lyme disease

Before the advent of antibiotics, syphilis was one of the most common infections in the Western World, afflicting up to 10% of the adult populations. In 1927 Julius Wagner-Jauregg was given the first and only Nobel Prize awarded to a psychiatrist.  This was for work done in 1917 in which Wagner-Jauregg had exposed three neurosyphilitic […]


Ticks babesiosis

by ProfKeith

My wife just LOVES deer. Me, I’m not so sure. They are gentle and lovely. But deer also carry ticks, which are a big problem. You probably thought I meant Lyme disease there, didn’tcha? Well no, I mean something far deadlier. Deer ticks also carry babesiosis. It’s one of the parasites diseases I covered in […]

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Most of you folks reading are mere “kids” when it comes to the history of chronic fatigue syndrome. Many “experts” writing today and selling their “knowledge” have only been on the block a few years and have no idea what a struggle we pioneers had to establish that there even was such a condition. It […]

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