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I have said elsewhere that detoxing mentally is at least as important to a cancer patient as nutrition and lifestyle clean-up. Long ago a famous Roman physician called Galen stated plainly: “Cancer never strikes a happy person”. In those days they didn’t have the chemical overload of carcinogens and pollutants we face today but his astute observation is hardly lessened by the fact that one in two men and one in three women will develop a cancer or neoplastic disease in their lifetime.

Is it possible that all those people are unhappy? The answer is a resounding YES!

Galen saw what he saw and I can only say I see much the same thing, notwithstanding all the physical reasons people get cancer. The fact is that probably ALL sick patients have unresolved emotional and psychic issues that are behind the fall from health. Any severe shock or being chronically off-centre can, given time, erode health to the point where disaster strikes, whether that be a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other potentially-fatal illness.

To survive cancer, you must become adept at getting to grips with this aspect of healing. Time and time again I have seen patients bravely struggle with the Gerson plan, Kelley, IVs, nutrition and doing “all the right things” – get well for a time – but then go down one final time to the tumour. The truth is, obviously, that they were not doing all the right things: they left one matter unattended and (since it was the one that brought them into confrontation with death in the first place) it was enough to be their undoing.

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer states his case plainly elsewhere on this website and it is worth repeating here: ALL cancer cases are preceded by severe toxic mental shock in the three years prior to detection of the tumour (the tumour probably started growing soon after the event). There are no exceptions; Hamer has 30,000 cases to prove it. He calls it the “iron rule of cancer”.

Brandon Bays lovely book The Journey visits exactly the same theme in a different way. There are issues at the bottom of the pile; you must face them to survive. The “journey” in this case means finding out about your real self and confronting whatever it is that you have not, will not and don’t want to face but must face. In the process, there is a nice little end-point, which is feeling at one with the world, serene, radiant, whole and joyful. That’s better than what chemo does, right?

Brandon Bays was actively involved in natural health and doing “all the right things”, when she developed an enormous malignant uterine tumour, the size of a basket ball. Her profound healing journey back to full survival, in just six and a half weeks, without drugs or surgery has become a health classic.

Brandon describes how she discovered a way to access the source of her own being and it’s transformative power. “This.. is an intense inspiring story of personal growth and spiritual faith tested and proved in the face of challenging illness and a succession of personal losses…” (Caduceus Journal Review).

You’ll learn abut the principles of Cellular Healing and how ‘cell memories’ can effect numerous aspects of our lives.

Brandon also sells tapes and does seminars. You need to catch up with her programme by visiting:

Bernie Siegel!

In his surgical practice and support groups, Bernie Siegel has developed a unique approach to working with people facing chronic or catastrophic illness, such as cancer. The disease is no longer a sentence but a redirection. His therapeutic approach is aimed at the integration of body, mind and spirit. Dr. Siegel explores the role of hope, love, and spirituality and unconscious beliefs in the healing process, focusing on the work of Carl Jung, Milton Erickson and Joseph Campbell. He discusses the importance of resolving conflict and the need for unconditional love in one’s life so that all energy can be directed towards healing and the realization of one’s authentic self.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Dr. Siegel outlines a model of the ways that “exceptional patients” , especially his exceptional cancer patients (ECaPs) respond to the crisis of an illness by assuming control of their lives, developing a fighting spirit, achieving peace of mind, and actively participating in the doctor/patient relationship. The disease as a symbol of body-mind relationships and the dream-body concept will he discussed.

Bernie’s keynote best-seller is “Love, Medicine and Miracles”. Order it today from

Love, Medicine and Miracles


There are the pages of emotional clearing by Dr Peter Shepherd, right here in this website. These are very penetrating techniques and will clear you of mountains of negative emotion. As a personal note, these pages explain the whole emotional thing and offer practical techniques that go far beyond either Brandon Bays or Bernie Siegel. We call it Heart Intelligence. Learn emotional clearing…

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