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Winter Virus Advice From The Prof

OK, winter is coming. Get your flu shots… Yada Yada Yada… On second thoughts, don’t bother. The influenza vaccine is one of the worst ever. It just doesn’t perform (But you’d better get it! You’ll die if you don’t!) We are all used to this annual financial bonanza for the pharmaceutical companies, carefully supported by manicured lies (yawn). There are 2 MASSIVE falsehoods here: Tens of thousands of people die every year because of the ‘flu. It’s a complete made-up fantasy. Less than 1% of people with “flu” are actually tested and shown to have the influenza virus. The...

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Centering Your Mind to Center Your Life

The world is a messy place.  Everything moves fast and the constant input can be overwhelming and make you feel powerless.  Financial, physical, emotional, professional, and relationship issues or tasks to be done can drive your stress to dangerous points – previously unseen at any other point in human history.  If you have a history of abuse, addiction, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), or other emotional pain – stress from daily life can be compounded. Centering your mind, gaining control over your own thoughts and feelings, can help you navigate the demands on your time and energy, never-ending technology, and...

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The Language Of Love

How do you recognize you are cherished? How do you know you are loved? No, that’s not such a silly question. Love is very abstract. Someone can say “I love you” but how do you recognize it is true? Let’s start with the example of happiness. Happiness too is rather abstract. How you do you know you are experiencing happiness instead of, say, fear or depression? It’s not just a theoretical question. Something you experience tells you it’s happiness that is where you are! Most people would say there is a warmth, relaxedness, a lightness in the head and...

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Don’t Fight the Signs of Aging with Dangerous Techniques!

Some people will do anything to stay forever “young” – even if it presents a measurable risk.  There are natural ways to fight the signs of aging that don’t put your body in danger! One of the biggest fads in the past two decades is cosmetic fillers.  A “substance” (they vary wildly) is injected into the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles to fill out specific areas of the face or to make lips look fuller and younger. These injections – and other more invasive procedures – can affect the entire human body.  Many of them (even the...

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Water Is The Most Astonishing Substance in The Universe

Yes, water is essential to life. Everyone knows that. But it’s a far, far bigger issue than you could ever imagine! Water is also about how our bodies work. It’s actually how LIFE works. I’m talking mechanics, not just staying hydrated. Listen to me… The heart could not possibly pump all the blood it does, without a very special property of water called “The Fourth Phase” of water. If you haven’t read Gerald Pollock’s book of that title, it’s time you did [Gerald H. Pollock, The Fourth Phase of Water, Ebner and Sons, Seattle WA, 2013). It’s screaming with...

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