More On The Reverse Warburg Theory Of Cancer Growth

More About The Effects Of Hydrogen Peroxide

The article I sent you all last week about the “reverse Warburg effect” was well received on the whole. It’s a new theory that could deepen our understanding of how cancer lives and thrives.

There were three basic responses, all variations of the following:

  1. Great! Very interesting, thanks…
  2. You’re rubbish, condoning orthodox medical science again (those are the ones I called “holistic” bigots, always on duty to protect cherished bogus theories and hoot down anything that’s different to what they learned).
  3. I don’t fully understand the hydrogen peroxide thing. Please clarify.

2 and 3 probably lack data. The 1s could also benefit from increased understanding of what is really quite a tricky molecular biology subject.

I didn’t want the message to be too long and overwhelming, so I maybe gave too little data. I’m going to correct that now, with this posting.

The confusion, repeated again and again, was: “I thought hydrogen peroxide was good stuff and killed cancer cells; how could it possibly help feed cancer at the same time?”

Fact: hydrogen peroxide kills EVERYTHING! It’s very toxic; one of the most vicious of all the “free radicals”.

Oxidative Damage

Remember how we talk about “oxidative damage”? Oxidation means one of two things: donating unwanted oxygen, like in the rusting process, or ripping away electrons from biological molecules. They are actually similar but we usually think in terms of the second process.

Biological molecules get damaged due to having electrons ripped off; they may change into toxins or may themselves go on the hunt for replacement electrons, so they too become oxidative and swipe electrons from other molecules.

In fact a dangerous a chain reaction may get started, with everything going grab-grab-grab on the search for electrons. It’s like the game “pass the parcel” but everyone who touches the parcel gets hurt; see?

Hydrogen peroxide is so deadly that our white blood cells use it to wipe out pathogens (including cancer cells). But this is a very CONTROLLED process.

Leucocytes release hydrogen peroxide for a deadly “zap” but then it is neutralized almost instantly by our anti-oxidants, before it can hurt healthy tissue. This is the reason we need anti-oxidants, folks! We need them to protect us from ourselves. Without anti-oxidants present in excess, everyday metabolism releases excess free radicals, which then age us and may lead to cancer.

Also, the body secretes an enzyme called catalase, which instantly digests and neutralizes hydrogen peroxide, once it has killed the pathogens. Phew!

The thing is, this is all conventional science; nothing controversial here.

You might be wondering how cells, including cancer cells, can handle hydrogen peroxide at all, since it is so dangerous. Why don’t they get killed? Because of the protective effect of catalase.

It’s similar to the fact that stomach cells don’t get burned by the hydrochloric acid they secrete or the pancreas cells don’t get digested by the enzymes they produce. Nature has it figured out.

Incidentally, one of the reasons that glutathione is a powerful antioxidant is that it provides floods of electrons. To continue the metaphor, it neutralizes the parcel and puts it in the trash, so nobody gets hurt.

Now the use of H2O2 as an oxygenator is something else. You will see that hydrogen peroxide is almost exactly the same as water (H2O): each molecule has just one extra atom of oxygen. That easily splits off and releases oxygen. The oxygen is very violent on its own but as soon as it pairs up, it goes quiet, just like the friendly oxygen in the atmosphere.

Two hydrogen peroxide molecules will dissociate and release two oxygen atoms, which then pair up and keep each other happy. As a chemical equation, it looks like this:

H2O2 + H2O2 = (2 x H2O) + O2

Now I don’t think I need to go into the beneficial effects of oxygen. That’s what Otto Warburg started us off on. We’re back to my original article on Dr. Michael Lisanti’s theory he called “reverse Warburg”.

I hope this (incomplete) explanation helps. If you were confused before, you might want to go back and re-read the new theory, which I think is exciting and very credible.

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  1. Ok – all I want to know is if its OK for my husband who is having cancer treatment to use Hydrogen Peroxide treatment or not!!

    • Yes Barbara, fine.
      Just follow established protocols.
      There cannot be enough in the blood from taking it by mouth to kill or damage healthy fibroblasts.

    • I’m sure the lady is talking about large doses (25 g) delivered by an IV. I have personally taken over 100 IV bags of Vit C and H2O2 to treat my prostate cancer. My PSA has remained steady (10 -12) for the last 4 plus years. How does this corrolate with this new paridgm?

      • No conflict Jerry.
        This theory doesn’t mean all other effective treatments won’t work 🙂
        That’s wonderful news, by the way.

