how to embrace aging

Here I am going to share 10 myths of aging. These are false beliefs, often held in place by screwball science (like the cholesterol myth). Ready? Let’s dive right in! Myths of Aging #1 Aging is in your genes. Piffle! American Walter Bruening lived to be 114 years old; yet his parents both died in their […]


Aging might be a natural part of the human experience but it isn’t always a happy part. Your attitude toward aging can affect the severity and speed of getting older. North Carolina State University found that being upbeat in the face of challenges faced when aging made their participants more resilient and better equipped to […]

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The thought of developing Alzheimer’s disease is terrifying.  For myself, losing even partial brain cognition would make it impossible for me to be a doctor, result in the loss of the business and writing I so love doing, and limit most of the things I enjoy doing on a personal level. I’m happy to say […]

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