The Sly Ones (Toxic Individuals)

You know I write about many aspects of health ignored by others, who seem to stick to easily Googled topics, like vitamin levels, diet, pollutants and GMO foods. They probably don’t know much outside those few parameters. But there is a LOT more to health than that! I’m going to focus on people that we may meet or who are already in our lives that are very toxic: I call this tribe “The Sly Ones”. These individuals are among the biggest health hazard I know: they threaten all of society, not just you and me. You’ll find them on my Emotional Ladder between hostility and fear. That’s the key to their make up: wanting to attack but being too frightened to be open abo ...[click to continue]
Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic around the world as the Western diet slowly floods the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 347 million people currently have diabetes and that diabetes was the cause of more than 1.5 million deaths in 2012 alone. There was a time when this particular disease was specific to adults. However, with the growing occurrences of childhood obesity, young people are now being diagnosed with type 2 at an alarming rate. Did you know that 90% of diabetics have type 2 and that 100% of type 2 diabetes diagnosed cases are both preventable and reversible? This disease affects every organ in your body ...[click to continue]
We, as holistic experts, are constantly berated by critics who accuse us of “voodoo science”. It’s a joke! There is nothing more stupid, vague and “voodoo” than what passes for science today. Theories bear little or no relationship to what can be observed in the real world. Predictions can be wrong by over a hundred orders of magnitude and yet they never question their dogmas. The eventual explanation of why we were so wildly wrong will show up one day, they say, unconvincingly. Well, I’m still waiting for the explanation of why the Earth really IS flat and why we were deluded it was a globe for so long! Same thing. (Did you know there is still a Flat Earth Society in London? ...[click to continue]
Worldwide, more than 120 million people are suffering from clinical depression. A number that is likely much higher because experts estimate that 80% of those experiencing signs or symptoms of depression are not being treated for their condition. Big Pharma (and many doctors) don’t want you to know how to cope with depression… they want to medicate you. The “next big thing” in pharmaceutical drugs is just waiting to be prescribed – and more than likely, it’s going to be an antidepressant. Clinical depression is a moneymaker for these disreputable companies and while they don’t make cancer-fighting drugs or new antibiotics because they aren’t ...[click to continue]
I warned you it was going to be a non-event and I was right. The latest count stands at 5,165. That’s out of 14,383 “cases”. That’s far less than the hysterical 80% fatality rate. But you know what? The real statistics are far, far lower than that: a lot of the deaths were attributed to Ebola but these patients would have died anyway, from harsh living, starvation, the stress of war or sheer poverty. No-one is monitoring that stat but, unless they do, it’s the placebo-type situation again, where you don’t really know where you stand against the background fatalities. This is a region where background deaths are very high and cannot be ignored. The number of cases ...[click to continue]

200 Million Year Old Ghost In A Wardrobe?

Here’s a nice photo of Vivien and me, keeping company with a cute little koala, while we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park, on the outskirts of Sydney. Dr. Mumby & Vivian Vivien told me an interesting story on the journey out to the Blue Mountains, west of the city. Her friend Rosemary, a skilled psychic healer, had been called to the home of one of the famous Pink Floyd rock group (better not mention names)... Apparently, following the import of some spectacular antique furniture into the home, one of the children had becom ...[click to continue]
Every day, the danger of antibiotic resistance is gaining more attention in the media. Finally, the scientific community and medical industry are realizing that our global dependence on antibiotics – prescribed by doctors, flooding our household products, and even injected into our food supply – could be a bad idea in regards to long-term fighting of infection.

What is Antibiotic Resistance?

Simply put, antibiotic resistance occurs when a bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasite survives the effect of the standard antibiotic, antimicrobial, or antiviral drug used to control them. It’s a matter of evolution. Germs that were treated effectively with antibiotics have mutated, developed an immunity to the drugs that once k ...[click to continue]
Have you ever stopped to question: what is memory… really? It’s something we quite literally take for granted. But in fact we know a lot about it these days.

In Search Of The Engram

One of the first memory researchers was German biologist Richard Semon (1859- 1918). He wrote about active memory, used as a warning mechanism. An animal, say a dog, could experience an episode in which a boy bent down to pick up a stone, threw it at the dog and there was pain from the impact. Semon called this an engram, meaning a cellular trace memory. He also wrote explaining how these engrams later get restimulated or brought back to life; he called it the "ecphoric stimulus", meaning the way a memory can be tr ...[click to continue]
I’ve talked extensively about the effects of sleep deprivation (you can read those articles here and here). Sleep is one of the most underappreciated ways to guard your health against disease. Research now confirms that getting enough sleep is key to maintaining a healthy bodyweight. Without it, your risk of obesity is higher and your chances of losing weight are lower.

The Obesity Epidemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 65% of people in the United States are overweight or obese. The rate of pe ...[click to continue]
The majority of the population doesn’t get enough healthy exercise. Coupled with the Western diet of high-refined starch, high sugars, and chemical additives, the result is an increase in your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes… among others. Then there is the other side of the coin. Some people take working out to extremes, pushing their bodies through high-intensity regimens or working out almost constantly. The result is an increase in your risk of high blood pressure, weight gain, inflammation, mood swings, extreme fatigue, and a compromised immune system. Exercise – like anything else – is fantastic if ...[click to continue]
You know that heart disease is the #1 Killer in the United States and the reason for that is simple. The Western diet is devastating to your heart and cardiovascular system (to your entire body but for now we’re going to focus on your heart). In my new book, Secrets of an Alternative Doctor, I give you a lot of fantastic information to protect your heart and prevent a heart attack or stroke from taking you away from your life and loved ones. I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect. ...[click to continue]

Is Alkaline Food & Water Beneficial?

I got another email recently on a hoary old topic that keeps raising questions over and over: alkaline food and alkaline water. Is it good for you to eat “alkaline” food and take pH adjusted alkaline water? NO! It's B*S*. I've been saying so for years. What is TRUE is that the body goes acid during a food allergy reaction. It's a result, not a cause of anything. We used to give alkaline salts, just to clear the symptoms quickly (one single dose). A mixture of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate (2:1) could work magic when someone had a migraine, say, after doing a food challenge test. The details of how, when and why to ...[click to continue]
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