  2. I still don’t understand: Is it good for us or not to use the “One Minute Cure” of drinking several drops of food-grade hp in our purified drinking water to “cure” things? Just separate the science and math from a simpler answer for those of us who are not scientists, please. Thanks.

  3. Barbara, if you’re not yet aware of it, look into Dr. Budwig’s diet/formula. I think the flax seed oil and cottage cheese concoction should have no conflict with your husband’s treatments. Right, Prof. Keith?

  4. Okay, just to be straight. It’s alright for me to continue using food grade H2O2 diluted down to a 2-3% solution for a mouth wash. Is this correct or is it a bad idea?

    • I am 68 years old and have quite a few teeth broken off but the root is still there. 2 of them developed gum infections down around the roots. another one had an old root canal where the filling had fallen out and became infected leading to the next tooth on the root. I had a course of antibiotics but when I finished the infections came back. I use 2%/3% HP for a mouth rinse and gargle. this cleared up all infections in 4/5 days and the gums look clean and pink and 3/4 months later the gums have grown over the edge of the broken teeth. I am very satisfied with HP. Must get the teeth fixed soon . saving up for it. but in the mean time I have no problem . Hp with it’s extra oxygen . if you have too much. there are not enough bad bugs to kill so it can dry out healthy tissue. This is one of those cases where a little less in better. I had a virus last week so I swallowed the HP after rinsing but followd by a glass of water. . but I made sure I had some food in my stomach first. . I didn’t want the HP to dry the protective stomach mucus. once I did this with and empty stomach and felt slight gastric pain . but that cleared up in a few hours. I’m a retired Nurse.

  5. Edgar Cayce said that if you would eat 3 almonds a day, every day, you would never have cancer. I have been following that advice for years and I do not have cancer!
    Any comments?

    • Decades ago I heard about vitamin B17/Laetrile, which is found in many seeds, including almond. Also aprocot and apple seeds, but not orange. It is supposedly a good preventative for cancer. If you actually have cancer it probably takes bigger does, given intraveniously. One thought I had is that a seed contains all the nutrients a young plant needs, so it probably contains many nuitients that we need. Likewise eggs. Maybe also pollen, although it’s n ot a complete seed.

  6. Dear Dr. Keith,
    I was confused when I rapidly read your article yesterday. Once I red today’s…I remembered hearing this before…and it makes sense! There is something we are all still missing yet with mass consciousness it is only a matter of time and I believe it will be revealed to us~thanks for the wonderful info, even though I do not always agree with you…you send great stuff~
    Keep rockin’
    Phyllis Pipkin

  7. my question is i am in the dark here you are talking about hydrogen you say it kills cancer but how do you take it and what is the dosage you take and what is it mixed with and do you just drink it i like to know what is safe i got lost some were along the line thank you frank

    • Not the Hydrogen but the extra oxygen molecule it releases oxidizes the abnormal cell. bugs . viruses. fungi. etc. if you take too much it will also dry your ordinary /healthy cells. so you must research it first. an Alternate health practitioner was treating a patient with Ozone. . almost the same. well too much was given Stupid and it killed the patient. But like Drugs. they kill too if you take too much. Dilute HP to 2/3% for mouth wash ect. 1.5% for swallowing followed by a glass of water. and it is perfectly safe. the immune system does this same thing. : also Cancer grows in a very low oxygen environment. . people that survive cancer usually turn out to be walkers. exercising taking extra oxygen with each breath.

  8. This just raises more questions! =).

    Studies with glutathione in cancer may be consistent with this theory also. An animal and human study with whey protein both treated cancer. They speculated increase in intracellular glutathione in cancer cells to the point of tripping a feedback mechanism where cancer stopped making glutathione, and their stores got depleted. This might sensitive them to treatment, INCLUDING possibly their own peroxide. An animal study showed glutathione treated cancer. Two human studies showed no decreased efficacy of 2 chemo drugs.

    But a study with vitamin C in animals also somewhat contradicts this. Vitamin C treated cancer in animals, but almost all of its effect was canceled when administered at the same time as glutathione. They argued that this was evidence that the main method of cancer killing with vitamin C is generation of peroxide at cancer, and glutathione must have helped negate that effect. But if cancer can handle its own peroxide, one wonders how much peroxide from outside sources it could also handle.

    What did Warburg actually observe? That cancer cells are surrounded by substances consistent with glycolysis? If so, then this new take hypothesizes that these substances are consistent with glycolysis, but have been wrongly attributed to originating in cancer, cells instead of fibroblasts?

