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Every Home Should Have One! (MCT device)

I attended both Microcurrent Therapy (MCT) webinars you've had--one last year and then this one this week. Thanks for doing these, as not enough people are talking about this. After the first webinar, I started doing my own research on MCT devices, such as the SCENAR--there are quite few YouTube videos and other materials on the Web about these. I had no idea there was that much information out there on it. But when you talk to Americans about it, they've never heard of it. A strange phenomenon. They can tell you all about Tylenol and Advil, but they know nothing about MCT! So last year I bought my first MCT device on Ebay. It took 6 weeks to get in the mail due to customs delays. And then when I got it, I really didn't know what to do with it. I did familiarize myself with the controls. So I had it there when something came about where I needed it. That happened in August when I cut my thumb pretty badly with some scissors. I was able to stop the bleeding by placing a bandage on it, but it was a deep cut and I was concerned it would take a long time to heal and probably get infected in the process. So I took out the SCENAR and started running it over the wound a few times each day. I really couldn't feel much and wondered if it would make any difference. To my surprise, the thing pretty much healed in about 3 days. And it did not get infected even though I got it wet a number of times. The area did not have a scar. I was quite impressed. MCT is truly amazing.

Regards, Ken

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