I’m not so sure about the patients but I am sure about the doctors: psychiatrists are just nuts! They have a fantasy diagnosis system that is not based on any real-world objective test. Not one. Not any! It’s shocking to grasp this but you need to know… it’s true. The so-called “bible” of psychiatry, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or DSM (currently number 5 or V), lists over 300 conditions, not one of which exists in reality. OK, I’m kidding slightly. But not one of those diagnoses can be proved, therefore in a sense they are not real. It’s all opinion. There is no definitive blood test, x-ray, scan result, urine change or microscope visual that can establish any of the 300 conditions ...[click to continue]
For more than a century, mainstream science has mocked electronic healing.  Those who use electricity to heal were labeled as quacks and frauds. Micro-current therapy (MCT) is when electrical currents (at specific frequencies) are applied to injured parts of your body.  It naturally provides pain relief and also stimulates faster tissue repair.  It’s truly fascinating technology that’s been evolving and improving since 1893!

The Birth of Electroceuticals

General Electric had a number of electronic healing devices in the late 19th century.  They were used to treat every part of the human body – from muscles in the eyes to the spinal cord.  By the 1920s, bar ...[click to continue]
The notion of purpose in life at first may seem ill-defined and even unscientific. But that’s not so. Straight away, there is real science. The sense of purpose has been studied extensively and a growing heap of research is pinning down what it is, and how it affects our lives. Remarkably, people with a greater sense of purpose live longer, sleep better and have better sex. Purpose cuts the risk of stroke and depression. It helps people recover from addiction or manage their glucose levels if they are diabetic. If a pharmaceutical company could bottle such a treatment, it would make billions. But you can find it for yourself, and it’s free. Purpo ...[click to continue]
Is your colon sluggish? Protecting your colon health is crucial to your entire body. Without a smoothly running gastrointestinal system, you’re unable to flush toxins as quickly and effectively as you should. When your food travels your colon, the large intestine forms waste product and absorbs the water from it. Contractions push the stool onward to its “final destination” and by the time it reaches the end of the road, most (but not all) of the water has been absorbed. With a sluggish colon, also known as lazy bowel, those contractions aren’t as efficient. It takes longer for waste to get where it needs to go (out of your body). Your colon absorbs too much water which causes constipation ...[click to continue]
It’s often said that the really dangerous topics that we should all avoid are sex, religion and politics. But I’ve quoted Plato many times before: The price you pay for not being involved in politics is that you end up being governed by inferiors. Some might say that we end up being governed by idiots anyway; just look around you. Joke: how do you know when a politician is lying? His lips are moving (better say HER lips too these days). That being said, Donald Trump may have something to offer: he’s not a politician. That stands out clearly: he started out trying to fulfill his promises right from the get-go! That’s not what politicians do! Poor guy doesn’t realize you get into power and then start using i ...[click to continue]
When you consider what raises your personal cancer risk, the effects of depression probably don’t make the list. It should. Every day, scientists are learning more about the link between emotions and cancer. The physiological effects of trauma, abuse, and behavioral disorders are well documented in regards to chronic pain, heart disease, digestive problems, and so much more. It’s not a very big leap to connect cancer. After all, negative emotions trigger an inflammatory response inside your body. Inflammation damages tissue at the cellular level and is considered a root cause of most major disease. See? Not hard to see the pattern.

Fighting ...[click to continue]

Globally, heart disease claims the lives of more than 17.3 million people. This single number represents more than 31% of all deaths from all causes on the entire planet. It’s staggering to understand that almost one-third of all deaths (for both men and women) are due to hearts that stop working for one reason or another. To say your heart health must be your primary concern (at every age) is an understatement. To ignore your heart health (as most do) is a recipe for disaster. While the mainstream medical community and health organizations often get the particulars of heart disease wrong (stop putting all the blame on cholesterol!), there are a few hear ...[click to continue]
When was the last time a doctor asked you about positive symptoms? Ha ha! I thought not. But this doctor is very interested in floating the idea of positive signs of good health! Of course the conventional medical doctor concentrates only on negative symptoms, which point to some disease or other. That’s what they do; it’s the benchmark of their career. Indeed, it would not be possible to function as a good physician if you were not familiar with a vast number of possible symptoms: headache, cramps, diarrhea, skin rash, joint pain and fatigue… these are signals that something is wrong. Certain combinations of symptoms we call a “syndrome” and these recur from patient to patient. For example sore throat, dry hot skin, fever, ...[click to continue]
Watch the replay of my Breakthrough Esthetology Webinar right here! Discover how you can easily transform your face with micro-current MCT (micro-current) devices: wrinkles and lines removed, simply and safely, without deadly, paralyzing and permanent botox shots (Botox is a registered name for injections containing one the most potent toxins known: botulinum toxin). How quickly can you get results? Well, let's just say that more than a handful of people who are already using this system are seeing amazing results. Join them and don't miss out! P.S. If you’ve watched the webi ...[click to continue]
Is Botox® Safe? Does Botox® cures depression? It’s a headline from the Huffington Post, so it must be true, right? (joke) In fact, the spin-doctors, manufacturing junk truths, have gone as far as suggesting that Botox® will solve Alzheimer’s. I mean…. How nuts does it get? “It’s just another brain problem, so it surely must help,” seems to be the mentality. That’s like saying baseball is the same as ping pong (well, they both use little round balls, don’t they?) This is a classic example of falsehood, exaggeration and “headline” mentality in our buzz-infested modern world. Somebody floats a catchphrase and then is goes viral, as they say. Nobody questions the origina ...[click to continue]
The importance of sleep is something that can make me a little preachy. There are many reasons it tops my list of free things you can do right now to improve your mental and physical health. Getting enough sleep is critical to every cell in your body and one of the biggest connections is between sleep and your brain. If you don’t get enough sleep…
  • You have a higher likelihood of gaining weight.
  • You’ll have more inflammation in your tissues.
  • Your sex life will suffer.
  • You’ll have more mood fluctuations during the day.
  • Your workouts won’t be as effective.
  • Your driving is worse – comparative to drinking and drivi ...[click to continue]
This piece is proving extremely popular and people are copying and circulating it already. Please feel free to share it but leave my byline in place! code-of-living-delight-gold-masks We have many codes of behavior. Mostly interdicts (things that are restricted or forbidden). We have lists of priorities. But what about a code of delight? Should we not subscribe to a ritual code of happiness, meaning and sheer indulgence of joy? Aristotle, no less, said the highest duty of an individual was the pursuit of happiness. The thing is, he recognized ...[click to continue]