    I heard that Warburg did experiments where lowering oxygen levels always caused cells to switch to glycolysis. Would it have been wrong then to assume that these cells that have switched to glycolysis could rightly be called “cancer” cells, and cancer cells would need to be characterized by other qualities?

    How exactly in this hypothesis are fibroblasts fueling cancer cells? They die from free radical damage, and cancer cells uptake their ATP?


  9. I wish I would of known about this cancer cure when my mother was dying from cancer. Believe me I would of seen that she would of gotten it. We must try things in order to see and or believe. Why is it we all jump to pumping other deadly poisons into our bodies like cemotherpy, radiation treatments ect..
    When whats usually the end results from those treatments? Usually death.

    • A further study on Cancer can be found with this publishing company. The editor “Le Fuller” check’s out all the articles and books about cancer. conventional and alternate. He has all these treatments checked and tested. So if you buy books from this site you can be assured they are all genuine. the information gives doctors names and clinic names. and also clinics to avoid. . “”

  10. Dear Dr Keith,
    As a CLL patient I have been on mega doses of ascorbic acid for some time. The Riordon Clinic in Wichita, KS which I have attended has indicated that Vitamin C can cycle and create hydrogen peroxide. After several years of treatment my WBC count have tended to stay relatively low around 20 to 30 thousand give or take afew thousand. My Oncologist says my disease is in zero stage after 4 years. Has hydrogen peroxide been effective or just a coincidence?

      • Well, famously Linus Pauling said 2 grams a day for prevention.
        I think 10 grams a day is correct and more in line with animals which produce their own vitamin C
        (humans are among the few who don’t, unfortunately).

    • Hi Anthony, just a small correction … you hav been given SODIUM ASCORBATE in mega doses 🙂 and NOT ascorbic acid 🙂 Ascorbic Acid given as an IV infusion in dose over 2g would probably cause death. Colloquially we say vit C when talking about MEGA DOSE vit C IV, but .. it is ALWAYS, without exception Sodium Acorbate.

  11. I am still very confused– I take 10 drops of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in a glass of distilled water between meals, does the spare Oxygen destroy cancer cells safely ? please just a yes or no

  12. Seems that this is a contradiction.

    Fact: hydrogen peroxide kills EVERYTHING! It’s very toxic; one of the most vicious of all the “free radicals”.

    Now the use of H2O2 as an oxygenator is something else. You will see that hydrogen peroxide is almost exactly the same as water (H2O): each molecule has just one extra atom of oxygen. That easily splits off and releases oxygen. The oxygen is very violent on its own but as soon as it pairs up, it goes quiet, just like the friendly oxygen in the atmosphere.

    • Yes the oxygen that HP releases will nutralise. viruses. bacteria. fungi. The immune system makes HP for the O2 to kill pathogens but then it mops it up again. . So if you use Hydrogen peroxide you must use it correctly. 2/3% for mouth rinse and gargle. I have used it for 6 months now because of broken teeth and it cleaned up the infection and the gums are nice and pink and have grown over the edge of the broken teeth so preventing infection until I save for dental work. excellent. I swallowed a mouthful once on an empty stomach and had pain for a couple of hours. A little food and extra water helped. remember it’s not a poison.. just oxygen that can dry healthy tissue if you have too much. to the extent it can harm you . 1.5% can be used to swallow for a systemic infection. flu. cold. etc. but always if your stomach or throat feel dry after swallowing just have a glass of water to dilute it some more.

  13. Neither I nor anyone I know has cancer but
    this sounds like a book which could contain important information for cancer prevention.
    Problem is that today it’s impossible to purchase from your site…one gets stuck going back and forth between the “do you want to stay on this page and do you want to leave this page”

  14. Prof,

    You have added more confusion in your explanation. Let’s reexamine your chemical equation, 2 of H2O2 = 2 of H2O +O2.

    However, the O2 in this equation is now in its’ natural state, which is a gas, so how does it get out of the body? If it gets into the bloodstream then would it not cause an embolism somewhere in the body? Or would its’ sudden appearance not cause a similar condition of the “Nitrogen bends” of divers when the Nitrogen suddenly becomes gaseous in their body from too rapid an ascent?

    The Oxygen in our blood is chemically bound by the hemoglobin so it won’t become a gas. You have to go the whole nine yards on this one and detail the chemical reaction(s) of all intermediate processes of how the Oxygen is neutralized.

