In the 1970s, anyone but an idiot was listening seriously to the emerging evidence that sugar was a major killer. The really smart ones didn’t get at all distracted by the saturated fat story (I’ve campaigned that we need saturated fat for brain health for over 40 years). The major star of this emerging science was a Brit: John Yudkin, founding Professor of the Department of Nutrition at Queen Elizabeth College, London. He tackled the sugar issue head on, with a sensational book, with an equally sensational title (“Pure, White and Deadly” 1972). pure-white-sugar-conspiracy ...[click to continue]
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has a long and illustrious history. Indigenous to southeast Asia, this close relative of turmeric remains a common ingredient in Asian and Indian recipes, an excellent addition to teas, and is even featured in many specialty candies. The benefits of ginger are far more than culinary. For thousands of years, the powerful medicinal qualities of the ginger rhizome (root) have been well documented. The most recognizable ginger at your local market is yellow but the root can also be red or white. Its’ pungent aroma and spicy flavor make the root spice easy to identify by smell or taste. The flowering spice has few calories and ranks very low on the glycemic index. The substance in ginger th ...[click to continue]
Fungi are a rum bunch: we can eat some and they are delicious (cèpes, chanterelles, truffles); others are deadly (Deathcap (Amanita phalloides), Avenging angel, Autumn skullcap). Some even make fabulous medicines (Lion’s mane, Turkey tail, Shiitake and Maitake).

dangers-of-fungi-cepe-ressaureDelicious cèpes, one of my favorite culinary mushrooms

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Learning how to take care of your emotional health is absolutely crucial to your physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, the value of a strong emotional foundation is usually the least of our concerns, the last to receive needed attention.

Is Happiness Truly Attainable?

While “thinking happy thoughts” is based in good intentions, true happiness requires more work and commitment. After all, being honestly content with your own life is worth it! Material possessions are also not the answer. Having desired possessions is certainly nice but it’s more about the road you took to have those things. What you achieved to make it possible. It may sound trite but knowing how to taking care of your emotion ...[click to continue]

“I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.”  —Woody Allan, Comedian

When your Mum passes, it’s a special event in life. Gosh, even if you don’t happen to like her, you can’t get away from the fact that she is your mother; she made you. Did you know that all your mitochondrial DNA comes from your mother, none from your father (unlike your chromosome DNA, of course)? Nature considers a mother something special. I stepped through that particular doorway in the last few hours. I am now bereft of the one who made me. She was only 93 years old! We didn’t always get on well. But in the latter part of her life she was immensely proud of me and my ...[click to continue]
Hypertension is a silent assassin that may give you no warning before shoving you violently into a life-threatening heart event. Since heart disease is the #1 killer in the world, finding natural ways to lower high blood pressure is critical to your health. Many causes of high blood pressure – poor diet, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep, smoking, substance abuse – are well known and well documented. There is one area that is fairly n ...[click to continue]
The pollution you’re exposed to in the modern world seems to be everywhere. Air pollution, water pollution, unknown (or undetected) toxins in the home and workplace, pesticide use, and so much more bombard your system day after day. Then there are the “safe” compounds that are deliberately utilized in your life that are completely toxic to your cells but continue to be allowed (often without your knowledge or consent). One of these is Bisphenol-A (BPA). The ...[click to continue]
That seems a funny thing to say, when the very name spreads terror, but it’s true! Cancer has a great deal to teach us about health. Cancer is what happens, basically, when your health gets wrecked. It’s not a death knell but it is a wake up call, telling you things have gone very wrong and you need to get fixed and quick about it. Forget genes. That’s about the most boring and unimportant aspect of cancer. You can have any gene you like and switch it off. You can switch on “good genes”. They will help you fight the cancer. The ridiculous nonsense with Angelina Jolie having her titties removed, as a prophylactic, just because she had the BRCA genes, is a cruel and barbarous travesty of medicine. I don’t care if she DEMANDE ...[click to continue]
Earlier this year (20th Jan newsletter) I called your attention to the possible cause of ADD, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder as a result of acetaminophen (Tylenol in the USA; Paracetomol in the UK and elsewhere). This is not a new idea. Evidence has been gathering. We all want to blame vaccinations; but is that valid? In the USA at least, acetaminophen comes almost part and parcel with vaccination: the child gets a shot, turns feverish, and is administered Tylenol. It’s not easy to separate the two. One of the hardest pieces of evidence against vaccinations (or pollutants in the vaccine) being the cause of the problem is the case of Cuba. There, where vaccinations are compulsory, the vaccination uptake rate is over ...[click to continue]
Telomeres are protective “helmets” found at both ends of your chromosomes. It’s a pivotal part of your base DNA that offers protection from deterioration. Each time your cells divide and replicate, these tiny caps gradually shorten until they disappear entirely. They limit how many times a cell can divide. When the protective benefit of telomeres is lost, the cell itself is supposed stop replicating or succumb to apoptosis (cell suicide) because it is no longer protected from mutation, fusion, and abnormal replication. One example of this biological system going wrong is cancer cells that manage to avoid this universal coding of the human cell. They bypass the ingrained directive and do what they want.

How ...[click to continue]

Last week I quoted a lady whose motto is “The purpose of life is living.” I’d like to add that the purpose of living is to learn. We could never stay as newborn babies; that would not suit the human temperament. Humans instinctively want to learn, to grow, to become wiser. It could be argued that’s a Darwinian survival trait—it doesn’t matter, the point is, we want to learn. One of my major mottoes in life is that knowing is Being. We are what we know, in other words. To be more, to own more, to create more and to do more, we need to acquire that precious commodityknowledge. You’ve also heard me say the opposite: that the commonest cause of death is ignorance. If you don’t k ...[click to continue]
Aging might be a natural part of the human experience but it isn’t always a happy part. Your attitude toward aging can affect the severity and speed of getting older. North Carolina State University found that being upbeat in the face of challenges faced when aging made their participants more resilient and better equipped to cope with whatever life threw at them. Some of the negative emotions experienced by the aging are no longer feeling useful, having less happiness than they had in their youth, and trepidation about the future. Lead author of the study, Jennifer Bellingtier, NC State PhD, explained their results. “People in the study who had more positive attitudes toward aging were more resilient in response to st ...[click to continue]