I cannot tell you how pleased and happy I am with your Mito Cell formula. It is an amazing product, I feel energized and young and beautiful! I get compliments all the time about my look and stamina ! I just reorder another 3 containers minutes ago and I hope you will continue to make it! I also used the coupon you sent me last time, thank you so much for offering this incredible powerful drink!

Cristina B.

Dr. Keith’s Own® Mito-Cell Rejuvenator acts like a unique repair kit for my aging body parts and functions. Apart from being pleasant to drink, it rewards me with noticeable improvements in my wellbeing. The signs of improvement become obvious after three weeks of use and continued to progress and hold since. Thanks, Dr. Keith, this product is on my priority list.

Boz V., Australia

I have studied the idea that food allergies are a real problem. I have subscribed to the Eat Right 4 Your Type philosophy and when I can be strong enough to follow it I feel much better but I was not totally asymptomatic and there was still a lot I didn’t understand. Reading Diet Wise has absolutely opened my eyes. I can see that I was born with food allergies and have suffered them all my life. I lost my hearing on one side because of an auto immune reaction that I believe was caused by masked food allergies. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but now know that was not correct. This book has given me the strength to finally take the bull by the horns and clean up my diet. It isn’t easy and most people do not understand or encourage this life change. I am finally almost 100% pain free, digestive quiet, sinus clear, brain fog lifted and it’s been less than a month. I had to go to great lengths to do it but now I know and I get to decide how I feel every day from now on.

L. Robinson

What an eye-opener! Diet Wise reveals the reason why ‘one mans meat is literally, another mans poison’. The book is written in a highly readable style. Better yet, it is written from the experience of a lifetime of professional medical experience.

I know this, because Professor Scott-Mumby has treated two of my aunts, with great effectiveness. The book provides not just information, but a complete practical way of implementing this healthful way of eating.

I recommend this book for anyone who has headaches, joint pain, skin conditions, congestion, excessive menstrual pains – and a host of other unwanted aches and pains.

As Scott-Mumby clearly shows us, all these symptoms are often an individual’s body, reacting to an individual food intolerance. The book brings into plain sight; our hidden food intolerances.

I’m not one for hype; but for the sake of better health and well-being, this book is a gift to us all. Thank you Mr Mumby. 🙂

Philip Thompson

Many diet books tell you their method is customized for you. They’re all wrong. Diet Wise is truly a program made for each individual person. It’s like a second chance in life to learn what good and bad foods are for my body specifically. The other great thing is that there’s a huge selection of foods to eat during the initial program that will figure out what foods cause problems. I’ve been dieting pretty much all my life and have tried a lot of programs. This is a great one. Dr. Scott-Mumby presents a lot of medical information, but it was very understandable. This program is really unique, and I’d recommend it to everyone.

S.L. Bartlett

Ever since my mom was diagnosed with cancer I have been on a journey to discover how best to protect my family from getting sick. She has since passed away, and I am still reading and doing research. I stumbled upon Diet Wise. If I had found this book earlier it would have saved me a lot of time. I have learned so much and have applied what I have learned to how I eat. What a difference it has made. As you read the book, everything is explained in such a easy to understand format. I wish doctors would read this book. I believe it would change so many lives for the better to keep people off of drugs. Anything you can do to help yourself stay healthy is worth doing. We don’t have many good bookstores in our area. I am glad Amazon had this. It was delivered quickly.

Joan, USA

I have read about half of Diet Wise to date (December 2014) and will continue to the end. I recommend it to anyone who has digestive or allergy problems or just would like to learn more about how foods affect one’s health. This book is an eye-opener as far as diet is concerned.

The writer, a medical doctor who has worked with patients with serious health problems for more than 30 years, that range from OA to seeming mental disorders, is a veritable fountain of knowledge. He provides you with a detailed elimination diet as well as casebook examples of patients with serious food intolerances. He says that the only diet that’s good for you is the one that doesn’t make you sick. I am a perfect example of someone who attempted to eat all of the right foods, like spinach and broccoli and fruit. However, I am allergic to salicylate and those foods among many others are the worst offenders, along with aspirin (also NSAID) which is offered to patients routinely. .

Supplements also contain allergens that many are unaware of. If you have any food related problems, read this book, it contains a fountain of information and advises how to find the source of one’s problems if related to food. The doctor starts out with the 10 most common foods that produce reactions in the majority of people and then instructs one how to deal with other food intolerances after the major ones are cleared. I found out about my allergic reaction to aspirin many years ago, but had no idea until the last few years that all the foods I loved contained salicylate. Abstaining from these foods as much as possible corrected my long standing digestive problems. I’ve read other books about food intolerances, but none as explicit and detailed as Dr. Scott-Mumby. Read it! It might change your life and most certainly your outlook on foods and all of the conventional wisdom that comes to us via the MSM and Internet sources. If I understand it correctly, one’s specific metabolism makes it impossible to eat certain foods and only complete withdrawal will keep you from reactions.

Most of the books I’ve read, encourage one to try the offending foods again, but I know from experience that the author is on to something that I’ve not heard before. Read it and become informed!

Lynne, USA

I really just assumed my issues were part of life. They don’t have to be. Diet Wise covers all possibilities. If you have the desire, to change how you feel, this is the remedy for you. On day 10 and I feel amazing. It’s NOT a weight loss book. It helps you learn if your allergies or sensitivities to certain foods are causing physical and/or psychological problems. WOW, who knew mixed greens would cause a problem.

Susan E. Kuchman

Diet Wise literally changed my life! I was so ill last winter, (2014) prescribed inhalers, told I’d need to go on oxygen, told I had asthma, COPD, pneumonia, echo cardiograms, CAT scans … I’d feel better for awhile and then I’d be sick again. I started following the suggestions in this book about eliminating foods to see what I might be allergic/intolerant to … and incredibly – within a few short weeks, I was well and have been well ever since. I am now able to occasionally eat a loved food, but as long as I stay away from my intolerance foods, I feel like a million dollars. Start slipping some of the foods back into my diet and immediately begin with burning eyes, nasal congestion, wheezing and I don’t hang around long enough to find out how bad it might get. I am hopeful this coming winter will not be a repeat of last year.

I’m hoping that the changes I’ve made in my eating regime will be enough to keep me healthy. I will update next spring. As a personal opinion, Dr. Keith is a bit of arrogance and a whole bunch of down-to-earth truth rolled together into a likeable guy. Don’t always agree with his take on certain views, but am open enough to recognize that he’s onto something and that he has certainly helped restore my health and life. I get a kick out of him. Hope this helps someone out there. 🙂


After my surgery I started one of the many options you suggested in your book of Cancer Research Secrets. It apparently worked and, as forecast by you, I was declared cancer free by my oncologist. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your insights and your discussions of the numerous options to think about before making these kinds of decisions. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Neale Ensign, Melbourne, Florida

You are awesome Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, thank you for your enthusiastic inspirational teachings and writings.. the good you do every day brings uplift to untold countless individuals like me who may rarely write in, but nonetheless devour and appreciate your treasure trove of empirical and real-science-based insight and advice- sincerely, thank you! Blessings,