Type 2 diabetes is destroying the health of millions. Unlike type 1 diabetes (which represents less than 10% of all diagnosed cases), type 2 is preventable with the right mix of diet and lifestyle. What many patients might not know that it’s also reversible! That’s right. You can control type 2 diabetes to the point that you can reverse it. This is a proven fact. Dr. Michelle Magee, director of Washington’s MedStar Diabetes Institute explains, “We have seen numerous people reverse their condition. It takes a real dedication for the rest of their lives.” It’s also a fact that even if you haven’t been diagnosed, you can still have glucose blood levels high enough to cause damage to ...[click to continue]
We have thousands, or even millions, of body clocks. Learning to control them, it is said, will solve problems from jet lag to weight loss. We now have a field called chronobiology (time and biology) and a spin off called “chrononutrition” (timed eating as a means of controlling appetite and weight loss). More on that later. Not so long ago we thought that the body clock was a one-off control mechanism, housed somewhere in the brain. No longer. We now know our bodies contain thousands, if not millions, of independent clocks that subtly control the functioning of our tissues and organs from the brain and heart to the lungs and liver. ...[click to continue]
Researchers with the University of Waterloo seem to have found the physiological keys to wisdom! It’s something I talk about in my work but it’s always nice to have the “conventional” guys work on some of the same things about which I’m passionate. The beat of your heart seems to be linked to how reasonable and wise you are overall. Your heart and your brain work together to consider complex issues! Published in the Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience journal, the Waterloo team wanted to determine when and how psychophysiology determines judgment. Professor Igor Grossman explained, “Our research shows that wise reasoning is not exclusively a function of the mind and cognitive ability. We found that people who ...[click to continue]
I am grateful to my friend and correspondent Grant, from Brooklyn, for calling my attention to this article from the UK’s Daily Telegraph. I don’t read British newspapers, since they stopped featuring me years ago… (It’s just a joke, get it? I’m not that vain… no, really…!) At last some scientists are waking up to the fact that cancer is a disease, not an alien blob dropped into the body from a flying saucer. I’ve been scoffing at this approach for years, as you know. If it’s a disease, the body will fight it. The body needs help. Moreover, a cancer IS the body—it’s the person’s own tissues gone bad. We have to heal those tissues and re-harmonize them with the parent body. The dumbest way to get tissue ...[click to continue]
Diet is the root of everything (good and bad) for your physical body. If you feed your body nutritious food, most of the time, you’re going to get a body that works efficiently and for a long time. Those are the scientifically proven odds. You might think to yourself, “Lots of people take care of themselves and eat right all their lives and still end up dying of cancer or heart disease.” That’s true. There are those who seem to do everything right and still get sick or die from diseases they worked to prevent. However, they’re not the majority. Those are the publicized cases which represent a very small portion of cancer patients. Medical and scientific experts (conventional and alternative) ha ...[click to continue]
The storm of lies and controversy surrounding the movie called Vaxxed continues to howl in the night! It makes no bones about damage done to certain children by vaccines, especially MMR. The dots are joined into a loud and clear chart showing BIG trouble. But the vaccine “industry” doesn’t like that. It wants its profits and will not tolerate troublemakers, suggesting or implying that kids’ health comes before dollars. The evil Scampire is fighting. So much so that, as I reported to you last week, Big Pharma has closed down two showings at film festivals; one in New York (Tribeca Film Festival) and Worldfest Houston International Film Festival. Various magazines and journals have run for cover, being threatened ...[click to continue]
Why do you need oil of oregano benefits and other antibiotic alternatives?

We Set Ourselves Up to Fail

How? Our poor bodies have been overwhelmed with antibiotics in our food, our personal care items, cleaning products, and by drug companies for decades…and the worst scenario has finally happened. The bacteria all these antibacterial goods were designed to kill…they didn’t die. They mutated. While people raced to sterilize their homes, places of work, and determined to keep their children germ-free at all costs, the germs were changing. They were getting stronger and started to adapt to everything we threw at them year after year. On top of that, we became so dependent on antibiotics ...[click to continue]
I’ve been a doctor for a long time and I’ve watched the “trends” in health ebb and flow.

Poor Choices Are Catching Up to Us

I watched as the “low-fat” craze swept the world in the eighties and knew we were going to see serious repercussions. I watched sugar take a place at the head of our diet table and knew it would come with critical consequences. I found myself amazed as food manufacturers filled the stores with junk I wouldn’t feel comfortable feeding a pet, much less a human being. As a doctor, I shuddered at the explosion of the pharmaceutical industry over the last four decades. I found myself in true shock as pills flooded the market, prescribed hundreds of thousands of times, without pro ...[click to continue]
I was, truly, one of the world’s first doctors to point out the truth about vaccines and the obvious point that current measles vaccine is dangerous and leads to brain damage (this was back in 1982, before MMR). I wrote about it in 1984 in a book (published 1985). This has nothing whatever to do with mercury as the cause of autism (it isn’t) but the attenuated rogue measles organism used in the MMR almost certainly is. I went on Gay Byrne’s radio show in Dublin and was not allowed to say that I had patients who had developed disintegrative psychosis (a severe form of autism spectrum disorder) after the measles vaccine. They insisted I said only, “It seems as if…” Measles causes a deadly encephalitis (brain inflammation) in ...[click to continue]

Glyphosate Pesticide in 85% of Tampons and Personal Hygiene Products

You don’t just eat Monsanto’s GMO junk and their carcinogenic pesticide “Roundup” (glyphosate). You could be taking it in from personal hygiene products! What am I saying? The shocking fact is that Monsanto’s chemicals make their way into 85% of personal hygiene cotton products, INCLUDING TAMPONS! Ladies, beware. I picked up the information from Waking Times, a radical earth-friendly publication. Their writer, Alex Pietrowski, came across a new study at the University of La Plata, Argentin ...[click to continue]
In our modern world, multi-tasking is no longer a skill but a necessity. Most of us run constantly in both the real and virtual realms, maintaining business and personal relationships while juggling the very stringent demands of daily life. I love discovering new self-motivation techniques for myself and sharing them with my readers because I think we can all use a little nudge now and then. Some days, a big shove!

Watching Your Brain and Achieving Measurable Results

Fascinating new data out of Duke University may have found a new way to motivate you. It happily coincides with many of the mind skills I talk about in Supernoetics. I absolutely believe in harnessing the power of your mind t ...[click to continue]
I got a tip off about this article from a good friend in Brooklyn. He pointed out that the mainstream scientists are gradually catching up with me! Hey, I’ll have to move on fast, to stay ahead. Actually, I’m doing that already, with the development of my new and revolutionary science of Being and consciousness I call Supernoetics™. Keep an eye out: 1 in 5 or so articles will be about some aspect of that in my upcoming newsletters. Anyway, this is what he meant: being able to influence the control of cancer by nurturing the immune system via the microbiome. Remember my book ...[click to continue]