Here’s compelling evidence that ultrasound scans may be the real cause of autism. Look at the evidence and then decide. I think there is possibly real cause to discard existing theories. We can only get a solution if we find the right cause of the problem, I’m sure you will agree. I have made no secret out of the fact that it’s definitely NOT mercury. That has been disproven and the only people who cling to it are seriously underperforming intellectuals, who can’t accept real evidence that their pet ideas are WRONG! I have repeated several times in my publications that children who never had ANY vaccine have been getting autism spectrum problems. That fits well with the model I like, which is live rogue measles organism. One s ...[click to continue]
I’ve talked a lot recently about the protective effects of salt. Such a position doesn’t sit well with others in the medical community who almost unanimously endorse a low-salt diet. They point the finger at salt and blame it for heart disease – despite the fact that the Institute of Medicine found no evidence that a low-salt diet helps in regards to heart disease. They do the same thing with fat.

An Ancient Weapon against Infection

A recent study published in Cell Metabolism found that mice given a high-salt diet had a better immune resistance to skin-infecting parasites and invading microbes. The higher sodium content in their skin provided a therapeutic benefit that took researchers by surprise. T ...[click to continue]
I am so GOOD I’m almost embarrassed! Yet again, I am ahead of the main pack. Let me tell you why I am boasting this time! As most of you know, I wrote a great paradigm-busting book in 1999 called Virtual Medicine. It was a great best-seller for many years but eventually went out of date. I knew I had to re-write it, add new materials and bring it back to being a cutting edge book, way in advance of where even holistic people were thinking. This I have done and it’s out any day now, called Medicine Beyond. ...[click to continue]
Do you know your personal risk of Alzheimer’s disease? This condition is more than a touch of occasional forgetfulness that is often a benchmark of getting older. It is a serious, debilitating neurodegenerative disease caused by atrophy of the brain tissue and the buildup of plaques known as amyloid fibrils.

A Disease that Steals “You” Away

I want to talk to you about the most prevalent form of dementia diagnosed worldwide. It affects the areas of your brain that control language, comprehension, memory, judgment, and basic thought processes…drastically lowering a patient’s quality of life. In addition to the stress and horror for the patient, it is equally devastating to their loved ones and caregivers. It is a wo ...[click to continue]

I’ve been meaning to produce a short paper like this, which I can use to answer the many enquiries about homeopathy. Against the background that the FDA in America is investigating if homeopathy works (2015), I thought it was time to get down and write it!

The large numbers of holistic practitioners who don’t actually hold with homeopathy constantly surprises me. Many express surprise that I should champion it at all. When I tell them the evidence is abundant and clear, they seem to go through a shock moment. Doesn’t everyone know it’s a con; just dilute water with no actual substance left? It can’t work! Right! Like the Earth can’t be round and h ...[click to continue]
Leaky gut syndrome sounds like something out of a horror movie but millions of people suffer from it and might not be aware. I talk to you often about the health of your digestive system because it represents more than 80% of your immune system! Without your immune system functioning properly, your body is vulnerable to countless conditions and diseases. The key rests with your gut. Most doctors consider your digestive system almost as an afterthought. It is only very recently that the medical community is catching on to what I’ve been saying for years. Leaky gut syndrome is more than “upset stomach!” Chronic fatigue and pain, depression, heightened sensitivity to allergens, arthritis, and so much more have been linked to a c ...[click to continue]
Not that I like Dr. Mehmet Oz, don’t get me wrong. But this story the Dr. Oz controversy is about the machinations of fake science and the control by manipulative evil forces over medical institutions. A bunch of 10 medical retards got together and wrote a letter to Columbia University, where Dr. Oz is an assistant professor of surgery (and quite a good one by all accounts). They demanded he be removed, because of “conduct unbecoming of a medical school professor”. Strong words! There’s more: the physicians cited his "disdain for science and for evidence based medicine," and specifically his "baseless opposition to genetically modified foods [GMOs]". Aha! All of a su ...[click to continue]
If you’ve been here on Alternative Doc for long, you know my aggressive stance on dangerous statin drugs. Now, there’s hard scientific evidence of a link between statins and memory loss!

What are Statins?

Any pharmaceutical drug that artificially lowers low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – or what is referred to as “bad” cholesterol – is classified as a statin. These drugs block the production of cholesterol in the liver and lower how much is pumping through your blood. You probably see commercials on television about the importance of lowering your cholesterol with the use of statin drugs such as Lipitor and Crestor. The companies that make these drugs make tens of billi ...[click to continue]
Many of you will be familiar with the name of Hans Selye. If you’ve bought and read my Diet Wise, you’ll certainly know of him (chapter 7). If you’ve never heard of him, Selye was an Austrian physician who ended up finally residing in Montreal, Canada, working at McGill University and ultimately Montreal University. He is famous for a theory about stress related illness called The General Adaptation Syndrome. But what got Selye started, he tells us in his classic book The Stress Of Life (first published in 1956), is observing sick people while he was a medical student. He noticed that whatever the disease, patients all had the same symptoms: not THE symptoms, that defined the specific illness, ...[click to continue]
An allergic reaction is what your immune system causes when confronted with something to which it has developed a sensitivity. Allergies can come in many different forms.

Most Common Allergens

  • Foods
  • Dust
  • Insects
  • Animal dander
  • Plants and mold
  • Latex
  • Prescription or over-the-counter drugs
The front-runner for most allergic reactions is food…and more than 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with a mild to severe allergy to a specific food. That doesn’t count all the people who have undiagnosed allergies – who don’t even know they ar ...[click to continue]
At last, the dinosaurs prove my story and, unwittingly perhaps, validate the hidden allergy hypothesis. I can sum this up in a few words: if you eat a food regularly, your body will adapt to it. Any intolerance reaction will go “underground”. But the liability is that it can get you down later, if you reach overload status, or if your tolerance drops (stress, viral attack, lack of sleep, parasites, any one of dozens of overload factors). This is the whole basis of what we call a “hidden allergy” to food, or a “masked allergy”. As I said in my book Diet Wise, I rate this as one of ...[click to continue]
We are flooded with inflammation causing stress on a daily basis. This is proven by the worldwide level of inflammation-based illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Add in poor lifestyle habits and it’s a combination that gradually leaves your body ravaged and unable to fight the simplest cold. I talk about many ways to lower your stress but this time, I want to discuss cutting-edge science to enhance brain function and lower stress.

What are Binaural Beats

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove ...[click to continue]
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