• Bloating and flatulence
  • Food binges
  • Food cravings
  • Overweight, underweight or wildly fluctuating weight (gain a few pounds in a day)
  • Symptoms actually come on while eating
  • Symptoms after food (falling asleep, chills, sudden rapid heartbeat)
  • Feeling unwell without food (food addiction)
  • Feeling tired, crabby or very lethargic on waking (usually due to addiction maladaptation)

The last may seem strange: most everybody wakes up feeling bad, don’t they? True, but as I revealed in my first book of food allergies, that’s because almost everyone is suffering the addiction effects of allergy (THE FOOD ALLERGY PLAN, Unwins, London, 1985 and CRCS, Reno, 1985).

The FOOD ALLERGY PLAN has been vastly updated and modernized to include genetic food incompatibilities.

Think about this: by the time we wake in the morning, we may not have eaten for 10- 14 hours; that’s more than enough time to set up withdrawal symptoms. With breakfast, we get our first “fix” of wheat, sugar, caffeine, or whatever and the symptoms start to clear right away. You don’t believe me? Wait until you have followed the instruction in this section and you’ll see the truth of what I say. Even the most incorrigible morning-dummo gets a pleasant surprise.

To learn more about this addiction phenomenon, see the mechanisms of allergy section, General Adaptation Syndrome