Doctors Make Mistakes? Can We Talk About That?

Dr. Brian Goldman talks about the mistakes doctors make. In any other profession, we accept a proportion of goofs. Stuff happens. But in the medical profession, goofs are not allowed! It can cost someone their life…



  1. Dr Brian Goldman you are the one and only one who dare to say “I do remenber”
    You should start a platform for all GPs to air their views wherein they could remember
    and will learn from others mistakes this could save more lives.
    Most of the GPs are protected by their Professional Insurance and because of this they
    seldom keep themselves abrest with the latest medical journals which carries stated views approved by the Big Pharma. You are just Great

  2. Powerful presentation. His passion and compassion will serve to help other physicians.
    In fact, redefining the physician means redefining medical education. This TED talk needs to be a mandatory part of the curriculum.

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