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Exclusive Report on
The Truth About Statins & Overcoming the Cholesterol Lie

One of the greatest medical scams of all time is that statins are the only way to control cholesterol.

It is a travesty of lies, massaging facts, bendy statistics, and relentless marketing hype that has created a world-view, almost, that statins are so effective that they are practically essential for life.

The fact is, there is abundant science and proof that statins kill.

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So why are they prescribed so often? Statins are supposed to lower your cholesterol. You’ve heard it time and time again, too much cholesterol is bad for you, therefore statins are, almost by definition, a good thing. This is part of the great cholesterol lie.

I urge you to get Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby’s exclusive report, The Truth About Statins & Cholesterol today for FREE.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Why statins are bad and responsible for aging you faster!

  • Discover how statins deplete the most essential anti-aging nutrient you need

  • One of the most vital of all vitamins that is crucial to the well-being of your immune system

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Find out how you can benefit from this valuable information today and finally get off your statins and live longer, healthier!

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