mediterranean diet

    [If you are allergic to alcohol, keep reading to the end, please. I do get to it!] No-one can argue that alcohol is not an emotional topic. Alcohol abuse is one of society’s biggest problems. Controversy is good for the media, they say. Well I certainly stirred up a nestful of angry hornets with last […]


    My plan had been to do something else but this new diet study makes a very powerful point: The Mediterranean diet has been proved over and over again to be beneficial. Science is coming out of our ears to show it’s good for the heart and health in general. But what you probably don’t know […]

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    It’s obvious that Alzheimer’s is a diet and lifestyle disease. A Mediterranean-type diet, for instance, is known to be protective against dementia. If there was any doubt, a recent study has made it plain. In a 4-week diet intervention study, healthy cognitively intact older adults who stuck to a low-saturated-fat, low-glycemic-index diet experienced decreases in […]

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