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Science is advancing so rapidly that we now understand many aspects of body chemistry that were unknown just over a decade ago. Modern medical discoveries have given us the knowledge to delay the process of ageing for many decades and even, to a degree, reverse it. Whatever your span of years, we can now add quality and vitality, right to the very end.

One of the greatest advances in recent years has been the emergence of what we sometimes call SUPERHORMONES, that is, naturally-occurring hormones and related compounds which can extend life energy far into the future. Doctors have always portrayed growing old as an inevitable process. This lazy thinking is no longer acceptable. It is wrong to accept hormone levels that would be considered disease in a young person, just because the patient is in mid-life or beyond.

Superhormones are what William Regelson MD, author of THE SUPERHORMONE PROMISE (order USA) (order UK) calls the "biomarkers of age", that is substances which are a true reflection of the ageing process. "As the levels of these hormones decline, so do we, mentally and physically. The loss of these precious superhormones saps us of our energy and vitality, and shaves decades off our lives. By restoring these hormones to their youthful levels, it is possible to restore our youthful zeal and energy, and to strengthen and bolster both our bodies and our minds". Regelson himself is a superb example of what he preaches, well into his 70s and busier than ever before writing, travelling and teaching the new gospel of regained sexual vigour and mental vitality.

One such superhormone is DHEA (dihydroepiandrosterone). It precedes testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone. Low levels of DHEA lead to fatigue, depression, loss of vitality and decreased libido. Yet this important substance begins to decline in our bodies from the 20s onwards; by 40 we feel the effects of the loss, by 80 our DHEA could be as low as 15% of its "youth level". Another common and important marker is thyroid hormone; if this declines your metabolism slows down markedly.

Even more excitingly, Human Growth Hormone (hGH) has been shown to actually turn back the clock. In 1990 a major study was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Daniel Rudman showed that, in real terms, six months of adequate supplementation of HGH was capable of reversing the ageing process by as much as 10- 20 years; skin wrinkling was reduced significantly, lean muscle mass returned and excess fat melted away, resulting in weight loss even without dieting. While not exactly the elixir of life, it did mean that at last there was scientific proof of the possibility of not merely arresting the ageing process, but reversing it.

The superhormone promise applies equally to men and women. Don't wait. Nature has given each of us a personal blueprint for age reversal - it is written in our hormones.

Other factors

It would be foolish and misleading to suppose that only hormone supplementation was needed to ensure an active and enjoyable life right until the 9th and 10th decades. For most people major changes need to be made in diet and lifestyle. Proper nutrition builds and sustains health. Our expert medical team can advise you of simple but effective measures to adopt.

The biggest cause of premature death in Western society remains arterial degenerative disease (heart attacks and stroke). Yet the sad irony is that this killer condition is almost entirely avoidable; it was very rare until the adoption of our modern way of life in the early twentieth century. Luckily, we now have a number of clearly understood biological markers which can point to increased risk. You can know where you stand right away. Not only that, but these are correctable measures --- you can take the necessary steps to ensure that you don't join the appalling long list of casualties because of ignorance and folly.

Chelation therapy (a special intravenous infusion) is known to increase blood flow where hardening of the arteries has resulted in years of organ deterioration. It cleans and increases blood flow throughout the body and at the same time limits free radical activity by clawing misplaced toxic substances from sites where they have accumulated.

By adding brain-booster glutathione to the IV formula, we can make these important benefits into a powerful restorative package, that can reverse brain ageing, DNA cross-linkages and tissue decay.

Renewed nutrient and oxygen supply for the tissues, especially the brain, can result in feeling years younger. Sexual organs can be revitalized, with obvious benefits. You don't need the new wonder drug, with its well-known side-effects! You'll not only have the mechanism for satisfactory erection but enhanced vigour that requires it!

A word about cancer

The second biggest killer is cancer; almost one in two males and one in three women will develop it. Yet studies show over and over again that this too is an avoidable condition. A strong vigorous immune system is vital in your defense; our leading doctor is an internationally-known expert in this matter. Chelation may also reduce the risk of cancer; one Swiss study showed that patients had a 90% less chance of developing cancer after undergoing this safe and simple treatment.

To repeat: almost all markers for early demise due to heart disease, stroke and related factors are entirely reversible, given the necessary expertise. It makes no sense to wait until catastrophe has struck before acting. Don't let your body clock run down and reach the point where it is hard to correct the problems. You should take an interest in your 40s, at least to the point of having a check-up with a holistically-oriented doctor. From your 50s onwards, you must take increasing care to ensure a long and happy life.

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