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Is Weight Loss An Abusive Suggestion?

If there is one thing CERTAIN about people who weigh 300 lbs. or more it is this: They are seriously screwed up psychologically. No self-respecting person would allow themselves to grow into such a mountain of ugly, unhealthy lard. Trouble is, when we suggest this is not a good state to be in, apparently WE are the abusers and they are the “victims”. Victims of what? Gluttony, idiocy, self-negligence? We have a new term “body shaming” apparently. I’ve never heard of it. But apparently there are despicable people around who talk about extreme obesity as if it were a...

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Can the Benefits of Antioxidants Help Fight Cancer?

There’s so much information about supplements and the right things to add to your daily health regimen online that it can get confusing (and overwhelming).  It’s important to weed through all the “miracle” mumbo jumbo and figure out which antioxidant benefits are best to help you prevent (or fight) cancer. Now, with a strong diet of whole foods, you should get most of what you need through what you eat and drink.  Unfortunately, too many people are consuming fake food and giving their bodies nothing to work with to prevent and fight disease. There are other scenarios – such...

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Is LOVE a Vitamin?

Well, it’s certainly a nutrient. It makes you feel good w-a-y beyond what you get from a nice smoothie! What got me started this time is watching some super movies with my wife Vivien. We like feel-good movies. There are some wonderful experiences out there. A warm loving ending leaves you uplifted; we all know that. But these modern Hollywood bang-and-splat blood-everywhere movies leave you feeling sick and disgusted. We never watch them but feel sorry for those that do. In the same way that flowers uplift the environment, so does love. But some crude violent movies seem to...

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Does Eating Carbs Increase Your Colorectal Cancer Risk?

Do you know your colorectal cancer risk? Cancers that begin in the colon or rectum are often grouped together since they have much in common.  These cancers begin as polyps – small growths found in these two areas of the body. Some polyps are more dangerous than others.  Adenomatous polyps are considered pre-cancerous while hyperplastic or inflammatory polyps are usually benign (but still should be removed and biopsied).  The chance of these polyps turning into cancer depends on how big they are and how many there are. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men...

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Flat Earthers And Puritans Try To Take Over Medicine!

“Coconut oil is pure poison. It is one of the worst foods you can eat.” That’s the message of a lecture from Dr. Karin Michels of Harvard School of Public Health, which is currently making the rounds on YouTube. Of course the Pharma-friendly media are fanning the flames too. The American Heart Association also advizes against coconut oil, claiming that all saturated fats — regardless of the source — are damaging to heart health. First off: There is no evidence of any kind that saturated fats cause any metabolic harm (they ignore, of course, the mountain of scientific data...

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