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Would You Take Brain-Boosting Drugs?

A big story broke this week with discussion of the ethical use of brain boosting drugs (known imposingly as “cognitive enhancement” drugs). The row was triggered by an editorial in the prestigious journal; Nature (Dec 11th 2008), calling for the freedom to take such substances. Nature, a very “upmarket” science journal, had polled its readers and found 20% of top scientists already took cognitive enhancement substances. Studies have already suggested that between 5% and 15% of college students use brain-boosting drugs, mostly Ritalin or Adderall. Banned street drugs, such as marijuana, ecstasy and LSD are also “cognitive enhancement” substances, remember. So the outcry is understandable. Even if the must-meddle-in-other-peoples-freedoms crowd had failed to notice and get involved, the how-do-we-know-its-safe group, which includes me, might want to express their concerns. Then there is the issue of “Is it fair?” Are people who take drug enhancements not leap-frogging over everyone else? We ban sports performers from doing that because it’s considered not quite nice! What’s different about getting the edge intellectually and is that cheating? Maybe the fact that we could all join in means it’s not quite cheating. But then many people may not want to take such substances (I have never taken a mind-enhancing drug in my life and have no intention of doing so, even to keep up with the herd); are we not being left at a...

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Healthy breakfast is key to survival

If you have read my books, you’ll know I point out that breakfast cereals (like corn flakes) can contain up to 30% sugar, by weight. Well, that’s the UK! I found out that in the USA, where you are being systematically killed for profit, that figure goes up to 50% for some cereals, according to a new investigation from Consumer Reports. Two of the worst-rated cereals — Post’s Golden Crisps and Kellogg’s Honey Smacks — were more than 50% sugar with very little fiber. A serving of Honey Smacks has 15 grams of sugar — 3 more grams than is found in a Dunkin’ Donuts glazed doughnut. Golden Crisps has 14 grams of sugar in a 3/4 cup serving and less than 1 gram of fiber. In total, 11 of the tested cereals had 12 or more grams of sugar per serving, or as much as a glazed doughnut. The sad thing is that no parent would be stupid enough to give a child a donut for breakfast. But customers are being deliberately fooled by the food manufacturers, who are also intent on enslaving kids to a sweet tooth, so they buy more of this crap for the rest of their (shortened) lives. My advice about breakfast cereals is: get rid of them altogether. Grain allergy is very common. All cereals are rich in starch which CONVERTS to sugar...

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What is the deadliest disease of all time?

Malaria is the most deadly disease of all time. It has killed over half the human beings who have ever lived! Malaria is a disease caused by the blood parasite Plasmodium, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. The name malaria comes from the Medieval Italian words mal aria which means “bad air,” since it was usually contracted near swamps and damp places. We now know that’s where mosquitos breed and the air is not to blame. But the name has stuck. Malaria infects half a billion people each year and between 1 and 3 million die every year (nobody knows for sure just how many). Children are the main victims and African countries bear the brunt. Despite modern medicine and pesticides, the problem seems to be spreading, due to growth in human population. You may think it has nothing to do with you, living safely in North America or Europe. You would be wrong. Already there are 2,000 cases a year in the US and all are agreed this is grossly under-reported. As the mosquitos march north, due to global warming, malaria will soon be vectored in our society. Be warned. Africa suffers 109 countries are endemic for malaria in 2008, nearly half of those (45) in Africa. In fact more than half of the African cases occurred in just five countries: Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya. The appalling...

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Wanna feel great? Think like Einstein? It’s not too late!

Wanna feel great? Think like Einstein? It’s not too late! Want to feel young again? Shed the pounds, regain your energy, feel that clarity of thought you once knew? Get rid of endless minor ailments and inconveniences that never troubled you 10- 20 years ago? Sure you do! There are two ways you can do it. Spend $10,000s is psychotherapy, surgery, nutrient supplements, gym equipment and a personal coach. Even then, you might not find the vitality you are looking for. Or you could eat differently. Let me tell you what I know, which is that I have seen people come alive, wake up, literally, after eating the right foods. Friends start to comment “You look ten years younger, what are you taking?” More importantly, the person feels 10- 15 years younger. It’s an important signal because it means the body tissues are regenerating (the feeling must come from somewhere, right?) Turning back the clock is not unscientific fantasy because we know that societies and groups which eat strikingly well enjoy way above average long lives, like the Hunzas of Pakistan and the Okinawans of Japan. So follow their lead and start to pay attention to what you put in your mouth. Now here’s the catch. Eating right does not just mean keeping off manufactured junk food. Western refined food is a disaster, we all know that. Eating right...

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21 ways to spice up your sex life

Earlier this year I did a teleseminar on the topic of adding more spice to your sex life. I think it was well received but it’s hard to tell because I didn’t get any of the usual feedback emails telling me “That was great” and “More, please, Prof!” Now why do you suppose that is? I guess it’s because people are just shy. Yet I tried to inject some candour into it. I’m not shy myself and talked about lots of ways to enhance pleasure, including masturbation, clitoral rub, oral sex (it’s more hygienic than a kiss!), dressing to kill, toys, fantasies, intimate massage and sex in public places (for the real thrill seeker). I even threw in some erotic poetry! To learn more, click this link and go to the alternative doctor love and sex section But please don’t go there is you are easily...

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