Check out the latest testimonial for my book, The Life & Living Toolbook:

“I just enjoyed the most productive few days in a very long time. In my time I have read and studied a lot of self-help books, done various courses and had a good amount of ‘counselling’. All these actions have helped me in various ways and kept me on the path of self-improvement.  I now firmly believe that all this had simply prepared me for the day I opened “The Life and Living Toolbook”.

Over the last week I first scanned the contents, going back over several parts of it. I must admit that I did skip most of the exercises on the first pass, until I reached the section covering “resistance”. This really indicated to me, so I performed one of the first exercise in the book, listed my incomplete actions in a couple of areas, concentrating on those I was strongly ‘resisting’. Now I truly understand the power of what at first seemed trivial – the amount of attention that had been tied up in several long term incomplete actions was literally amazing. Completing them was the key, and the freed attention released allowed me to complete many more, almost like a chain reaction.

Following the great results from following just one of the suggestions in the book,  I am very excited and looking forward to putting may attention on other areas I have been actively resisting!”

-Malcolm Bugler. Longmont CO