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Pain Is Big Business

Pain is the number one reason people go to the doctor. Why? Doctors don’t know much about healing! They just dish out painkillers and don’t know how to solve anything. In fact a doctor is the last person I would go to, if I was in pain. You only need to read about the opioid crisis to realize there is something very wrong with the orthodox management of pain. What you are seeing is corporate greed on display and plain, old-fashioned ignorance from the majority of doctors. I’m very disappointed in my profession today. The average doctor is lazy,...

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This One Simple Process Will Change Your Life

Did you know you have the power – right now – to change your life?  It’s true!  The key is learning how to change your thoughts so that you can use them to gain the upper hand in a chaotic world.  [Let’s be honest…most of our lives seem to be chaotic these days.] The secret is all about finishing what you start. It might seem too simple to work but when I tell you just how simple it really is, you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t think of it before this moment.   The Inside of Your Head Your...

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Strange Tales Of Mental Health at Thanksgiving and Christmas

You would think it’s the season of love and goodwill, wouldn’t you? But actually it’s the season of family fighting and murder. Yes, MURDER. More people kill each other in family disputes at Thanksgiving than any other time of year. In 2017 at least 438 people were shot in the USA over Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday – Sunday), according to Gun Violence Archive, which compiles shooting statistics from police reports and news clips. On Thanksgiving Day alone, at least 95 people were shot, a third of them fatally. 2017 was not a unique year. Far from it. Take one particular...

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The Gut-Brain Connection Affects Your Entire Body

Have you heard about the gut-brain connection?  In my work, I emphasize the health of the gut (and have for decades) because – whether your gut is healthy or unhealthy – it affects your entire body inside and out. The Gut is Far More Than Just Your Digestive System! Your gut is considered a third branch of your central nervous system, made up of more than 100 million nerves working together to communicate through the nerve pathways to the rest of your body.  The enteric nervous system (ENS) is referred to by experts as your body’s “second brain” or...

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Is Your Sudden Weight Gain Caused by Chronic Inflammation?

Sudden weight gain is not only frustrating, it can affect your mental and physical health.  Figuring out how to stop – and then reverse it – is critical.   What causes sudden weight gain?  There are a lot of theories but the one that makes the most scientific sense is chronic inflammation.   We all deal with the symptoms of inflammation at one time or another.  It’s a natural immune response that happens when you get sick or injured.  A fever or a cut that becomes red and swollen are evidence that your immune system is kicking in and...

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