Can Aspirin Prevent Cancer

Got Cancer? Take An Aspirin! A couple years back I ran a newsletter piece under the same jokey title. Maybe you thought I was kidding? No, really, the science is good. Remarkable as it may seem, humble aspirin has a strong effect against cancer cells. This is in part due to the fact that cancer […]


Testing for Hidden Cancers

Almost every time I write about cancer, I add the injunction to hang on tight…. Things are moving so very fast that, apart from the corruption in the industry, the problem may soon be solved! One of the most important things we have been in need of is a way to test for cancers l-o-n-g […]

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the Forces of Evil & Darkness on the Move, Yet Again My friend Lynne McTaggart is at the center of a storm once again. Forces which don’t want the public to read good news on cancer alternatives tried to shut down her magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You (known affectionately as WDDTY). It’s all reminiscent […]

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omega-3 oils

I wonder why they keep testing to see if omega-3 fatty acids are healthy for us. Can anyone enlighten me? It’s been a done deal since ever I was a budding physician. If you couldn’t wait for the “modern” science, there is always the simple demographic, that eskimos historically never died of heart disease or […]

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allergies and cancer

The world is a dangerous place. All you have to do is turn on your television or read a news article to realize that. Everywhere you look, there are reports of shootings, bombings, and disasters. It seems that our health is at greater risk than ever before as well. New strains of antibiotic …Prof Keith […]

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cancer over diagnosis

When it is over-diagnosed and over-treated, for the doctor’s financial benefit, not for the patient’s health and safety. And that happens a great deal; especially in the USA. Now a working group sanctioned by the National Cancer Institute has come up with a position statement, making it pretty clear that no-one accepts this current situation […]

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Basket of different mushrooms

Could This Be An Actual Anti-Aging Suggestion? A little potpourri* this week! First, a sensational, rather amusing suggestion for anti-aging; you’ll never hear this one from a regular doctor! It’s bleach! Well, diluted bleach. I’m serious. I came across a reference in my New Scientist, to a study published in the Journal Of Clinical Investigation, […]

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3D Cancer Crossword

I have been saying for years that, despite the Cancer Mafia, there are good people out there, looking for real answers. Not every doctor is a crook nor every scientist in the pocket of Big Pharma. Even so, I was gobsmacked when I read the words of an orthodox oncologist saying, in effect, cancer biology […]

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