Take Control of Your Health in 2017 with 5 Tips

    Another year is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock.  How did you do in 2016 in regards to your health and happiness?  What grade would you give yourself? If you’re like many, you might have started strong with some New Year’s resolutions that covered all the bases.  Financial goals, weight loss […]

    Truth Is The Greatest Gift of Knowledge

    It’s Christmas! [Do I have to pay Noddy Holder for saying that?] Time for me to offer you a gift; a gift of KNOWLEDGE. He’s Noddy But Nice! Noddy Holder MBE is an English musician and actor. He was the lead vocalist and guitarist of 1970s highly-successful English glam rock band Slade. Their biggest hit […]

    The Drama and Trauma – Understanding Emotions and Cancer

    The psychology of cancer is as complex as it is misunderstood. The mainstream scientific community has finally begun to examine the link between emotions and cancer but their overall opinion is still that emotions don’t matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Psychological Stress and High Risk Behavior All of us have some form […]

    Supposed Gravity Theory Leaves Natural Medicine Unscathed

    Medicine Beyond un-assailed in its powerful wisdom! (Beyond the so-called laws of physics.) Some of you like conspiracies, I know. You want conspiracy? Here’s the biggest conspiracy of all time. It’s called physics. It’s laughable. Science long ago gave up looking for facts and finding explanations. Now they invent theories and, when evidence is lacking, […]

    Antibiotic Overuse May Make You More Allergy Prone

    When you were a child, germs were all lumped together. All you knew, all your parents knew was that they were bad for you. Whatever you went for – a cough, a sore throat, ear pain, a cut – you were given antibiotics. Antibiotic overuse wasn’t known back then. We now know that all bacteria […]

    Men and Mental Health – Is Being A Man A Disease?

    Obvious womens’ jokes aside, it appears that idiot scientists are trying to project maleness as a health problem! According to a recent piece from that sanctuary of news and truth CBS News, a research review on men and mental health suggests that men who have “playboy” attitudes and believe in male dominance over women may […]

    Certain Fats Increase Diabetes Risk Factors in Women

    For decades, “fats” have been portrayed as the villain in human health. Science has now proven (again) that some fats are not only good for you, they’re necessary to our survival. As a result, much of the “low-fat” and “no fat” craze is reversing. That’s a good thing! However, there is a specific form of […]

    The Dangers of Sugar – Worse Than Believed

    In our modern world, there are few ingredients as dominant and dangerous to our food supply as added sugar. I’ve spoken at length about the dangers of sugar (as have countless others in the medical and scientific community) but it seems we’ve underestimated the devastating effects. You read that right. As much as we’ve railed […]

    Age-Easy: A Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure For Wrinkles and Lines

    Why on earth do people have their faces injected with one of the most powerful poisons known (botulinus toxin)? The registered name for this folly is Botox®. The quick answer, I suppose, is that it is important for people—especially women—to maintain their good looks for as long as possible. But at what cost? Eventually you […]

    Love Needs and Musts Of A Successful Relationship

    Holidays again. There is an old saying “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” [Locksley Hall, by Alfred Lord Tennyson]. In my case, its winter holidays triggering the same thought. Maybe that’s a function of age! But then, I think I know more about love today than any young […]

    Fighting Cancer without Fearing Cancer

    Cancer is currently the #2 killer of men and women worldwide. It’s expected to overtake heart disease in the next two decades. Listening to cancer organizations talk about “fighting cancer” gives the impression that they’re winning when in fact, they’re not moving the needle much at all. Orthodox medical care has made very little progress […]

    Understanding Sunlight and Health

    One of the stupidest and longest running medical follies is the daft story that sunlight causes skin cancer. It does NOT, it protects against skin cancer. It’s vital for your long-term health that you grasp this and stop listening to the dangerous propaganda being expounded by ignorant MDs and research scientists. Those of you who […]

    The Importance of Your Body’s Anti-Aging Engines!

    The key to living longer and stronger lies in powerful anti-aging engines inside you right now! While the importance of these tiny organisms is well-known and researched in the scientific community, non-medical people may not know just how critical they are to health, longevity, and even your very life. Mitochondria are the source of power […]

    Signs of Depression and Natural Techniques to Ease Emotional Suffering

    Depression is a complex and debilitating illness that more than 15 million American adults suffer with every day. It negatively affects every area of your life – sometimes happening so slowly that you don’t recognize the signs of depression until long after it’s gone too far. For decades, doctors have been trying to unravel the […]