I haven’t talked about the dangers of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in a while. It seems the public outcry has died down a bit as even bigger problems swamp the world’s attention.  While that’s good news for companies who make enormous profits on them, it’s not such good news for you (or your table). GMOs […]


Not long ago, a friend of mine was in extremely poor health, a situation which was only being aggravated by her stressful work environment and personal lifestyle. She was under the care of a holistic practitioner and he had diagnosed her with adrenal exhaustion. This friend was prescribed large doses of B12 and folic acid […]

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GM foods don’t just make you fat; they will inflame your tissues, shorten your life and definitely cause cancer. My wife Vivien pointed out that on television we are drenched with a saturation coverage of the problems in Syria, with a few hundred people dead from chemicals and a few thousand likely to be affected. […]

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