Lab results show total cholesterol dropped TWENTY ONE POINTS and LDL cholesterol dropped TWENTY. Glucose and triglycerides remain in normal range, but these cholesterol improvements blew me away!


My thanks to Dr. Keith!!

Warm regards,

GT from Northern Kentucky.

When I take Mito-Cell Rejuvenator ™ each day my energy level is great but when I don’t take it I have a hard time moving around. However, it’s nice to know that my six-year-old granddaughter tells me, grandma how come you look so young and yet you’re old. I just had to laugh. The product works I’m still just trying to get over my vision issues that has deteriorated after being charged $7,000 for one injection in each eye. I will reorder towards the end of the month. Thank you and God bless.

Carol Blake Hodge

Tom Cushwa

Wanda Cerny

Bob Noble

I just enjoyed the most productive few days in a very long time. In my time I have read and studied a lot of self-help books, done various courses and had a good amount of ‘counselling’. All these actions have helped me in various ways and kept me on the path of self-improvement. I now firmly believe that all this had simply prepared me for the day I opened “The Life and Living Toolbook”.

Over the last week I first scanned the contents, going back over several parts of it. I must admit that I did skip most of the exercises on the first pass, until I reached the section covering “resistance”. This really indicated to me, so I performed one of the first exercise in the book, listed my incomplete actions in a couple of areas, concentrating on those I was strongly ‘resisting’. Now I truly understand the power of what at first seemed trivial – the amount of attention that had been tied up in several long term incomplete actions was literally amazing. Completing them was the key, and the freed attention released allowed me to complete many more, almost like a chain reaction.

Following the great results from following just one of the suggestions in the book, I am very excited and looking forward to putting may attention on other areas I have been actively resisting!

Malcolm Bugler, Longmont, CO

Diet Wise is an excellent book and the concepts are essential for anyone with health problems. All foods have chemicals in then naturally that some people cannot metabolize. These can cause anything from mild to horrifying symptoms. When I was a child I had horrible stomach aches. I went through various medical tortures including an appendectomy with no benefit. Eventually I figured out that this was caused by eating spicy foods like pepper, garlic, onions and other vegetables considered healthy.

As an adult I started having most of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This included numb hands, barbershop syndrome and extreme difficulty standing and walking. It was much worse on Saturdays and I wondered if going out to eat on Friday nights was causing my problem. I figured out that the corn oil in the restaurant food was the villain and my symptoms went away. Later I found a book reporting that about 70% of MS is greatly improved by removing improper oils from the diet.

These are just two examples from my life. This book explains the problem and how to find out what foods might be problems for you. Removing the foods that poison you may be the most important health factor. Even more important than removing processed foods, eating healthy foods, exercise, posture, fresh air, sunshine or any of the other very important health principles.

Having this information is vital to people with health problems.

John F Kilpatrick

The Dr. Keith’s Own® Super C is a magnificent product. Indeed, it could be safely described as a stroke of genius. In all the supplement range I have tried so far none has the immediate, obvious health benefits as the Dr. Keith’s Own® Super C, does.

Most supplements take between 4 to 12 weeks to manifest their effectiveness or lack thereof, Dr. Keith’s Own® Super C, however, left me in no doubt of its potency and efficacy from the first day. After one week I was fully convinced that Dr. Keith’s Own® Super C is very close to a miracle. The Architect of this formula ought to be congratulated.

Keep up the good work Prof, I’m sure we, the consumers, are going to be blessed with a few more brilliant inventions.

Boz, Australia

Last Fall we ordered your book The Psychology of Cancer. I felt it would be an important addition to our personal library, especially since cancer is so pervasive. Wow! What a great and important read that was and is!

One of the most important things I read was about the Hawaiian ceremony of forgiveness. I read and re-read that section and thought about how it applies to myself. Read it again and put it to practice. I’m here to tell you what you already know: it works! And curiously, it seems to have power on both sides of an issue between two people.

I followed your suggestion about not telling the person or persons what you are doing; just do it for oneself. When we can acknowledge our own part and forgive ourselves, a long step toward healing has been taken. I recently had opportunity to visit the household of which the person is a part. Last Fall this person had made arrangements to be gone while I was there.

This time the person was there and I was greeted with love, the same honest affection that I sought to give. What a joy! Thank you for your sage advice!

With gratitude and appreciation.

Judy Canfield

To Fly Without Wings is enchanting, beguiling, mind- expanding, magical…. Everything a fairytale should be, complete with heart-stoppingly beautiful descriptions — and one INSISTS, a happy ending!


Yesterday was my 12th and final day of the Diet Wise implementation. The best news is that the angina I have been suffering for 4 years is nowhere to be found! I just cannot believe it! Thank you for this wonderful book and your advice. I am really really grateful to you. I read a bit about your life on the net. You certainly are a spectacular human being.

Beata Drazek, Essex, England