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I have studied the idea that food allergies are a real problem. I have subscribed to the Eat Right 4 Your Type philosophy and when I can be strong enough to follow it I feel much better but I was not totally asymptomatic and there was still a lot I didn’t understand. Reading Diet Wise has absolutely opened my eyes. I can see that I was born with food allergies and have suffered them all my life. I lost my hearing on one side because of an auto immune reaction that I believe was caused by masked food allergies. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but now know that was not correct. This book has given me the strength to finally take the bull by the horns and clean up my diet. It isn’t easy and most people do not understand or encourage this life change. I am finally almost 100% pain free, digestive quiet, sinus clear, brain fog lifted and it’s been less than a month. I had to go to great lengths to do it but now I know and I get to decide how I feel every day from now on.
L. Robinson



Swine flu outbreak. The truth is ugly.

Unless you live on Planet Zod (somewhere the other side of the galaxy), you will know there is growing international concern, amounting almost to panic, that we are facing a deadly worldwide pandemic of swine flu. The actual...