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Geopathic stress

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  1. electrical hypersensitivity: what is it?
  2. electrical pollution
  3. Earth energies

Anti Ageing

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  1. Do you want to be an old crock or a classic car?
  2. Do Genes Determine your Death?
  3. Balance: health and harmony is all about balance!
  4. Advances in Anti-Ageing
  5. Brain in ageing
  6. Folic acid aids cognitive function in the elderly
  7. My top 10 non-hormonal Anti-Agers
  8. Men’s Stuff
  9. Women’s stuff
  10. The miracle herb from Thailand (Pueraria mirifica)
  11. Live a Younger Life!
  12. Carbohydrate control is essential for healthy aging
  13. Understanding the Midlife Crisis
  14. Heavy Metal Poisoning
  15. Chelation Therapy: what is it, what does it do?
  16. Growth Hormone: do we need it?
  17. Oxidation and why we need anti-oxidants
  18. Pregnenolone
  19. Alzheimer’s
  20. Get rid of wrinkles

Something to Think About…


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 The Vaccines

Influenza vaccine linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome


UPPA test shows mercury poisoning in autistic children


Many decent and caring doctors are opposed to vaccination, on good grounds too:




The Need for Nutrients
An Optimum Nutrition Formula
Understanding Essential Fatty Acids
Coconut magic!
Coconuts: 2
Nattokinase: smart heart food
76 Ways Sugar Harms Your Health
How I did it – an average guy loses 40lbs!
Why Chocolate is good for you
Some myths vs. Lies to amuse you!
Flaws with the metabolic typing diet
Magnesium, the wonder mineral

How the Junk Food Giants Target Kids

DNA Typing To Choose Your Best Diet Plan

Special Topics

Nature vs Intensive Care Unit
SCIENCE FRAUD lying, cheating and faking figures is endemic in medical science!!
Science and the supposed validity of holism
Modern Medicine: The New World Religion

Cancer Cures

Also, don’t forget my eReport “Cancer Confidential

  1. Nutrition
  2. Psychic detox
  3. Cancer is systemic
  4. Avoid drug trials!
  5. aspartame (ugh!)
  6. Dr Binzel (free book!)
  7. Hoxey Herbs
  8. Essiac
  9. Breuss
  10. Gerson
  11. Kelley Programme (includes book)
  12. Bernie Siegel
  13. Brandon Bays
  14. Heart Intelligence
  15. Coffee enema
  16. Dr. John Lee
  17. Dr. John Beard
  18. Dr Lorraine Day
  19. Indole-3-carbamol-
  20. Issels Therapy-
  21. Luigi di Bella-
  22. Behaviour therapy
  23. Geopathic stress
  24. microwave hazards
  25. Melatonin
  26. Aromatase
  27. Chrysin
  28. PSA-
  29. low salt
  30. Ukrain
  31. Laetrile (amygdalin)-
  32. Bromelain-
  33. Papain-
  34. Iscador-
  35. Viscum-
  36. Johanna Budwig-
  37. Hyperthermia-
  38. Homotoxicology
  39. Dr Hamer-
  40. Journaling-
  41. Life repair-
  42. Dr Robert Atkins-
  43. Mistletoe
  44. Coley’s fever toxin-
  45. Dental focus-
  46. EAV and EDS-
  47. Chelation therapy-
  48. AMAS test-
  49. Teleomerase test-
  50. Oxygen-
  51. Wobenzyme-
  52. Curcumin-
  53. Abnoba-
  54. Hydrazine sulphate-
  55. Laughter-
  56. Water filters-
  57. Proanthenol
  58. Smoothie
  59. MUST read quotes
  60. Avoid carcinogens
  61. Aramidex
  62. Masturbation is OK!
  63. Vit C OK with chemo
  64. Ralph Moss interview
  65. Telomerase therapy
  66. SOUND and MUSIC
  67. Chinese herb study
  68. Chapparal
  69. Cannabis
  70. Ground currents
  71. Insulin Potentiated Therapy
  72. What Is Mesothelioma?