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Statin Nation Statin Graveyard

I’m not sure how many of my readers really trust me. I know most of you do. But newcomers might ask themselves, “Who is this idiot making absurd unscientific claims? Everybody knows that half the world it on statins and yet he says they don’t work and are dangerous. That’s just not possible. Statins are scientifically proven effective and will prevent heart attacks and stroke.” OH NO THEY DON’T! One of the reasons I am where I am is that, even as a card-carrying fully-qualified MD (with a bachelors in medicine and a bachelors in surgery in the UK),...

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Is Commercially Grown Fruit a Primary Cause of Asthma?

Doctors and scientists still don’t fully understand all the causes of asthma.  However, they’ve managed to narrow down the most common triggers for attacks.  Allergy-induced asthma episodes are common because 70% of those who have asthma also have allergies.   Primary Triggers of Asthma Attacks Genetic predisposition Inhaled environmental pollution such as smog or chemical irritants Dust or pet dander Tobacco smoke Mold, pollen, or grass clippings Asthma is the most common chronic childhood disease and affects children from all walks of life, all socio-economic levels, and very often under-diagnosed.   When someone experiences an asthma attack, the lining...

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Healing The Air Around You

Yesterday I did a couple of webinars on clean air. Because I know many of you were not able to join me, and because this is such a crucial topic in our day and age, I thought I would visit the theme again in writing here. Anyone who has been following me for any length of time will know I’ve been round the block a few times! Back in the 1980s I was one of a small handful of doctors, worldwide, who were discovering just how much foods and chemicals could make us sick. We called ourselves clinical ecologists:...

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10 Foods to Eat Daily and 5 to Avoid

I get a lot of input from readers, followers, and former patients.  One of the most common questions I receive is about what foods to eat daily.   There are two distinct parts to the answer. The first part is ancient history.  Before “civilization,” humans consisted on a basic hunter-gatherer diet.  Most of the foods consumed were “gatherer” foods since the “hunter” aspect was a hit or miss proposition.   I’ve been talking about this for years but it’s finally going mainstream as the Paleo diet.   The Basics of the Paleo Diet This most recent fad is really...

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Brushstrokes Paint a Happy Life

Many a big concept is made up of small details, much as a painting is the sum of numerous tiny brushstrokes. If you want to change your life, to succeed with issues where you have been failing, then you need to start paying attention to the smaller baby steps. To wish for a better relationship is too vague to work – it will (probably) only ever remain a wish. You need to get re-involved at a new level in each tiny brushstroke of the relationship, every sentence of communication exchange (touch, gift, service, word or gesture). Make the details...

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