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Diet Wise literally changed my life! I was so ill last winter, (2014) prescribed inhalers, told I’d need to go on oxygen, told I had asthma, COPD, pneumonia, echo cardiograms, CAT scans … I’d feel better for awhile and then I’d be sick again. I started following the suggestions in this book about eliminating foods to see what I might be allergic/intolerant to … and incredibly – within a few short weeks, I was well and have been well ever since. I am now able to occasionally eat a loved food, but as long as I stay away from my intolerance foods, I feel like a million dollars. Start slipping some of the foods back into my diet and immediately begin with burning eyes, nasal congestion, wheezing and I don’t hang around long enough to find out how bad it might get. I am hopeful this coming winter will not be a repeat of last year. I’m hoping that the changes I’ve made in my eating regime will be enough to keep me healthy. I will update next spring. As a personal opinion, Dr. Keith is a bit of arrogance and a whole bunch of down-to-earth truth rolled together into a likeable guy. Don’t always agree with his take on certain views, but am open enough to recognize that he’s onto something and that he has certainly helped restore my health and life. I get a kick out of him. Hope this helps someone out there. 🙂



Swine flu outbreak. The truth is ugly.

Unless you live on Planet Zod (somewhere the other side of the galaxy), you will know there is growing international concern, amounting almost to panic, that we are facing a deadly worldwide pandemic of swine flu. The actual...