Ubiquinol vs Ubiquinone. The Truth About CoQ10

    Many of you now know that my ultra-mitochondria healing formula called Mito-Cell Rejuvenator contains generous amounts of Coenzyme Q10. It’s in the form of ubiquinone. From time to time, people who are not very knowledgeable, and get all their “information” from the Internet via Google, address me as a fool and ask if I know […]

    Meet Punk Psychology – A New Way of Viewing the Human Mind

    The human mind has always fascinated me and I’ve branded my journey into the inner workings of this incredible universe as punk psychology.  I want to show you how to be my fellow psychonauts! You cannot imagine what there is to discover! No matter what’s been discovered in scientific and psychiatric circles, they still know […]

    Fake Diseases… That Nobody Wants (Or Has)!

    I think I already mentioned my contempt for psychiatry and it’s pseudo-science (well yes, I mention it often, don’t I?) Most of you know I’m wrapping up a book to defeat all of psychiatry by making the investigation of physical illness mandatory FIRST, before even thinking of medications. Over 95% of so-called mental diseases and […]

    The Long-Term Risks of a Gluten-Free Diet

    Those who suffer from celiac disease are forced to follow a gluten-free diet.  Gluten is a protein that occurs naturally in grains like wheat, barley, and rye. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), “Celiac disease is a serious genetic autoimmune disorder where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine.  It […]

    Great Social Psychology Experiment Starts Right Here Right Now

    Call me a loony, call me outrageous. But I continue to work on research materials that can change Humankind. My Supernoetics® (mind and spirit) writings are advancing rapidly. Allow me to tell you about my newest social psychology experiment… I believe I can teach large numbers of people, online, to work on each other’s issues […]

    The 2 Most Critical Vitamins for Eye Health

    The two most important vitamins for eyes are lutein and zeaxanthin.  Your body doesn’t produce either of them.  You can only get them through your diet. Protecting your vision is critical and the missteps you make (or the habits you have) today can have long-term consequences in the form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or […]

    Preventing and Fighting Cancer with 5 Medicinal Mushrooms

    Have you heard about the powerful properties of medicinal mushrooms?  I’m going to tell you how they can make a dramatic impact on your health – now and into the future. Experts estimate that your diet (good or bad) accounts for 80% of your health (also good or bad).  You are what you eat is […]

    Cannibalism and Violence… The Effects of Poor Nutrition!?

    The world today is in turmoil. Diets today have hardly ever been worse. Is there a connection between the effects of poor nutrition and violence? Actually, there is. Now don’t write to me and tell me we were on the verge of starvation since the dawn of history. I know that. Yet human skeletons in […]

    Watch the Micro-Current Therapy (MCT) Webinar Replay!

    Watch the replay of my Medicine’s Greatest Revolution Webinar now by clicking here. Micro-current therapy (MCT) is changing the face of medicine FOREVER. Fast, safe, miraculous at times, small hand-held electronic devices program the brain for healing at treble the normal rate. The days of flooding all parts of your body with toxic, uncontrolled and […]

    The Alcohol Controversy & The Health Benefits of Wine

    [If you are allergic to alcohol, keep reading to the end, please. I do get to it!] No-one can argue that alcohol is not an emotional topic. Alcohol abuse is one of society’s biggest problems. Controversy is good for the media, they say. Well I certainly stirred up a nestful of angry hornets with last […]

    How Your Microbiome Benefits Your Health

    According to recent scientific studies, your gut is considered your body’s “second brain” – literally the third branch of your central nervous system. The good bacteria in your microbiome benefit so much more than simple digestion of your food and it’s critical to care for this delicate ecosystem properly. The Brain-Gut Connection There are more […]

    Alcohol Is Good For You Despite The Busybodies

    You will read me, from time to time, remarking that drinking alcohol is healthy, except in stupid amounts. I’m sorry for the moral campaigners and the teetotallers but facts are facts. And I mean alcohol health benefits facts: Fact 1. People who drink live longer on average than teetotallers. In fact those with the highest […]

    A Lifetime of Obesity Raises Gut Cancer Risk

    Many people go through periods of weighing more than they usually do. It can be caused by switching to a desk job, having a baby, or even going through a life event such as divorce or losing a loved one.  A reaction to a temporary period of your life from which you eventually recover. Obesity […]

    Now This I Like. A Tax On Junk Food

    Now this I like! A tax on junk food! I don’t know how it works in the rest of the world but here in the USA, if you want to get rich, you figure out a crappy cheap product, and sell it for the most you can get, by massive advertising, which tells blatant lies […]