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Decoding the Mystery of Autoimmune Disease

An autoimmune disease is the result of your immune system breaking down, failing to recognize outside threats known as autogens, interpreting your own healthy tissue as the danger, and attacking those healthy cells instead of the bad stuff. You depend on your immune system to protect you from “outside invaders” such as bacteria, pollution, and toxins caused by your diet, drugs, or environment.  The fighters in your body recognize, fight, and eliminate these threats to your health. A disease like this disrupts everything your immune system is intended to do.  There are more than eighty types of autoimmune diseases. ...

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Eat Fat Grow Slim Live Longer is The Mantra!

Once-blobby UK politician Tom Watson left a lot of people scratching their heads recently when he revealed he has lost 45 kilograms (over 100 lbs) and reversed his type 2 diabetes on a low-carb diet. Although it was coupled with an exercise regime, this is not supposed to be a healthy way to eat, so the “experts” say. Experts at what? Blather, ignorance and fake science. Tom Watson Watson’s remarkable achievement cuts to the heart of the biggest controversy in nutrition science today. Mainstream medicine still insists diets should be low in fat and high in starchy carbohydrates such...

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Using Chemical Detox to Prevent Cancer

Chemical detox to prevent cancer is vital.  That cannot be stated strongly enough.  I could go on for a year about the dangers of personal pollution and the dire consequences of the toxic environment we’re currently living in. There was a time that the Inuit people were free of the toxins the rest of us carry around daily.  Now that they’ve been exposed to the Standard American Diet (SAD), even Inuit mothers show signs of chemical toxins in their breast milk.  Their babies – born in some of the most remote locations on the planet – are unable to...

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Healing A Lifetime Of Love At My Home In Las Vegas

Not healing “the love of a lifetime”, note. That expression means something slightly different, doesn’t it? No, I’m talking about fixing our lifelong track record of messed up loves. Can it be done? Isn’t it too late for most cases? Surprisingly not. Read on… Nobody does love really well. One or two individuals seem to find connection and get it right. The rest of us, we fake it. We PRETEND we’re connected and happy but deep down inside, we know we are running on empty. Trouble is, nobody is TEACHING this stuff properly. There’s a lot of talk (Biblical,...

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The Surprising Natural Pain Relief the World Forgot!

In the medical community, the subject of natural pain relief is a point of crossover between mainstream and alternative medicine. While conventional medical doctors don’t want alternative or holistic practitioners getting involved in major diseases or treatments (what they consider their “territory”), their view when it comes to pain is rather more relaxed. Anything that can help a patient find relief and improve their overall quality of life is welcome. The reason is that some patients have no apparent “cause” for their pain.  There isn’t an injury or a surgery to point to and say, “Ah, that’s why they’re...

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