    It may go over some peoplee’s heads but we need a full explanation.

    Without a lot of biochemistry I think that a released singular Oxygen atom is kept chemically bound (possibly by an enzyme before catalase) until where it goes do its damage and when finished the catalase takes over.

    Toronto, Ontario

    • Danny,
      You are right, technically.
      But this thing is already slightly out of hand. I can’t teach people chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and physics!!!!
      But there is a “need to know” here. Some explanation is warranted. I did say it was incomplete 🙂

      • Somehow your body definitely uses the oxygen safely. Many people, myself included, have had many IV ozone injections. The ozone is dissolved in oxygen. This is literally pushing a syringe full of oxygen into your vein, and no one gets hurt.


    • Yes a patient here last year was being treated with ozone and the alternate practitioner must have given way too much too quickly. she died. ??? caused an uproar. So like any natural therapy as with drugs you must know what you are doing with it. I am a nurse and many time have had to administer drugs but at a slow controlled dose. . otherwise trouble. You can buy 3% or 6% in the pharmacy for mouth wash/ rinse . cleans up infection. gingivitis . as it did for me with my broken teeth. ordinary mouth washes could not clean up the infection. 1.5% can be swallowed when you have the flu / cold. etc. helps a lot. I find it best to always follow with a glass of water. sometimes less is better. still works . just a little slower. . would be interesting to hear more details on all the actions that research has found.

    • Oxygen can and does dissolve in water and, I’m sure, also in blood – unless there’s too much. I would expect that the hemoglobin in the blood will take it in. like it dfoes in the longs, unless it’s saturated. Note the “weasel word” “unless.” I’m going by general knowledge, not specific expertise.

  15. I have discussed with doctors here, and they said this is crazy, as Hydrogen Peroxide
    normally is used only for wounds, i.e. for exterior use only, if you drink it even as the
    percentage given you will get trouble with your throat and stomach.
    I don’t know which one is correct, as I have also bought your one minute cure.
    Please clarify it, and make sure you guarantee it is OK. and will not harm the takers.
    Thank you for your kind attention and fast response.


    • No idea what you mean by “doctors here” or even where “here” is.
      It is harmless in the protocols given. Tens of thousands of people have taken it safely.
      I did not produce or sells the “one minute cure” nor do I condone such silly and misleading sales slogans.

    • I have swallowed it at 2% and had no problem when I had a viral infection 2 weeks ago. it helped with the infection to clear up much more quickly. But I always made sure I had a little food in my stomach and followed up with a glass of water. if I was careless and 4 /5 % i swallowed I quickly had to have a glass of water or two. to dilute. as I could feel it drying my throat. . The doctors you mentioned were thinking of 10% solution. far too strong to swallow. will dry you tissues. . ” NOT a chemical Poison.” just too much oxygen so if overdose give copious amounts of water to dilute it. . Just research and know what you are doing
      If giving IV great care must be taken to give slowly as an air embolus could happen. Not as dangerous as a lot of DRUGS> i’m a retired nurse.

  16. I’ve read through the questions and answers.
    Some have asked for just a yes or no answer. But when I read
    the answer, I never see the yes or no. So some of us unlearned
    in all the talk around will stay unlearned.

    • Don’t be smart Alec, Tex,
      You try replying in a way that helps thousands of people at once, from all levels of knowledge and understanding.

  17. Dear Prof,

    I have received IV infusions of Hydrogen Peroxide to help combat various stubborn health challenges over the years. I would always be sure to load up on anti-oxidants after these IV’s. Plus, would typically rotate with IV C. Personally, I found the results to be very good and several renown alternative MD’s in the US (with and without newsletters) advocate such protocols under medical administration.

    What is your position on such usage and protocols?

  18. Like others above, I am still confused about the ultimate good or not good rating that the ‘One minute Cure’ (using H2O2) would get from this theory.
    ie – does the ‘One minute Cure’ work? or does the extra ingested hydrogen peroxide increase levels of H2O2 and not O2?

