Being married to a fashion designer, I get to hear things that most doctors wouldn’t know. Like the virtually unknown toxic jeans problem! Today’s jeans, dyed with really poisonous cheap chemicals, are hurting the people who wear them. Do the manufacturers care? Of course not. Like the food industry, their only interest is making money and they will not stop short of killing and poisoning people. Cheap and very toxic dyes rub off, are absorbed via the skin and do a lot of damage. The effect is much worse in the presence of moisture— when wearing new jeans you may even notice your skin has become dyed with the fabric color. If so, throw away this garment. Your liver does not like you wearing dyed jeans.

The Mechanism

D ...[click to continue]
Using cold laser therapy for pain sounds like something out of science fiction! You might be shocked to know it has been used successfully to treat chronic pain and heal wounds for the past decade. It isn’t “new” science, however. In the past forty years, there have been more than 2,500 studies done on the use and effectiveness of cold laser therapy. As I mentioned in my article about intranasal phototherapy, we are made of light and energy. It makes sense that light and energy can help us to heal.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Light Amplification through Sti ...[click to continue]
You could be unwittingly killing yourself because the nutrients and supplements you carefully and dutifully take are not reaching your tissues! Sounds weird, I know. But I wrote about this once before, using a different approach: blood viscosity. That means how sludgy or free-flowing the blood is. Think of the difference between paint and water: you pour paint out of a can and it flows quite slowly, compared to the speed that water rushes from a jug when you pour. That's a question of "flowability" that has the proper name of viscosity. Thing is, if you blood is thick and slow moving (high viscosity), it won't carry as much oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Now you ...[click to continue]
I talk so much about beneficial intestinal flora that I wrote a whole book about it. An imbalance of good gut bacteria has been linked to countless diseases and health conditions due to the resulting inflammation. Finally, mainstream science is catching up to the knowledge that holistic practitioners have known for hundreds of years. Hippocrates believed, “All diseases start in the intestines.” Your bowel system can be a devastating source of inflammation. Once it begins there, it can affect every other organ in your body, wreaking havoc on your basic functions. I call it “ ...[click to continue]
This may seem like a bit of an exaggeration but it’s a common saying of mine that, “we are all battling cancer.” Cancer already overtook heart disease as the number-one killer disease of the West. Current figures worldwide show that 1 in 2 men and almost as many women will get cancer. That’s startling 50/50 odds. That’s why we are all battling cancer. That means either you, or someone who is very close to you, will probably fight the disease. 70 years ago a German doctor named Otto Warburg made a significant number of discoveries (winning the Nobel Prize in 1931), that showed cancer cells cannot use the essential element oxygen in the same way as n ...[click to continue]
We have sayings like “You are what you eat” and “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” That was before political correctness (PC) and women were allowed to be wrecked too! Now the gals can join in. They have all their own peculiar symptoms and we’ve gifted one of ours to them! It’s surprising how few people follow up on these adages, even when they can quote them! If Lucretius was correct about “one man’s meat”, then you can say with certainty that your arthritis, lack of energy, rash, bellyaches, depression, heart disease and diabetes, whatever, are truly the result of what you are eating. Sadly, I think Lucretius himself could have suffered miserably from food allergies because ...[click to continue]
Maintaining your memory as you age can be a challenge. If you add memory enhancement techniques to your routine when you’re young and keep going, you’ll protect your memory for years to come.

Long Term Study Links Jobs and Memory

A recent study published in Neurology from researchers with the University of Edinburgh found a connection between retaining memory skills and job complexity. In fact, the more complex your job, the better chance you have of keeping your memory and general cognitive skills sharp for many decades. The research centered around participants born in Scotland in 1936. At age 11, the then-children were tested to measure IQ. At age 70, they were tested again. It was discovered that s ...[click to continue]
No, no, no - listen to what I’m really saying… Someone sent me a piece to critique. It was by a “colleague”, meaning someone who wrote health info too. An MD… but he didn’t seem to know much. A windbag, as we would say in Olde Englande! He mentions food allergy…. Do the casein and gluten thing and you’re done, he instructed readers. As if! The truth, as I keep telling you, is that any and every food could be a contender. Casein and gluten aren’t even as common as wheat allergy (but not other gluten foods), or dairy allergy (fat and carbohydrate milk substances, NOT just the casein). You are worth more than that. For this guy to toss off such a mighty important topic with just a pass ...[click to continue]
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a rising problem around the world. Many people don’t even know they have it so experts estimate between 8-16% of the population has some form of impairment to kidney function. The two highest causes associated with kidney disease are diabetes and heart disease (both of which are considered worldwide epidemics). In the United States, kidney disease is the 9th highest cause of death. In fact, it claims the lives of more people than breast cancer or prostate cancer. Renal failure is a problem that is worsening with each passing year. Treatment for kidney disease can be expensive and ongoing, not to mention the pain involved when your kidneys aren’t functioning. Left untreated, yo ...[click to continue]
Merry Christmas, everyone says; joys of the season… It’s a nice wish for everyone. But what are the real values we should be seeking? “Happy” and drunk and overfed isn’t really much to measure the holidays by, is it? Maybe you think so. But let’s add some even better stuff for your mental and emotional health…


For example, I don’t recall anyone typically saying “Extra-amazing love at this time.” Do you? Families get together and it’s supposed to be love; but by the second or third day, many family members are at each other's throats! Arguments break out; the murder rate actually rises measurably, would you believe? I have pointed this out often over the years and remarked that I am ...[click to continue]
Noise pollution is something our ancestors probably never dreamed would be an issue. The modern world is flooded with noise…and it might be affecting you in more ways than you realize.

The Soundtrack of the Modern World

Think about the course of your day, the sounds you hear, the “white noise” that plays in the background of your life – much like a soundtrack but not as interesting. If you work in an office, chances are, you are inundated with the sound of printers, phones, computers, and talking. Every time you make a phone call, you listen to music or an extended advertisement about products and features while on hold or you’re reminded that an operator will be “right with you.” Noise pollution effects are f ...[click to continue]

Party In Las Vegas

Before my savage article this week, let me share some shots taken over the weekend of 13th/14th Dec. The first one is me mounted on an oxygenator system, researching for you guys. You’ll be astonished what I found at the A4M conference this year (American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine). I’ll be sharing that with you in a new issue soon. keith-scott-mumby-vegas The second is a shot of me, Dr. Garry Gordon (right, my left), and our good friend Norman Shealy (left). ...[click to continue]
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