Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby’s Books & Courses

Cancer Research Secrets

“We Are All Battling Cancer” It has been said that, people don’t die of cancer, they die of the treatment! Ironically, there are many alternative therapies to help you conquer cancer naturally, safely and surely. …Learn More

Diet Wise Book

“Let Your Body Choose The Food That’s Right For You” What is the Number One Secret to living a long and healthy life? …it is not vitamins, growth hormone, emotional cleansing, tender loving care (TLC) or even exercise. …Learn More

Fire in the Belly

“The Biggest Medical Breakthrough Ever…” The surprising cause of most diseases, states of mind and aging processes. …Learn More

Survive Without Antibiotics

“The Golden Age of Antibiotics is Over” “The latest strain of MRSA is five times more lethal than previous ones and kills 50% of those who contract it. Even as you read this, a new lethal strain could be emerging somewhere in the globe. …Learn More

Love Your Liver & Waters of Life

Your liver and kidneys are important detox and excretion organs: essential in health but even more important if you are facing severe toxic overload. …Learn More

Life and Living TOOLBOOK

“You can open any door, only if you can find the right key!” Well, here’s a cool bunch of keys, for sure. You’ll start to unlock potential, joy, reach, accord and prosperity. Overcome the “Age of Anxiety” and crush the obstacles to living a happy life with this sensational book… …Learn More
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Get Healthy For Your Next 100 Years

100-years-book“A Top MD’s Guide To Successful Aging” You are certain to live far longer than you once planned, so why not live it well and enjoy your Third Age years to the fullest! …Learn More

Secrets of an Alternative Doctor

“A Top MD’s Guide To Successful Aging” If you want to take control of your health, you need to become health literate” It’s a matter of life and death. Nothing else matters if you don’t have your health. Medicine can be very slow. Don’t get left behind. Find out how to transform your health with my secrets.

Natural Pain Relief

“When Pain Comes Calling…Be Ready!” The most up-to-date compilation book filled with natural pain relief
solutions for headaches, migraine, back pain, arthritis, cancer pain,
sports injuries and much more. Learn More

Medicine Beyond

Are you ready for the countless big shocks that is set to usher in the dawn of a new age in medicine? I will reveal in my newly released book shock after shock, startling new dimensions of consciousness, health, life & being for the future! …Learn More

Medicine Beyond The Book + The Movie! Duo

“Get Dr. Keith’s amazing Medicine Beyond Book + The Movie!” 525 pages of startling new dimensions of health and healing for the future. You’ll also get immediate access to over 12 hours of Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby’s cutting edge seminar videos in medicine & science during the Medicine Beyond Summit. …Learn More

Beyond Candida

“Beyond Candida” Candida is a common, overlooked, misdiagnosed health problem. If you have ever taken an antibiotic, you’ll be at risk. If you ever eaten bread or drunk alcohol, you’ll be affected. Understand the whole journey, starting with Candida, and then beyond…Learn More

The Waters Of Life

“Be Sure To Take Care Of Your Kidneys” Learn how you can avoid having to buy a $160,000 Black Market kidney to save your life! Kidney failure is officially the 9th leading cause of death. …Learn More

Love Your Liver

“Your Handbook For Survival In A Toxic World” Your liver is one of your most powerful yet most abused organs. In this special report, I teach you why the health and vitality of your liver is essential for zestful, joyous living. …Learn More

To Fly Without Wings

fly-without-wings“The Greatest Fairy Story Ever Told!” The Ultimate Truth As A Fairy Story! The secrets of our lost divine being in this delightful, hugely original and beautifully crafted fairy story are guaranteed to change your entire thoughtscape! …Learn More

Mind Power CD & MP3 Digital Download

It Will Change the Way You Think and Act – This amazing CD & MP3 download will teach you a powerful, proven mind technique with far-reaching possibilities.

Diet Wise Academy

Watch a short series of FREE videos introducing the Diet Wise Academy. Dr. Keith takes you into the world of the “unsuspected enemy”. It’s a sort of secret “food code”. Dr Keith knows how to unlock this code for YOU and is willing to share.

New Thought Horizons

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has developed an advanced and powerful breakout system of massive personal growth and transformation. Find out how you can use the science of healing knowledge to relieve pain, solve problems, and transform your life.

The Parasites Handbook

Parasites Have Killed More Human Beings Than All the Wars In History!

Parasites are all around us: in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Protecting yourself from dangerous parasites lies in knowledge: knowing what you are up against and being constantly aware of the problem. …Learn More.

Medicine Beyond the Movie

Medicine Beyond… the Movie! (well, an online symposium!) It was the Medical Education sensation of the year…did you miss it? Two whole days packed with stunning cutting edge healing modalities. Some of these treatments are so new, very few people know about them. Let’s explore Medicine Beyond (beyond the normal boundaries of physics and science)!

The Psychology of Cancer

paperbackfront-small“Am I Going to Die?” It’s the first question that enters the mind of anyone receiving the knee-shaking cancer diagnosis: “It’s malignant.”

Like most conventional medicine, doctors and scientists are obsessed with the symptoms of a disease and the course of the illness. They almost NEVER ask what are the causes of this person getting sick. This groundbreaking book gives you the missing link to preventing, treating, and beating cancer…Learn More

Punk Psychology®

This isn’t just “another” self-help book…It’s a remarkably easy way to get rid of anger, anxiety, guilt, and depression.

With Punk Psychology®’s techniques, you can identify the cause of countless mental limitations and erase them. You’ll be able to gain mental and emotional strength and dump years of bad stuff from your life. …Learn More

Real Secrets to Transforming Mental Health

“Discover the Real Secrets to Transforming Your Mental Health” Why suffer depression, anguish, despair, anxiety, overwhelm, ADD, ADHD, addictions, or fear? Unlock the keys to a happier and healthier life, through science and proven holistic alternatives. Read it now and start to live the life of your dreams. …Learn More