Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer

“Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a “scientific” asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge; it is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas.”

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German doctor with his own practice in Rome, Italy, received a call in the middle of the night saying his 17-year old son Dirk had been shot while on holiday in the Mediterranean. Three months later, Dirk died and shortly afterwards, Hamer, who had been healthy all his life, found he had testicular cancer. Rather suspicious about the coincidence of this onset after a devastating catastrophe, he set about doing research on the personal histories of cancer patients to see whether they had suffered some shock, distress or trauma before their illness. In time, after extensive research on some 31,000 patients, Hamer concluded that disease (not just cancer) is only brought about by a shock for which we are totally unprepared, that a physical event can create a biological conflict shock that manifests in a visible physical transformation in the brain, and leads to a measurable change in physical-neurological parameters and to the development of cancerous growths, ulcerations, necroses and functional disturbances in specific organs of the body.

Hamer calls this the iron rule of cancer. He went on formulate theories which he has christened THE GERMAN NEW MEDICINE®. In fact he has laid out five separate “biological laws”. The fifth is somewhat metaphysical and his followers in Spain in particular have taken to calling the New Medicine “la medicina sagrada” (sacred medicine). He realized that “diseases” were not meaningless mistakes of nature that should be fought, but meaningful events that serve to restore equilibrium.

The shock element is critical and affects mind, brain and body. But if we can in any way be prepared for the shocking event, we will not become ill, says Hamer. More importantly, if we can effectively UN-do the shock, recovery can take place, actually rather easily. In fact, Dr. Hamer does not like to say ‘cancer’. Rather, it is a special biological response to an unusual situation, and when the ‘shock’ situation is resolved, the body sets about returning to normality.

Even more startlingly, he found that specific conflicts can bring about specific disease states such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, leukemia, eczema, psoriasis, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, asthma, heart disease, diabetes and hypoglycemia. For example breast cancer: Hamer found that in EVERY CASE HE STUDIED there was a separation issue in the woman’s life. The kind of separation issue, or the kind of relationship that was in question, determined exactly which breast was affected and whether it was the milk duct or the gland itself that would manifest the cancer. For example: in a left-handed woman, a mother-child or daughter-mother conflict would ALWAYS affect the right breast. A partner conflict would affect the left breast. The opposite would occur in right-handed women. (A person’s laterality can easily be assessed by the clapping test. The dominant side will be determined by which hand is on top). More astonishing, he discovered that when the breast gland was affected, the tumor would grow for as long as the woman was in conflict, and actually stop growing when the conflict was resolved.

This is a very simplified account, of course. Hamer’s book “Summary of the New Medicine” explains in detail the complete process.

The hostility to which Hamer has been subjected since publishing his findings is even worse than the usual onslaughts from conventional medicine. His licence to practise medicine was withdrawn (which remains true to this day). He took the University of Tubingen to court and won; the University was ordered by the court to hold tests to prove Hamer’s theories. They have never done so. Instead they launched murderous assaults, media campaigns, investigations and even criminal attempts to have him forcibly committed to a psychiatric institution (you can imagine what kind of “treatment” he would have received in there). Hamer was even jailed for 18 months on the pretext of illegally practising medicine, when he offered information to patients about his “New Medicine”.

[Generally speaking, it is my rule of thumb that the more vicious and wild the attack, the more certain it is that an important new scientific breakthrough has been made or is in the offing. Nobody fights real progress more insanely or viciously than the orthodox medical profession -Keith Scott-Mumby. ed.].

However it should be pointed out that a great deal of the opposition Hamer has had to face came from the very man who killed his son, the Prince of Savoy, the last King of Italy’s son. A complicated, difficult and delicate situation, as anyone can imagine.

However, lest we appear to slander the entire medical profession, it must be said that as of the 11th of September 1998, the University of Trnava (Tyrnau) officially endorsed Hamer’s work. However universities in Western Europe, notably the scientifically- and morally-challenged Tübingen University (Germany), absolutely refuse to examine the presented natural scientific work, for two decades. Their “argument” continues to be that documents attested in front of a Notary are not valid and as long as the verification through a University did not officially take place, the orthodox medicine is not in a position to “accept” the New Medicine.

Of course, Hamer believes very strongly that the present methods of dealing with cancer are barbarous, cruel and completely unnecessary. This opinion does not make him many friends among those who actually carry out these destructive treatments.

Hamer is now 66 years old and has written several books on his medicine and his extraordinary findings. Lack of official acceptance means that its benefits are still denied the vast majority of sufferers. We only hope that the Internet and pages like this one will gradually change all that.

Once you have heard Dr. Hamer lecture or seen him at a seminar, read his books and had access to his Disease Chart, you understand that finally someone has made all the links, found all those connections that were missing; it really is the NEW MEDICINE!

For the fuller story, check out the following link (please note there is no official Dr Hamer website in English):

Caroline Markolin (authorized Hamer teacher) speaks German and is in constant communication with Hamer.

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