The Birth of Western Energy Medicine Explained!

These new concepts of life and energy bring back a medicine of humility before the miracle we call life. The art of medicine becomes a practice composed of the life energies of the physician, the patient and the Earth

Dr. Robert O. Becker, Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicine

Biological Energy Medicine
East Meets West in a Techno-Fest!

Our bodies, like the universe itself, are alive with electromagnetic forces. Life energy extends beyond the boundaries of our skin, as the latest research shows. By accessing the biological fields surrounding the human body and altering them in beneficial ways it is possible to treat diseases in a radical new way. The history of the development of modern technology is laid out and explained in fascinating and insightful detail.

THE AUTHOR: Dr Keith Scott-Mumby is known to the British and International press as "The Number One Allergy Detective" for his groundbreaking work in environmental and allergy medicine and is author of the best-selling FOOD ALLERGY PLAN and THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FOOD ALLERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESS.

Here he is back again, at the cutting edge of the latest medical innovations. He has been appointed Professor of Bio-Energy Medicine at the Capital University for Integrative Medicine, Washington DC.

Professor Michael Kirkman, University of Portsmouth, BSc Course in Natural and Complementary Medicine comments on Virtual Medicine:

"Keith Scott-Mumby has managed to tread a careful path through the domain of esoteric metaphysical matters, throwing light on the case and yet not being bogged down by the associated mystical rhetoric. His story reads like an adventure into knowledge and is underpinned with frequent scientific references. In this way, Keith has pushed the cause of holism and integrated medicine considerably beyond its previous parameters."

Learn about electro-acupuncture and how modern technology can read diagnostic signals from within the body.


Virtual Medicine is the term Dr. Scott-Mumby gives to this exciting and revolutionary new domain in which:
  • We now have the means to listen for the "radio-signal" of a rabies virus, early cancer, a tapeworm or a long-forgotten vaccine distressing the immune system.

  • Amazing new photographic techniques show from your image whether a medicine or even a relationship is right for you.

    virtual medicine cover
  • Light stressed with the qualities of precious gems can profoundly alter the body's mood and chemistry and promote healing.

  • The latest Russian space-age device takes us very close to the moment when a small hand-held transmitter can cure most ills, as seen in the cult TV classic to Star Trek.

  • A new diagnostic device enables a patient anywhere in the world to be connected to a machine over the phone line and told what the problem is: not only that but the machine is capable of suggesting treatments to erase the signal it hears!

  • The book also reveals startling new knowledge about the way in which homeopathy, flower remedies, acupuncture and other traditional healing methods work. There are images of spectrographic analysis and other studies showing homeopathic remedies transmit a signal detected by spectrophotometer (this is science's most accurate detector).

For the first time Western technology and Eastern medicine can be integrated and shown to complement each other brilliantly.

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I am a general practitioner in Australia and have read your book. I am most impressed, and grateful for your depth of knowledge, and research into the world of energetic medicine. Thank you for your efforts. May the search continue!
-Sincerely, Dr. Philip Ewart

"Virtual Medicine" (the book) is brilliant.  It is one of only three (and I have hundreds) that I'll grab if i hear "Fire!"... Thank You.
-- J F Cado, Nevada


Still Thinking About Virtual Medicine?

Read more. 14 chapters take you through some of the most sensational and suppressed discoveries in the field of electro-magnetic and alternative medicine this century:

  • How cancer was diagnosed over the phone lines in 1923; the doctor concerned was attacked and denounced as a fake in 18 consecutive editions of Scientific American (you can read how it was done).

  • How multiple sclerosis and other diseases can be caused by toxins from bad teeth and how our brains are arteries are in danger from hidden patches of infection that you might never know existed, if it were not for revolutionary new detection devices.

  • How a famous celebrity was dramatically cured after a stroke, when advanced diagnostic machines described in this book discovered the real cause lay in a simple illness from 23 years earlier.

  • How an amputation was averted by using a brilliant new Russian medical healing tool which was developed secretly for the Russian space programme.

  • How certain insects and animals emit radiation which, weight for weight, is 15 times more intense than uranium and how homeopathic substances diluted billions of times transmits energy signals measured on a spectroscope.

  • How chemical and biological substances have recently been encoded as infra-red oscillations signals and the energy signature for curare sent over the Internet, where it killed mice thousands of miles away and how mystical ch'i energy has been successfully recorded and re-broadcast on a hi-fi system.

  • How an autistic boy was woken up from his trance by using specially modulated light transmitted into his skull, slowing down the right brain and speeding up the left. Within a year he was living and learning alongside normal children.

There Are 3 Main New Chapters:

The Russian SCENAR has a whole new section to itself. This perennially popular device is no longer startling and new, as when Dr. Keith first introduced it to the world in 1999.

It now rates a whole chapter and this includes the most sensational healing recovery ever filmed - a man with an axe buried in his skull saved from certain death by this simple pocket-sized miracle device!

new! there is a chapter explaining the non-material nature of substances and medicines (you can get the effect, even when no weighable mass of substance is present); the late Jacques Benveniste's work on sending electronic "substances" over the Internet and getting correct response when "decoded" at the other end; and, finally, the Rife microscope and Rife machines make a welcome appearance (what is the TRUE history of these devices and what machines today are authentic Rife machines)?
new! "Biology Beyond Death", echoing chapter 3 (which shows that our electro-biological energy field extends way beyond the skin). This new chapter covers the appearance of long dead humans onto electro-magnetic devices, with voices on tape machines, images and messages on computers and even phone calls from beyond the grave ALL authenticated cases that re impossible to explain any other way than by the main premise of this book, which is that we are more than just "stuff" but energy and information fields, which advanced physics says MUST survive beyond death.

There are countless more pearls like these. Dr Scott-Mumby quote many more astonishing case studies from my own files and the experience of close friends working at the cutting edge of medicine to show you that brilliant new developments are taking place far in advance of what you are being told officially.

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"It will change your view of human life forever. We can now prove the hypothesis that we are energy beings which are not confined to our bodies and brains but can be detected far beyond the skin. I want everyone to understand the full implications of what this shift in health consciousness really means. The millennium is the perfect moment for a medical revolution. Help me to start one!" - - Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

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