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Do You Want to Be A Crock or a Classic Car?

Thoughts on the anti-ageing theme...

Most people think of anti-ageing as living too long and being a crumbly old ruin. "I'd rather die young!" is the cheerful reply (I doubt it very much, when the time comes). It actually misses the point entirely.

Being an old crumbly is what happens when you DON'T take care of the anti-ageing issues!

More and more people are living to a great age. Seventy odd years may be the life expectancy when you are born (varies each country). But once you have reached retirement age, the average life expectancy goes up to 85 and beyond. That means a lot of people are going to live to ninety and beyond.

DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE ALMOST 10,000 PEOPLE NOW OVER 100 YEARS OLD IN THE UK ALONE? Most people think it's a few dozen or a few hundred at most. It's rising fast and many people alive today in their fifties will certainly make the century. Remember, the picture is changing fast, as the baby-boom population comes through its fifties, and these conservative statistics will quickly become hopelessly out of date.

According to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the World Health Organization, fully 55% of the baby boomers now in good health will reach the age of 100.

There will soon be hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, over 100 years old. You could be centenarian, whether you choose to or not.

It's crazy not to prepare for age and try to prevent it being an unpleasant, unhealthy experience - as it is for some, though not, of course, everyone. And this is a key point: if anyone is fit at age 100 years, it means anyone can be. Growing old does not harm you!! The sad and often overlooked truth is that it is disease which makes us unhealthy and ruins our bodies as we grow older. If you take care to remain fit and healthy, growing old can be a wonderful and fulfilling time.

The fact is that the major killers ­ heart disease, stroke, diabetes and most cancers ­ are easily preventable if you go about it the right way. The appalling toll of deaths are simply a measure of the incompetence of a medical profession which is obsessed with drugs and treating only symptoms, instead of taking effective and proven action directed towards the known causes of these conditions.

It has been wisely said in a report in the prestigious journal Science, that if we could eliminate heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes as major causes of death, life expectancy would rise to 99.4 years!

Don't wait until it is too late. Sadly, most people will do that. But the smart ones, who can think ahead and plan intelligently, will realize that anti-ageing is not really an option. You have to do it, or suffer unpleasant and maybe unbearable consequences.

It may help to picture this in terms of the ageing of a motor car. Typically, a well-used car will last 10- 20 years and then fall apart, unsafe to be repaired. The better the maintenance, the longer it takes to crumble, naturally; if you omit routine oil changes and other vital tasks, the car will soon fail mechanically. But then some cars, so-called CLASSIC CARS, are in sweet running order and perform reliably when they are 80, 90 or even more than 100 years old. Why is that? The answer is so obvious, it screams at you: they have been properly looked after.

It's exactly the same with the human body. You have to ask yourself, do you want to be a classic car or an old "banger", rusting and clanking away? I doubt anyone in their right mind would choose to be a banger. Yet that is the outlook mentality of anyone who doesn't begin to take effective care of their health NOW.

We have one proven advantage over mechanical objects: our bodies can regenerate to a considerable degree. It has been a medical hoax of long standing, to tell people they have to put up with miserable health conditions, just because the doctors don't know how to cure it. The fact is that if you turn to nature, instead of the drug industry, to look for answers, there are many exciting ways to gain back your health, even after many years of believing you were stuck with it. You probably already know of people curing themselves of arthritis, cancer, heart disease and so on, without resorting to any further drastic medical intervention. These results show the way for us all: you can recover your health!

Add to this the many wonderful breaththroughs in the science of anti-ageing, and there is really no good reason, other than self-neglect, to accept the breakdown of age. People routinely feel a sense of complete life renewal, increased vigour, mental clarity and sexual pleasure. You can turn back the clock.

In the words of Dr Walter Pierpaoli and Dr William Regeleson: "Ours is the first generation that need not experience senescence, the dismal physical decline now associated with old age. We are the first generation that need not resign ourselves to accepting the fate that our later years will be filled with debility and disease. Ours is the first generation that has the capacity, by resetting our aging clocks, to actually prolong youthful health and vitality into our eighties, nineties, and possibly even our hundreds".

Do you want to grow old and sick or live a healthy zestful life to the very end? Do you want to be a classic car or on old crock? It's up to you!

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