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Guess Which Country Is Ranked Number 1 For Health Care

Guess Which Country Is Ranked Number 1 For Health Care Here in the USA, the land of money-grabbing medicine, 50% of older females are taking five or more medications daily. 12% take ten or more meds daily! This grotesque absurdity is called polypharmacy (I call it reckless-prescribing). Over the years between 1997 and 2012, overprescribing increased from around 18% to 60% of the older population.1 Nice one for the pharmaceutical industry but not so much for the long-suffering individual, who is being squeezed for profits. Quite aside from the question of side-effects and dangers of taking so many drugs,...

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Use Challenging Jobs and Hobbies to Protect Your Memory

As you age, the fear of losing the bits and pieces of who you are rears its’ ugly head.  Learning how to protect your memory into oldest age is critical for your mental and emotional health – as well as your quality of life and that of your loved ones. Memory loss is considered a “normal” part of aging but that isn’t entirely true. Scientists still don’t know the exact cause of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia but there are clear risk factors you need to keep in mind.  Some – such as age and genetics – cannot be...

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Harvesting Patients For Donor Organs

“Brain-death determination requires an arbitrary decision on when someone is dead enough. There will never be zero activity in the brain (at brain death).” I’m sure some of my subscribers snicker a little at my idiocy when I say we are not a brain. We don’t even need a brain to be conscious and aware. We just need our brain to manage body activity and to communicate with our world. I’ve mentioned in the past that Professor John Lorber (UK) had a series of several hundred patients who had virtually no brain to speak of. Yet nobody could tell! Their thoughts,...

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Natural Ways to Avoid the Dangers of Blood Clots

The medical term is deep vein thrombosis (DVT) but most people know them as blood clots – the danger can be deadly and most people don’t think about them until they’re facing a life-threatening Blood clots are usually located in the arms, legs, or groin area.  What makes a DVT so dangerous is that things can worsen rapidly if small pieces of the clotted blood break loose and travel through your blood stream to other parts of your body. The typical causes can affect either gender at any age. Risk Factors for the Dangers of Blood Clots Sedentary lifestyle...

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Keeping It Going! I was Interviewed Today

Before I start, let me begin with a bit of confusion I started earlier in the week. I wrote to you all about joining me on Instagram. Some of you took that to mean I was not going to use email communications any more. Don’t worry. Nothing changes. Instagram is an add-on, not a replacement for what I already do! 74-next and Lovin’ Life to The Max! The interviewer asked a good question: what THREE THINGS do you consider really important, to beat aging and senescence and stay forever young? First and Second Place were no brainers. I’ll share those another time. But this was one of those escalating lists: you know, where they count down from 3 to 2 to 1! Keep them in suspense for your top choice! Here’s my number three… Posture and Movement Posture is critical. As I told the interviewer, it’s the only one of the three where you can see from 1,000 feet that a person is aged. That characteristic stooped posture id deadly. It compresses your chest and breathing. But it also compresses your mind and spirit. It’s a shrivelling posture and that’s no good. Stand up straight! And by the way, I pointed out that cell-phone and tablet users adopt the stopped “old person” posture frequently when looking at their screens. Don’t! Chiropractors even have a name for this new “deformity”:...

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