Mental Health Problems in Our Modern World

    In our supposedly modern, technologically advanced society, everyone from politicians to scientists to your local doctor want an “easy fix” to mental health problems. There isn’t a truly scientifically-based test for issues concerning your mental or emotional wellness.  Any issue you have is literally subjective to the doctor or therapist you’re talking to at the […]

    The Problem With Psychiatrists & Holistic Psychiatry

    I’m not so sure about the patients but I am sure about the doctors: psychiatrists are just nuts! They have a fantasy diagnosis system that is not based on any real-world objective test. Not one. Not any! It’s shocking to grasp this but you need to know… it’s true. The so-called “bible” of psychiatry, the […]

    The Benefits of This Therapy Are Electric!

    For more than a century, mainstream science has mocked electronic healing.  Those who use electricity to heal were labeled as quacks and frauds. Micro-current therapy (MCT) is when electrical currents (at specific frequencies) are applied to injured parts of your body.  It naturally provides pain relief and also stimulates faster tissue repair.  It’s truly fascinating […]

    Purpose in Life Adds Years Maybe Decades To Your Lifespan

    The notion of purpose in life at first may seem ill-defined and even unscientific. But that’s not so. Straight away, there is real science. The sense of purpose has been studied extensively and a growing heap of research is pinning down what it is, and how it affects our lives. Remarkably, people with a greater […]

    Sluggish Colon – Health Check

    Is your colon sluggish? Protecting your colon health is crucial to your entire body. Without a smoothly running gastrointestinal system, you’re unable to flush toxins as quickly and effectively as you should. When your food travels your colon, the large intestine forms waste product and absorbs the water from it. Contractions push the stool onward […]

    Politics and Health Cannot Be Avoided

    It’s often said that the really dangerous topics that we should all avoid are sex, religion and politics. But I’ve quoted Plato many times before: The price you pay for not being involved in politics is that you end up being governed by inferiors. Some might say that we end up being governed by idiots […]

    The Long-Term Effects of Depression and Your Cancer Risk

    When you consider what raises your personal cancer risk, the effects of depression probably don’t make the list. It should. Every day, scientists are learning more about the link between emotions and cancer. The physiological effects of trauma, abuse, and behavioral disorders are well documented in regards to chronic pain, heart disease, digestive problems, and […]

    Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Protein

    Globally, heart disease claims the lives of more than 17.3 million people. This single number represents more than 31% of all deaths from all causes on the entire planet. It’s staggering to understand that almost one-third of all deaths (for both men and women) are due to hearts that stop working for one reason or […]

    Positive Symptoms Explained

    When was the last time a doctor asked you about positive symptoms? Ha ha! I thought not. But this doctor is very interested in floating the idea of positive signs of good health! Of course the conventional medical doctor concentrates only on negative symptoms, which point to some disease or other. That’s what they do; […]

    Watch the Replay: Discover How to Tone Up Your Face with MCT Devices!

    Watch the replay of my Breakthrough Esthetology Webinar right here! Discover how you can easily transform your face with micro-current MCT (micro-current) devices: wrinkles and lines removed, simply and safely, without deadly, paralyzing and permanent botox shots (Botox is a registered name for injections containing one the most potent toxins known: botulinum toxin). How quickly can you […]

    Is Botox Safe? And Does It Cure Depression?

    Is Botox® Safe? Does Botox® cures depression? It’s a headline from the Huffington Post, so it must be true, right? (joke) In fact, the spin-doctors, manufacturing junk truths, have gone as far as suggesting that Botox® will solve Alzheimer’s. I mean…. How nuts does it get? “It’s just another brain problem, so it surely must help,” […]

    How Sleep Recharges Your Brain

    The importance of sleep is something that can make me a little preachy. There are many reasons it tops my list of free things you can do right now to improve your mental and physical health. Getting enough sleep is critical to every cell in your body and one of the biggest connections is between […]

    A Prescription for Living Delight

    This piece is proving extremely popular and people are copying and circulating it already. Please feel free to share it but leave my byline in place! We have many codes of behavior. Mostly interdicts (things that are restricted or forbidden). We have lists of priorities. But what about a code of delight? Should we not […]

    Help Isn’t Coming – Take Control of Your Personal Healthcare Right Now

    Healthcare is a business. A lucrative one. Around the globe, major corporations hold the lives of billions in their hands and make decisions based solely on their bottom line. When that business model affects your quality of life and length of life, you need to be concerned. Now, more than ever in human history, you […]