heart disease risk factors

    Many people go through periods of weighing more than they usually do. It can be caused by switching to a desk job, having a baby, or even going through a life event such as divorce or losing a loved one.  A reaction to a temporary period of your life from which you eventually recover. Obesity […]


    Globally, heart disease claims the lives of more than 17.3 million people. This single number represents more than 31% of all deaths from all causes on the entire planet. It’s staggering to understand that almost one-third of all deaths (for both men and women) are due to hearts that stop working for one reason or […]

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    You know your kidneys are critical to your health, but do you know all the functions they accomplish around the clock? Kidneys work hard to… Remove waste products from your body through the urine that are by-products of the foods you eat. Flush out toxins you accumulate from your environment, lifestyle habits such as smoking […]

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