The Importance of Your Body’s Anti-Aging Engines!

    The key to living longer and stronger lies in powerful anti-aging engines inside you right now! While the importance of these tiny organisms is well-known and researched in the scientific community, non-medical people may not know just how critical they are to health, longevity, and even your very life. Mitochondria are the source of power […]

    Signs of Depression and Natural Techniques to Ease Emotional Suffering

    Depression is a complex and debilitating illness that more than 15 million American adults suffer with every day. It negatively affects every area of your life – sometimes happening so slowly that you don’t recognize the signs of depression until long after it’s gone too far. For decades, doctors have been trying to unravel the […]

    Cancer Psychology & The OCYTOCIN Connection

    This week sees the launch of my latest book The Psychology Of Cancer. It’s an exciting multi-dimensional book, bursting with different ideas and things to do. In fact, one of the first things to say is that most of it applies to any disease process, not just cancer. We all get sick for a reason! […]

    The Dangers of Energy Drinks Revealed

    Energy drinks have gained incredible popularity in the last few years. We live in a sleep-deprived world that increasingly expects longer hours or greater production. The lure of “miracle” energy is strong. However, energy drink dangers should not be ignored. Second only to vitamin supplements, and heavily marketed to young people, they promise a boost […]

    Are You Addicted to the Internet?

    Is there such a thing as internet addiction? Sounds made up, doesn’t it? When I first heard the rumblings of this new condition, I admit, I was skeptical. It sounded like the latest scapegoat for poor choices. Now, I’m not so sure. In the past ten years, all of us have experienced a shift in […]

    Big Pharma’s Fast Tracking Drug Approval & What It Means For You…

    What have I been up to this week? Being a grandparent is not always 100% fun! Taking a young person around with you can sometimes feel like you have a bag of Semtex strapped to your back, ready to explode! Here’s me with granddaughter Emily (age 16 yrs) at the Universal Studios, Hollywood, outside Kwik-E-Mart […]

    Homeopathy and Cancer – Why Truth Is The Ultimate Nutrient

    When we look back in years to come, I think Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer, Ultimate LIVE Symposium 2016 will seem like a pivotal milestone. I have never lectured before knowing that I am being watched by more than half a million subscribers online! (could be well over a million and, of course, when […]

    Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Problems – A Growing Epidemic

    Do you have problems from fatty liver disease? Are you sure? The liver isn’t as interesting to most people as the brain or the heart but, with the help of your kidneys, it removes 99% of the toxins inside you. Your liver prevents the pollutants from the food you eat, the air you breathe, and […]

    Can You Get Cancer By Tapeworms? Let’s Discuss Parasites and Cancer

    Late last year (November) I came across a very strange report. The story itself is fairly fascinating but the implications are even more so. Imagine cancer being transferred from a parasite to the human body! In this case the man had HIV (a whole argument in itself, whether that has anything to do with AIDS). […]

    9 Ways to Protect Your Brain at Every Age

    No matter your age, protecting your brain health should be a priority. I firmly believe that if parents make this a primary goal in their children’s early childhood, we can turn the tide on the epidemic of neurodegenerative disease. Yes, preserving cognitive function is more of a pressing topic to people over the age of […]

    Heavy Lifting Psychology of Cancer

    I’ve just completed a moderate-sized but very needed book on the Psychology Of Cancer (How We Get It; How We Fight It; and What It Can Teach Us). You’ll be able to read it soon. Meantime, here is a tasty sample of what it has to offer… It’s all about the impact of negative psychological […]

    Does Red Light Kill Cancer? New Cancer Discoveries Here!

    These days, the reality of cancer seems to be an almost expected part of life. Chances are high that either you or someone you know has dealt with this human epidemic. Any techniques that can keep the #2 killer on the planet from claiming your life should be considered. Nothing should be off the table […]

    A Whole NEW Take On Diseases & Fighting Inflammation

    Ask any “properly trained” medical scientist about bacteria in healthy blood and they will answer that there are none. Blood is essentially sterile. This out-moded science is getting a lot of people killed. Anyone who has ever looked at a LIVE blood sample (freshly taken) under a dark-field microscope will tell you that blood is […]

    Should You Take a Nap?

    Too many people these days react with shock if you suggest more sleep. Despite the fact that it’s proven to heal, energize, fight aging, boost immunity, and so much more, it’s ignored as a valid part of your overall healthy lifestyle. Sleep has evolved into some sort of sign one is lazy rather than proactive […]