To Fly Without Wings is enchanting, beguiling, mind- expanding, magical…. Everything a fairytale should be, complete with heart-stoppingly beautiful descriptions — and one INSISTS, a happy ending!!”


Yesterday was my 12th and final day of the Diet Wise implementation. The best news is that the angina I have been suffering for 4 years is nowhere to be found! I just cannot believe it! Thank you for this wonderful book and your advice. I am really really grateful to you. I read a bit about your life on the net. You certainly are a spectacular human being.

Beata DrazekEssex, England

After my surgery I started one of the many options you suggested in your book of Cancer Research Secrets. It apparently worked and, as forecast by you, I was declared cancer free by my oncologist. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your insights and your discussions of the numerous options to think about before making these kinds of decisions. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Neale EnsignMelbourne, Florida

You are awesome Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, thank you for your enthusiastic inspirational teachings and writings.. the good you do every day brings uplift to untold countless individuals like me who may rarely write in, but nonetheless devour and appreciate your treasure trove of empirical and real-science-based insight and advice- sincerely, thank you!