The Problem with School Is Causing Teenage Stress

Anyone who follows my writings knows that I have a problem with schools. I consider schools, and the current education system, to be no more than child abuse. I’ve said it often: we lock up kids for some of the best years of their lives, prisoners to some of the most dysfunctional weirdos in our […]

Is Your Health Condition a Result of Toxic Body Burden?

People around the world grow sicker every year.  A growing number of researchers point to the toxic body burden so many are plagued by. What is Toxic Body Burden? Every day, your system is overrun by toxins that attack your immune system, wreak havoc at the cellular level, and drastically increase your serious disease risk. […]

A New Study on Sepsis and Vitamin C – A True Miracle Healer

We need vitamin C to live. That’s why it is a vitamin: the word means “vital amine”, or essential to life. Read on to learn about a new study on sepsis and vitamin C… In centuries gone by, sailors died of scurvy wholesale in the ships of all nations. Then in 1747 Brits finally solved […]

Sleep Deprivation Worsens Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

I write about the importance of sleep quite a lot because it’s the simplest boost you can give to your body and mind. Researchers around the world agree that good, quality sleep is the key to strong brain cognition, better health, and can even ease symptoms of depression and other mood disorders. The Science of […]

The Current Consciousness Theory… Dumbest Science Ever

Never mind about the insane model called the “Big Bang” or the squidgyness of quantum physics. If you want goofy, look at current consciousness theory. They insist (with no proof of any kind) that consciousness is brain-based. It’s like saying the musicians you hear on radio are in your receiver set, not in the remote […]

Eat Less (and Better) with These Delicious “Feel Fuller” Foods

A big issue when you’re trying to control your weight is finding foods that help you feel fuller so you consume fewer calories throughout your day.  If you’re hungry, you’re thinking about food – not the hundred other things you need to be focused on! Proper management of portions can be a real challenge when […]

Electronic Meditation to Attain Zen Inner Peace

Everyone knows that meditation is soothing and calming, you relax, your blood pressure comes down and you live longer (well, almost everyone knows). I used to do it when I was at med school. I had a big passion for all things Japanese, especially Zen Buddhism. I wrote a special form of poetry called Haiku […]

7 Amazing Diabetic Foods that Don’t Feel “Healthy”

When you’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, figuring out the diabetic foods you’re allowed to eat (and want to) can be a challenge.  I’m a firm believer in foods that fill the gap.  Not just fill you up but actually satisfy.  These are foods that give you more than a meal item. If you have […]

Good Science vs. BAD Science

Several times over the years one or more of my subscribers have asked me to explain what good science looks like. Well, it’s much easier to describe BAD science because it’s everywhere, right in front of your face. Never mind nit-picking over the “p” number or sample sizes. The whole ambience sucks. This is especially […]

Can Whole-Body Vibration Replace Exercising?

Have you heard of whole-body vibration (WBV) therapy?  It’s a machine found in some gyms and there are versions that can be used at home. You sit, stand, or recline on a platform that vibrates for 15 minutes, conducting energy into your entire body.  Your muscles react to the input by contracting and relaxing rapidly […]

Grow New Brain Cells – A New Alzheimer’s Treatment?

First, here’s a photo from Athens. This is the view Vivien and I enjoyed from our hotel suite, overlooking the floodlit Acropolis. We left the blinds open and went to sleep with this inspiring sight! Yes, You Can Grow New Brain Cells We all remember the daft times when “science” (that word sticks in my […]

What are the Dangers of Binge Drinking?

The dangers of binge drinking can manifest quickly – even for seasoned drinkers who don’t usually have a problem with alcohol consumption.  The term binge drinking refers to drinking several alcoholic beverages in a row within two hours. Men – 5 drinks or more within 2 hours in the past 2 weeks is a drinking […]

Marijuana Use Last Word and a Postcard from Athens!

Here’s Vivien at the Temple Of Hephaestus in Athens. The building is pretty ruined but Vivien is timeless and lovely! Now, to business: I’ve been called a liar. The F-word (again!) The topic of marijuana, like the one on alcohol, has really brought the flies crawling out of the furniture. There are laughable individuals who […]

The Aging Effects of Obesity May Be Reversible!

The effects of obesity are leaving a path of destruction on the human population – particularly in developed countries.  The term “obesity” means fat accumulation represents 30% or more of your total weight. While this number may differ slightly (by a percentage point or two at most) depending on individual body type, it’s still the […]