Drug allergies are not rare and it may be wise to discontinue medications which are unnecessary. However, certain drugs are essential and should not be stopped, such as anti-epileptics, some cardiac drugs (such as digoxin), insulin and thyroxin. Some medications, such as cortisone derivatives, need to be phased out gradually.

To be certain, it is better to discuss the implications with your doctor and ask his or her advice on stopping your treatment. Don’t be put off by the high-handedness which some doctors, sadly, are prone to when their prescriptions are questioned. You are entitled to know the effect of any drug you are taking and also precisely why you are taking it, and it may be that your doctor will not even understand the workings and side-effects of drugs being used.

The key question that you want answered is, ‘Will I come to harm if I stop this drug?’ Nine times out of ten the answer is, ‘No’.

Don’t forget, tobacco is a drug. You must stop smoking if you are serious about getting well.

Now, let’s start with the easiest level diet as an entry.