We need vitamin C to live. That’s why it is a vitamin: the word means “vital amine”, or essential to life. Read on to learn about a new study on sepsis and vitamin C... In centuries gone by, sailors died of scurvy wholesale in the ships of all nations. Then in 1747 Brits finally solved it by giving everyone in the Royal Navy lime juice, rich in vitamin C, and had their sailors in top-top fighting condition. Which, as I like to boast, is why Britain ruled the world for centuries. It’s also why Brits are still called Limeys (or Limey bastards, if you don’t like ‘em!) But that’s old hat. I’ve shared it with readers before. What’s much more interesting is the 20th century realization that vitamin C is AWESO ...[click to continue]
I write about the importance of sleep quite a lot because it’s the simplest boost you can give to your body and mind. Researchers around the world agree that good, quality sleep is the key to strong brain cognition, better health, and can even ease symptoms of depression and other mood disorders.

The Science of Sleep

Specific biological “rhythms” regulate critical functions in your body.  Ultradian, circadian, and infradian rhythms begin before birth and continue until your last breath. They determine how and when you sleep but they’re so much more than that.  These rhythms regulate heart rate, digestion, hormone balance, libido, metaboli ...[click to continue]
Never mind about the insane model called the “Big Bang” or the squidgyness of quantum physics. If you want goofy, look at current consciousness theory. They insist (with no proof of any kind) that consciousness is brain-based. It’s like saying the musicians you hear on radio are in your receiver set, not in the remote studio standing in front of microphones! Of course I can’t PROVE that your particular radio set doesn’t have a bunch of tiny humans in it, making music! But I can easily DEMONSTRATE that they don’t need to be there to get music on the radio. Forget the brain. It’s the radio tuner, that is all. Yes, we need to look after it; treat it well; feed it well. Otherwise the messages stop coming out. Conscious ...[click to continue]
A big issue when you’re trying to control your weight is finding foods that help you feel fuller so you consume fewer calories throughout your day.  If you’re hungry, you’re thinking about food – not the hundred other things you need to be focused on! Proper management of portions can be a real challenge when the Standard Western Diet features huge portions of all the wrong food combinations. You go from “over full” to “hungry again” in no time.  That’s the fluff (all the garbage pumped into food to make it bigger than it should be) and sugar talking. Carbs and simple sugars aren’t satisfying.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped them from becoming the backbone of our diet.  Even the ...[click to continue]
Everyone knows that meditation is soothing and calming, you relax, your blood pressure comes down and you live longer (well, almost everyone knows). zen-electronic-meditation I used to do it when I was at med school. I had a big passion for all things Japanese, especially Zen Buddhism. I wrote a special form of poetry called Haiku and I won a round-the-world trip for one I wrote in 1967. I worked it out as several hundred dollars per syllable prize money! The trouble is, it takes years to get good at meditation. Some say 30 years. How abou ...[click to continue]
When you’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, figuring out the diabetic foods you’re allowed to eat (and want to) can be a challenge.  I’m a firm believer in foods that fill the gap.  Not just fill you up but actually satisfy.  These are foods that give you more than a meal item. If you have diabetes, your body cannot produce insulin, cannot metabolize it properly, or a combination of the two. Many people who develop type 2 diabetes (around 90% of diabetics have this form) got there through poor eating habits.  It’s 100% preventable through diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. It may be hard to hear, but these are the facts. To manage or reverse ...[click to continue]
Several times over the years one or more of my subscribers have asked me to explain what good science looks like. Well, it’s much easier to describe BAD science because it’s everywhere, right in front of your face. Never mind nit-picking over the “p” number or sample sizes. The whole ambience sucks. This is especially true of medical science, where there are massive financial incentives to cut corners, to cheat, to outright lie. I like the words of Jon Rappoport, investigative journalist extraordinaire…

"There is a system designed ...[click to continue]

Have you heard of whole-body vibration (WBV) therapy?  It’s a machine found in some gyms and there are versions that can be used at home. You sit, stand, or recline on a platform that vibrates for 15 minutes, conducting energy into your entire body.  Your muscles react to the input by contracting and relaxing rapidly every second.  After just a few minutes, users feel as though they’ve performed aerobic exercise. The studies on this new technique are still minimal but initial results are incredibly promising.  Advocates of whole-body vibration consider it an alternative to higher-impact exercise ...[click to continue]
First, here’s a photo from Athens. This is the view Vivien and I enjoyed from our hotel suite, overlooking the floodlit Acropolis. We left the blinds open and went to sleep with this inspiring sight! acropolis-night-grow-new-brain-cells-f

Yes, You Can Grow New Brain Cells

We all remember the daft times when “science” (that word sticks in my throat these days) told us that we could not regrow brain cells. We had just so many and when those were gone… bang! Senility! No studies, no research, just B*S* opinion, that ...[click to continue]
The dangers of binge drinking can manifest quickly – even for seasoned drinkers who don’t usually have a problem with alcohol consumption.  The term binge drinking refers to drinking several alcoholic beverages in a row within two hours.
  • Men – 5 drinks or more within 2 hours in the past 2 weeks is a drinking binge
  • Women – 4 drinks or more within 2 hours in the past 2 weeks is a drinking binge
Heavy binge drinking is repeating this practice three or more times in a two-week period. Some forms of alcohol (particularly red wine) has scientifically proven health benefits when consumed in moderation. The limits are 2 drinks in a day for men and ...[click to continue]
The effects of obesity are leaving a path of destruction on the human population – particularly in developed countries.  The term “obesity” means fat accumulation represents 30% or more of your total weight. While this number may differ slightly (by a percentage point or two at most) depending on individual body type, it’s still the most reliable method of estimating fat content in the human body. Obesity rates in the United States are completely out of control.
We hear a lot about so-called “medical marijuana” these days. It’s repeated often enough that people are starting to believe in it. You won’t hear this term spoken in my house! Nor will you smell the disgusting odor anywhere in my personal space. I have gotten up and walked out when people start with drugs and will continue to do so. It’s a trick, a sleight of hand, that a toxic and dangerous drug substance that has destroyed 100,000s of lives (if not millions), is now suddenly a healing miracle! Thing is, most of the people peddling medical marijuana for pain have no medical training or knowledge; not even a first aid certificate. They just want to sell drugs and they have been handed, on a plate, a legitimate fast track ...[click to continue]