200 Million Year Old Ghost In A Wardrobe?

Here’s a nice photo of Vivien and me, keeping company with a cute little koala, while we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park, on the outskirts of Sydney. Dr. Mumby & Vivian Vivien told me an interesting story on the journey out to the Blue Mountains, west of the city. Her friend Rosemary, a skilled psychic healer, had been called to the home of one of the famous Pink Floyd rock group (better not mention names)... Apparently, following the import of some spectacular antique furniture into the home, one of the children had becom ...[click to continue]
Every day, the danger of antibiotic resistance is gaining more attention in the media. Finally, the scientific community and medical industry are realizing that our global dependence on antibiotics – prescribed by doctors, flooding our household products, and even injected into our food supply – could be a bad idea in regards to long-term fighting of infection.

What is Antibiotic Resistance?

Simply put, antibiotic resistance occurs when a bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasite survives the effect of the standard antibiotic, antimicrobial, or antiviral drug used to control them. It’s a matter of evolution. Germs that were treated effectively with antibiotics have mutated, developed an immunity to the drugs that once k ...[click to continue]
Have you ever stopped to question: what is memory… really? It’s something we quite literally take for granted. But in fact we know a lot about it these days.

In Search Of The Engram

One of the first memory researchers was German biologist Richard Semon (1859- 1918). He wrote about active memory, used as a warning mechanism. An animal, say a dog, could experience an episode in which a boy bent down to pick up a stone, threw it at the dog and there was pain from the impact. Semon called this an engram, meaning a cellular trace memory. He also wrote explaining how these engrams later get restimulated or brought back to life; he called it the "ecphoric stimulus", meaning the way a memory can be tr ...[click to continue]
I’ve talked extensively about the effects of sleep deprivation (you can read those articles here and here). Sleep is one of the most underappreciated ways to guard your health against disease. Research now confirms that getting enough sleep is key to maintaining a healthy bodyweight. Without it, your risk of obesity is higher and your chances of losing weight are lower.

The Obesity Epidemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 65% of people in the United States are overweight or obese. The rate of pe ...[click to continue]
The majority of the population doesn’t get enough healthy exercise. Coupled with the Western diet of high-refined starch, high sugars, and chemical additives, the result is an increase in your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes… among others. Then there is the other side of the coin. Some people take working out to extremes, pushing their bodies through high-intensity regimens or working out almost constantly. The result is an increase in your risk of high blood pressure, weight gain, inflammation, mood swings, extreme fatigue, and a compromised immune system. Exercise – like anything else – is fantastic if ...[click to continue]
You know that heart disease is the #1 Killer in the United States and the reason for that is simple. The Western diet is devastating to your heart and cardiovascular system (to your entire body but for now we’re going to focus on your heart). In my new book, Secrets of an Alternative Doctor, I give you a lot of fantastic information to protect your heart and prevent a heart attack or stroke from taking you away from your life and loved ones. I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect. ...[click to continue]

Is Alkaline Food & Water Beneficial?

I got another email recently on a hoary old topic that keeps raising questions over and over: alkaline food and alkaline water. Is it good for you to eat “alkaline” food and take pH adjusted alkaline water? NO! It's B*S*. I've been saying so for years. What is TRUE is that the body goes acid during a food allergy reaction. It's a result, not a cause of anything. We used to give alkaline salts, just to clear the symptoms quickly (one single dose). A mixture of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate (2:1) could work magic when someone had a migraine, say, after doing a food challenge test. The details of how, when and why to ...[click to continue]

From Jack Nicholson taking Lipitor in the movie "As Good As It Gets', to the latest scientific paper telling everyone these drugs are great, to that irresponsible pro-industry mouthpiece Sir Rory Collins telling the world that everyone should take statins, even children, you would think that the science on statins was a done deal.

You would NEVER guess for instance that there is not one shred of evidence that statins do any good!

Yet that is the truth.

Supposedly there is science saying they l ...[click to continue]

Millions of people suffer from chronic lower back pain and experts estimate that as much as 80% of the population will experience this form of pain in their lifetimes. As much as 10% of those will develop chronic back pain. It is one of the most stated reasons for loss of work around the world. Adults in their mid-to-late thirties are most susceptible to low back pain and are more likely to have recurring cases. The lower back is the support system for your entire upper body – so losing that support to pain can affect your entire life. Lower back pain is defined as starting below the ribcage to the base of the spine and it may cause discomfort elsewhere in the body that ma ...[click to continue]
Multiple studies around the world now link your quality of life to psychological conditions such as depression, diabetes control, sleep complications, kidney disease, increased risk of cancer, and the occurrence of chronic illness such as fibromyalgia and Lyme disease.

Defining “Quality of Life”

Often difficult to define, in regards to your overall well-being as a human being, quality of life weighs the positive and negative aspects of your daily existence. This includes your current level of health, family history, freedom of movement, exposure to inequality or discrimination, living circumstances, exposure to environmental pollutants, socioeconomic status, available support systems such as education and health care, and ...[click to continue]
I don’t mean human terrorists, of course. I mean microbes. I have written frequently and pointed out that the “Golden Age” of antibiotics is over. Sometimes I wonder—even myself—if raising the alarm is the right thing. People seem to want to stay asleep, while danger gathers on every side. It’s more comfortable. Well, is it too cruel to point out that comfort is only relative and if you are one of the individuals carried off by some creepy infection, with a name that’s hard to pronounce, then remaining ignorant of the dangers not a good idea. As I keep writing and teaching: adaptation and getting round problems is what living organisms do. Life forms are incredibly clever (like the breakaway dinosaurs in Jurassic Par ...[click to continue]
Recent scientific discoveries reveal and prove beyond a doubt that the problem behind 99% of medical conditions lies in your intestines. It’s this stomach inflammation or “fire in the belly” that affects the health of ALL our other organs and tissues. If your gut is "on fire,” it damages your whole body – exactly like a wildfire. stomach_inflammationFire in the belly creates a dizzying array of diseases, including allergies... autoimmune disease... heart attacks... stroke...diabetes... Alzheimer's... Parkinson's mental illness... behavior diso ...[click to continue]