I chanced to pick up a copy of a very remarkable work in a secondhand bookstore just a few weeks ago. I was overjoyed to find it, like coming across an old friend again after many decades, thinking he or she was dead. For it was a book I had first read as a late teen, when in medical school. It made a profound impression on me at the time, taught me some things I hope never to forget and set me up for a lifetime of joyous rompings with some great (and grateful) women, not to mention how to have a healthy marriage. I’m talking about The Ideal Marriage (sometimes translated as The Perfect Marriage), by Dutch gynecologist Theodoor Hendrik van de Velde. In the words of one reviewer: This classic work, first ...[click to continue]
You depend on your immune system to protect you from “outside invaders” such as bacteria, pollution, and toxins caused by your diet, drugs, or environment. The fighters in your body recognize, fight, and eliminate these threats to your health. An autoimmune disease is the result of your immune system breaking down, failing to recognize outside threats known as autogens, interpreting healthy tissue as the danger, and attacking those healthy cells instead of the bad stuff.

It goes against everything your immune system is intended to do.

There are more than eighty types of autoimmune disease and it is estimated that more than 50 million people in the United ...[click to continue]
the-spread-of-fear A two-hander this week. First Ebola… Healthy well-fed victims of Ebola who died: zero. Undernourished, already-sick victims of Ebola who died: 2,461 to date. Serious fatality: the truth. Note that the rough figures released last week put total cases at around 6,500 and deaths at 2,200, that means it’s only about 30% fatal and NOT 90% as the US media keep screaming in their scare frenzy. Four healthy, well-fed Americans have contracted Ebola and survived co ...[click to continue]
Asthma is the most common childhood disease and it affects children from all walks of life, all socio-economic levels, and is often under-diagnosed. Airways in the lungs become inflamed, narrowing the path for oxygen. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates more than 300 million people suffer from the debilitating effect of asthma. In poorer countries, asthma is regularly untreated. Though doctors and scientists don’t understand what actually causes asthma, they have worked diligently to narrow down the most common triggers for attacks. Allergy induced asthma episodes are common because 70% of those who have asthma also have allergies.

Primary Triggers for Asthma

  • Genetic predisposition ...[click to continue]
She went for a simple medical procedure and died suddenly. All that is definite at the time I write this is that she went for an endoscopy, had a cardiac arrest, was given competent CPR and transferred to Mt Sinai Hospital, where she subsequently died. It’s not with any sense of smugness or glee I remind readers of my old saying that: if you want to live well and live long—stay away from doctors and hospitals! Of course the clinic she went to, Yorkville Endoscopy, is coming in for heavy flack. Doctors (real doctors!) are cashing in and saying if she had come to a proper doctor’s office, she wouldn’t have died. I doubt the truth is that simple. The clinic claims she was never ...[click to continue]
Not long ago, a friend of mine was in extremely poor health, a situation which was only being aggravated by her stressful work environment and personal lifestyle. She was under the care of a holistic practitioner and he had diagnosed her with adrenal exhaustion. This friend was prescribed large doses of B12 and folic acid as a natural remedy for adrenal fatigue. I was shocked! What further alarmed me was the dosages were insane! They were 35 times the maximum dose I would ever consider. Not long into her 'treatment', the holistic practitioner had her double the originally prescribed dosage. Sad to say, this is a glaring example of a drug-doctor mentality, and clearly an unfortunate tale of misdiagnosis. As a va ...[click to continue]

Peanut Allergy Infographic

Modified food but not GMO! I like this. Of course there may be reduced nutrient value but nobody lives on peanuts (do they?) Anyway, I think it will save lives. We just have to see how it checks out in practice.

According to MedScape, the U.S. Department of Agriculture blogged the fact that researchers at North Carolina A&T State University have found a way to redu ...[click to continue]

Remember my jokey piece: Dr. Fido will see you now!1 I wrote about the fact that dogs could be trained to sniff out cancers with a high degree of accuracy (better than blood tests and x-rays). Of course, if dogs can smell tumors, that must mean there are distinct chemicals being produced. So—only a matter of time before sensitive detectors were made, that could also pick up the presence of these chemical markers.Well, again… it’s come true! Now “Dr. Fido” has been surpassed by the “Nanose” (nano nose, get it?) It was developed by a team of Israeli, American, and British cancer researchers and appears to have a high accuracy rate in detecting lung cancer, just by “sniff”. It can even identify what stage the ...[click to continue]
Not many people talk about the liver.  It isn’t as dazzling as the brain and the heart but between the liver and the kidneys, 99% of the toxins in your body are safely removed.  Without it, the contaminants – caused by air, water, food, and the waste by-product – in your body would overwhelm your system and result in death. In the USA alone, there are 17,000 cases waiting for a liver transplant.

Western Diet Strikes Again!

The Western Diet creates a myriad of problems and fatty liver disease is yet another epidemic that is preventable and reversible! Roughly 20% of U.S. citizens have this problem.  Many more might not even realize it because unless inflam ...[click to continue]
Alternative medicine has been receiving a lot positive attention in the modern health world. There are several reasons why it is imperative to add alternative medicine to your healthcare arsenal.  The focus of holistic and self-awareness healing has been shown to bridge the gap for certain shortcomings of modern Western medicine. Traditional healthcare or Western medicine has been used in the United States and Western Europe for the past two centuries.  It is defined as medical treatment based on the use of drugs and surgery to treat symptoms (signs of illness). Western medicine has been criticized for its reliance on drugs to treat symptoms of an ailment as opposed to treating the root of the problem. The lack of any holistic ...[click to continue]
The United States has the seventh highest cancer occurrence rate in the world.  The causes are traced back to consuming too many processed dairy products, eating too much red meat, tobacco use, and obesity to name a few. It should come as no surprise then that the Western world’s carbohydrate addiction is now being linked as one of the leading colorectal cancer causes. Colorectal cancer is the third deadliest cancer. The imbalance in the Western diet of high-fat, low nutrition foods has been under fire for decades but it is now resulting in far too many deaths to ignore. Approximately one person in every twenty people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in their lifetime and the risks are higher ...[click to continue]
Stress is a common and irritating part of your daily life.  Nearly twenty-five percent of Americans suffer from abnormally high stress levels. Stress is actually caused by a mammalian survival mechanism known as the “fight or flight” response.  It is called the fight or flight response because it prepares animals – and humans like you – to fight or run away from a threat.

The Internal Process of Stress

This physiological stress response is due to the sympathetic nervous system. Visual and auditory signals are sent to the emotional processing center of the brain called th ...[click to continue]
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