Drug Dealer Cartels Surpassed By Doctors

Dangerous prescribing is in the news again this week, with a warning from Medscape. My regulars will know one of my sayings is: if you want to stay healthy and live well, for as long as possible, stay away from doctors! Modern medicine can kill you! In the Y2K year 2,000, Barbara Starfield, a public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, shocked the world by doing the numbers! 119,000 people died at the hands of doctors every year in the USA alone. What was startling to me was that, of those people, only 7,000 died due to prescribing errors. The rest died of the doses written up by the attending physician. I ...[click to continue]
Now I’m back home for the winter, after the wonderful summer which included my 70th birthday…5-star luxury cruise of the Nile (see photos), I’m settling down to some work… No, really, I am. micro-current-therapy-me-pyramid450 micro-current-therapy-me-viv-abu-simbel450

Back To Work

I have recently done a webinar (if you missed it, you c ...[click to continue]
Doctors think they’re so smart.  As one of them, I can tell you that being smart doesn’t always mean doctors have their patients’ best interests at heart.  I’ve seen it more and more over the last two decades. I’ve been in the medical field for a long time.  Long enough to see unbelievable medical breakthroughs and seen questions that stumped doctors and scientists for ages answered. Many scientific advances fight disease and extend life.  They are valuable, vital aspects to what we do.  They are tools of the trade and I’m grateful for them. Then there are the moneymakers.  The overused medical tests that provide little to no benefit but pad the pockets of hospitals, medical personnel, and the medical equipment in ...[click to continue]
Years ago I used to run a section in my newsletter about REALLY stupid science. Some of it would just make you laugh. Today a howler came across my desk, under the title: Football Fans May Overestimate Chances of Favorite NFL Team (NFL is National Football League for you non-Americans—not soccer, remember). It starts off: As the National Football League kicks off its 2015 season this weekend, fans across the country are certain that this is the year for their team. But a new study shows that pro football fans and dedicated sports reporters often overestimate their team's chances of going all the way. What? The world is bleeding from its wounds, people dying everywhere, heart disease a ...[click to continue]
Do you struggle to get your necessary vitamin D through fortified foods or supplements?  Why are you not taking advantage of the benefits of sunlight? Right now, I want you to suspend the media-induced paranoia about the sun because your physical and emotional wellbeing will soar if you give that shiny ball of gas a chance.

7 Reasons You Need More Sun in Your Life

  1. It’s a natural cancer-fighter.  The link between vitamin D deficiency and many forms of cancer has been well established by countless scientific studies.  When your body gets a dose of sunshine, it metabolizes it to produce ...[click to continue]
As I have written elsewhere, lung cancer used to be an almost unknown disease. I have a paper in which lung cancer is described as a rare form of a rare disease (cancer is rare). While the Victorians did not possess sophisticated diagnostic or screening technology, they were as able to diagnose late stage cancer as we are today; but this was an uncommon finding. In that period, cancer carried none of the stigma that it has recently acquired, and was diagnosed without bias. For example, in 1869 the Physician to Charing Cross Hospital described lung cancer as ‘… one of the rarer forms of a rare disease. You may probably pass the rest of your students life without seeing another example o ...[click to continue]
Natural headache relief is needed now more than ever before in history. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 47% of the world population suffers with mild to severe headaches at least once per year.  When discussing conditions of the central nervous system, headaches are at the top of the list. What’s truly horrible is that doctors aren’t really taught about headaches in medical school!  They get their few hours of “this is a headache” instruction and promptly move on, leaving headache disorders unchartered despite the number of patients who suffer from them. As a result, headaches remain untreated and considered too minor to discuss.  Only a t ...[click to continue]
Unless you live on the Planet Zod (so remote you’re off the air) you would have been aware of the rash of news reports about mysterious deaths among holistic doctors. On the face of it, these are way too many to be just a coincidence. But there’s more mystery. Most died very violently, definitely NOT of natural causes. The first of the holistic doctors murdered, Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet (well known for his work and research on Autism) was found dead in a river in North Carolina, with a gunshot would to his chest. Bradstreet, 61, was subject to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raid shortly before his death, which police said appeared to be suicide. Suicide? I thought they shot themselves in the head, not the chest? ...[click to continue]
When you think about how to prevent depression from taking up residence in your life, you probably don’t give your cell phone much thought. After all, it’s how you stay “connected” so that must be a good thing, right? Any day of the week, you’ll probably see dozens of people walking down the street staring at the phone in their hand. You see drivers obsessively checking at lights and often in the midst of moving traffic. Consumers in line at the grocery store pass the few moments endlessly scrolling. Sitting in a restaurant, a place that used to be a social activity in itself, you can glance around to see many individuals intently staring at their glowing screens to catch up w ...[click to continue]
If you read my newsletter regularly, you’ll know that I hold the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) in very high regard. That’s not to say they are right about everything, but that I trust their honesty—which is more than can be said of any American (or other) university. I was recently there (July 2015) and here is a picture Viv took of me with very pretty nurse Maja Pavek! me-myra-mind-body-connection Now researcher Arvid Guterstam, a neuroscientist at the Karolinska and lead author of a new study on out-of-body consciousness has stuck his neck out ...[click to continue]
You don’t have to switch to “no carbs” to be healthy but lowering your carbohydrate intake is going to benefit your entire body on the cellular level. This is not a diet “fad.”  This is fact.  Despite the popularity of the food pyramid and the media propaganda about “whole grains,” your body doesn’t want that garbage, can’t use it, and reacts with system-wide inflammation. You remember inflammation…the root of all health evil.  The true understanding of lowering inflammation with low carb diets is finally picking up steam.  Barely in ...[click to continue]
Once in a while something turns up which is truly revolutionary; different from anything which has gone before and in every sense a “new” approach to matters. Sadly, there have been few such developments in the field of the mind. Probably the most pivotal breakthrough of all time was the recognition of the power of the subconscious mind, so named by French psychiatrist Pierre Janet and later, rather unfairly, attributed to Freud. Certainly Freud has a place in history, justly deserved. His seminal 1895 work Studies In Hysteria, written jointly with Josef Breuer, showed that the subconscious mind was very powerful and capable of influencing thoughts, emotions and behavior, while remaining out of view to the patient o ...[click to continue]
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