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(updated 07/19/07)

If you are fighting cancer and are afraid (most people are terribly afraid but put on a brave front), here’s some inspiration. Dr Lorraine Day successfully beat off a very advanced cancer. She shares her story with all cancer sufferers, with great love, vigour and wisdom. The best part is that she is a conventional doctor (an orthopedic trauma surgeon) and her voice is hard to suppress as “some non-medical crackpot”

If you have ever wondered “is it really true that I could beat this death sentence?”, then let Lorraine Day tell you IT’S TRUE!

Here are two striking photographs to prove it:

Dr Lorraine Day 

(1) Lorraine in big trouble (with a tumour the size of an orange bursting through her chest and ready to kill her) and (2) Lorraine at age 60, radiant and beautiful.

Here’s what she said in 1995:

“Cancer doesn’t scare me anymore. I had it and got well by natural, simple therapies that you seldom hear about. I refused mutilating surgery, radiation and chemotherapy because studies in the medical literature and common sense told me that you shouldn’t destroy your immune system while you are trying to get well.

Cancer is a disease of the immune system. Building the immune system is important in combating cancer as well as many other diseases. Disease is not confined to one organ or area but affects the whole body, as all parts are interconnected. Therefore, therapy must be a holistic approach to improve all body systems. A “magic bullet” approach rarely works for any significant illness.” 

The underlying basis and documentation for this program of building the Immune system are presented in her DVD, “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore”, which Lorraine has asked me to point out has at least three times as much information as the original VHS of that title.

You also need to get her DVD entitled, “You Can’t Improve on God”, which lays out 10 essential health steps.

There’s More!

Dr Day also has another fact-packed DVD called “Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why”.

“If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when trying to understand the numerous alternative therapies available, you’re not alone. I felt the same frustration when I was dying from advanced cancer,” says Dr. Lorraine Day, “and I tried over 40 different alternative therapies myself, before I finally understood how to sort them all out and get well.”

Most books are just encyclopedias of dozens of different alternative therapies, but Dr. Day, from her agonizing, personal experience of trying to get well, leads you through the maze of alternative medicine, step by step, and shows you how to evaluate each of the over 60 therapies discussed on this video, including:

  • Nutrition: Macrobiotic, Gerson, Ann Wigmore, Hallelujah Acres, High Protein, Eat for your type, Rotation diet, Dr. Johanna Budwig
  • Detoxification: Biological Dentistry, Enemas, Colonics, Saunas, Poultices, Hydrotherapy, Environmental Medicine
  • Herbal: Essiac, Taheebo, Hoxsey, Chaparral, Jason Winters
  • Adjunctive: Shark Cartilage, Orthomolecular, Supplements, Hulda Clark, Laetrile, Colloidal Minerals, Oxygen Therapies
  • Biological and Pharmacological: Chelation, Burzynski, 714 X, Hydrazine Sulfate, Homeopathy, Livingston
  • Energy Therapies: Magnets, Hyperthermia, Rife generator, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Acupressure
  • Hormonal and Cell Therapy: Melatonin, Growth Hormone, DHEA, Cell Therapy
  • Mind-Body: Ayurvedic, Meditation, Visualization, God’s Health Plan
Dr Lorraine Day

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