Holistic medicine has developed a special version of electrotherapy, using gentle low currents and getting amazing recoveries. It’s a sort of homeopathic electricity! We call it micro-current therapy (MCT). During my latest webinar on micro-current therapy, I interviewed two world-class experts, and good friends of mine, Drs. John and Lorraine Haché from Canada. If you […]


    Is Botox® Safe? Does Botox® cures depression? It’s a headline from the Huffington Post, so it must be true, right? (joke) In fact, the spin-doctors, manufacturing junk truths, have gone as far as suggesting that Botox® will solve Alzheimer’s. I mean…. How nuts does it get? “It’s just another brain problem, so it surely must help,” […]

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    Now I’m back home for the winter, after the wonderful summer which included my 70th birthday…5-star luxury cruise of the Nile (see photos), I’m settling down to some work… No, really, I am. Back To Work I have recently done a webinar (if you missed it, you can listen to the recording here)… But, what’s […]

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