medicine Beyond or its earlier incarnation Virtual Medicine, will know I quoted research that made it quite plain that hiding from the sun increases your risk of cancer many times over. Rates of melanoma – the most deadly form of skin cancer – ...[click to continue]
Depression is a complex and debilitating illness that more than 15 million American adults suffer with every day. It negatively affects every area of your life – sometimes happening so slowly that you don’t recognize the signs of depression until long after it’s gone too far. For decades, doctors have been trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding a stigmatized and too often misunderstood disease that affects the lives of so many. Countless studies suggest depression is linked to a miscommunication in the brain – damaged nerve cells and neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine) that short out areas of the brain responsible for regulating mood. When you or someone you lo ...[click to continue]
This week sees the launch of my latest book The Psychology Of Cancer. cancer-psychology-cover It’s an exciting multi-dimensional book, bursting with different ideas and things to do. In fact, one of the first things to say is that most of it applies to any disease process, not just cancer. We all get sick for a ...[click to continue]
Energy drinks have gained incredible popularity in the last few years. We live in a sleep-deprived world that increasingly expects longer hours or greater production. The lure of “miracle” energy is strong. However, energy drink dangers should not be ignored. Second only to vitamin supplements, and heavily marketed to young people, they promise a boost of “energy” in the form of massive amounts of caffeine. They claim to improve mental alertness, mental performance, and even physical preparedness. Sales of these products are growing faster than all other drinks in the United States. Are these beverages as good as they claim? The copious levels of caffeine do nothing for your physical performance. ...[click to continue]
Is there such a thing as internet addiction? Sounds made up, doesn’t it? When I first heard the rumblings of this new condition, I admit, I was skeptical. It sounded like the latest scapegoat for poor choices. Now, I’m not so sure. In the past ten years, all of us have experienced a shift in the world around us. Where there were once stricter boundaries between the different parts of our lives – such as meals, sleep, work, and so on – they’ve become mashed together. We’re connected 24/7 to absolutely everything. The line in the sand grows hazier by the day.
  • Work doesn’t end when you leave the office because you have it with you in the form of your phone or your laptop.
  • Sleep is delaye ...[click to continue]
What have I been up to this week? Being a grandparent is not always 100% fun! Taking a young person around with you can sometimes feel like you have a bag of Semtex strapped to your back, ready to explode! drug-approval-process-me-ems-kwik-e Here’s me with granddaughter Emily (age 16 yrs) at the Universal Studios, Hollywood, outside Kwik-E-Mart of The Simpsons fame! It’s tough when age has you on one of the rides feeling like your brains are relocated to your backside but the youngster next to you is laughing with excitement, eyes spark ...[click to continue]
When we look back in years to come, I think Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer, Ultimate LIVE Symposium 2016 will seem like a pivotal milestone. I have never lectured before knowing that I am being watched by more than half a million subscribers online! (could be well over a million and, of course, when the replays appear, it will definitely surpass even that estimate). At one point, I learned, there were 15,000 viewers just on “chat” alone (internet savvies will know what that means). There were over 40 speakers of all stripes: good, poor delivery, dogmatic, self-serving and just out-and-out BRILLIANT! (Guess which group I was in!) If there was any downside to this intellectual fact-fest it was that i ...[click to continue]
Do you have problems from fatty liver disease? Are you sure? The liver isn’t as interesting to most people as the brain or the heart but, with the help of your kidneys, it removes 99% of the toxins inside you. Your liver prevents the pollutants from the food you eat, the air you breathe, and waste from overwhelming your system and shutting you down permanently.

What is Fatty Liver Disease?

There are two types of fatty liver. The first is alcoholic liver disease (ALD) that results from abuse of alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a lifetime heavy drinker to damage your liver with alcohol. One night of “binge” drinking can damage this crucial organ. Your ris ...[click to continue]