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Acceptance As A Tool to Heal Our Lives
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There are two fundamentals rules of rational living. These equate to a happy life, not only in terms of the "feel good" factor.

They also work well as foundations for personal growth, competence and efficiency, in work, play and relationships.

Following these rules will lead you towards a "stress-free" emotional environment, meaning no unwanted hostilities. The keynote is acceptance.

Acceptance is the powerful spiritual strength of those who are able to withstand the buffeting of many adverse forces that surround them, yet remain firm, facing true north, centered and strong.

I think reason and intellect are the best way forward in these troubled times; it got us down from the trees and put a man on the moon, so it has proven its worth. I'm sure you'll agree.

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby, one of the world's most prominent alternative MDs, has pioneered the concept of "healing knowledge." It combines his unique perspectives on method and logic. He's backed up every word with solid science. You need to get this eBook and read it, NOW…

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