The rest of this section is given over to discussing three-tiered dieting, from which you can choose the most appropriate approach for you or your family. In following the instructions it is vital that in all cases you also avoid manufactured foods. This is not because food additives are a common problem (they are surprisingly uncommon, in fact) but because manufactured foods contain numerous foodstuffs that are hidden and disguised, such as corn starch, wheat, sugar, egg and other notable allergens. Don’t trust to labelling, it may throw the whole test. Just eat only fresh whole versions of the foods allowed, in other words nothing from tins, packets, bottles and jars. Don’t even trust to foods cooked and packages by supermarkets and stores.

It may cost you the results you are looking for.

Special note: people often ask me about using organic foods in an elimination diet. The answer is YES, it is always better to eat organic, if you can. But that may not be easy and it is not really necessary. Almost everyone will feel better by eating ordinary commercial food supplies, providing they are fresh. Only if you are very sensitive or very poorly, is it recommended that you go the whole nine yards and eat fully organic foods.