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Your Smartphone a Jaundice Meter?

I just love smartphone technology. It’s power to the people; putting self-awareness back into the hands of the patient, instead of doctors pretending it’s some kind of mystery ceremony, that only the initiated priests, who have personal contact with the gods, could possibly understand. Nowadays you can get little apps that will tell you, for example, how your heart rate variability scores. This number is among the most important measures of stress-relation we have. Put simply, a LOW heart rate variability means HIGH stress levels and, sooner or later, disease. You can carry around a personal ECG (EKG for...

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Is One of the World’s Most Common Parasites Inside You Right Now?

Each of the most common parasites in the world affect many millions of people. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 60 million Americans are infected with the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite that results in toxoplasmosis. When it comes to food borne illness in the United States, toxoplasmosis is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of blindness. While it’s bad in the United States, in Europe, almost everyone is carrying around these parasites.  The resulting infections are at epidemic levels. These parasites are everywhere.  Most people think of this particular bad...

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Living In The Post Truth Age

The Oxford Dictionary team announced that the 2016 word of the year was “post-truth”. It means we’re done with facts, correct information and meaningful knowledge. We have entered a new era in which these reliable tools have been dumped, in favor of emotion, propaganda, opinions, beliefs and Facebook “likes”. Wiki sites (edited by anybody and everybody) are now king. A correct entry can be overwritten by a clown who chooses not to accept the current information on that topic. If you try to post something which is not “politically correct”, you will be censured and probably even deleted. Gut...

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The Age of Post-Truth Science

We are living in the “post-truth” age, we are told (post-truth was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2016). Basically, these days, nobody gives a damn about honesty, truth and integrity. If you don’t like something or someone, just lie about it. If you are lucky it will go viral on the Internet and then everyone will believe it. It “becomes true” by consensus and then you are not a liar anymore. The frenzied hyenas on social media are there to block any attempt to circulate actual facts. For instance Vivien told me a couple of days...

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Natural Ways to Prevent Iron and Vitamin D Deficiency

Iron and vitamin D deficiency are common in many developed nations but are preventable and reversible with the right lifestyle and eating choices. Every cell in your body uses iron to create the protein hemoglobin, which transports oxygen through your blood stream.  When you don’t have enough hemoglobin, you’re at high risk of developing iron deficiency anemia.  Iron is the key to storage and use of oxygen in your muscles. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder in the world.  More than 2 billion people (30% of the world population) are...

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