    • YES : The hydrogen peroxide will release the extra oxygen when a virus. bacteria. fungi. or abnormal cell is found. this oxygen will oxidize the invader. Then the immune cells mop it all up. antioxidents. fruit etc: The Hydrogen peroxide then just becomes H2o . water. It is the oxygen that does the job. I use it very successfully for gums and broken teeth. and last week for a viral infection. which normally takes me 8 / 10 days. this time 4 / days to recover. last week I swallowed about 30 mll water with 3/4 ml of HP in it. I found it better for my stomach if I followed with a glass of water,

  19. I while back I was under the care of an alternative physician. The first thing was to put me on a nutritional IV which contained glutithione, Vit. C, B-12, minerals, and a couple of other supplements. Every other week included in the IV was H2O2 and DMSO. I have to say I was quite skeptical of the whole idea of nutritional IV but within a couple of months I felt incredible. Would the IV H2O2 have more benefits over oral use or was it irresponsible (ignorant) of the practitioner to administer H2O2 intravenously?

  20. Dear Dr. Keith…I have lost too many friends, including my father, to cancer…I APPLAUD this new theory! I’ve been studying natural cancer cures for some time now and am passing this info along to my friend Dale who was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his pelvic area. We discussed it yesterday -and he understands the value of this most logical theory . This info on catalase may very well help save his life.

    Thank you so much!

    P.S. NO chemo! Chemo Kills! 1% survival is 99% failure.

    • I can’t take this emotion on chemo Susan, There is no justification for this claim of only 1% survivors.
      Stay logical. There are 12 million cancer survivors in the US alone.
      I’ve seen it work on HUNDREDS of patients. Alternative therapies can help block the negative effects of chemo.
      I wouldn’t do it, because it is unnecessary. But I respect the right of patients to choose and always work with those who want the chemo

      • Yes chemo works. There also a number of clinics around the world who will analyze a biopsy sample and tell you what chemo to use. . Low dose chemo with high dose support of nutritionals is excellent as the chemo is not wasted by damaging the healthy body cells. esp the bone marrow. High dose chemo is the problem. How high to go. ???? I have seen healthy people with early cancer die within 3 /4 days by indiscriminate use of high dose chemo. Bleeding in the mouth / gut /bowel. Need to be more regulated and combined with antioxidants. nutritional s. etc: a major cancer hospital here in Australia is now using this protocol very successfully .

        • Bob,
          You have a lot to say here.
          You can be a guest writer, you know.
          With your consent, I’ll take each of these, strung together, to make an article.

  21. I have read “The One Minute Cure” by M. Cavanaugh. I was totally convinced, because I come from a family of cancers. I did the H2o2 regimen of the 35% H202. Not as faithful daily. But also the book from the gentleman whose wife beat the cancer from Gloucester, Ma, Cottage cheese, flax seed oil, blueberries and nuts. I make that breakfast treat as often as I can. I am a retired R.N. and totally respect the natropathic cures above drugs. Resond if you would, Jan

  22. If the immune system uses this for attacking invaders to our bodies. YES. we can use it too. But must be used correctly. too much is drying to our mucus membranes. Too little. ?? well that appears to work well just a few hours slower. But still works. If you use it for mouth rinse or for swallowing. and you find it hurts you throat Just use a more dilute amount. 1.5% if ok for swallowing. follow with a glass of water. I found is ok.
    3% used for mouth rinse. cleaned up my mouth great and cleaned up my gingivitis and the gums are growing stronger.

  23. Dear Prof. Keith I have a friend that has lung cancer. Would it be all right for him to use HP in a nebulizer and what % of a solution to use in it?


    • Dear Gene,
      You are asking me (indirectly) for a consultation here.
      It’s not allowed by law and would put me very much at risk.
      I can tell you this: I do not like to give even suggestions to cancer patients, unless they ask personally.
      I long ago gave up the folly! Otherwise I tell you, you tell them, but then the patient is not interested 🙂
      It happens.

    • Being a cowboy, instead of a doctor, I can mention what I would do with a nebulizer for lung cancer. I would personally get an ultrasonic nebulizer. I would nebulize the silver supplement Argentyn 23. I would slowly work up to 10 minutes twice a day. I would start with just 1 single breath the first day for safety, and increase from there. Silver has quite a bit of evidence for using it with cancer.

  24. Dear Prof. Keith, would you tell people here how to get (mix up) the different strenthts of hydrogen peroxide solution so they will not make a mistake and use it too strong and cause them some damage. Since it is wise to use the food grade HP that is strong enough to burn the skin or any where that it comes incontact one has to be very carefull in handling it and mixing the solution they are instructed to use.


  25. After following the protocol on H2O2 from the web site “Educate Yourself “, by Dr David Williams, for a period of just over 2 months,my hair went from slightly grey to almost all grey. Would this possibly be due to a lack of Catalase? This happened almost 3 years ago and my hair has not gone back to it’s normal dark brown. My father is 80 and has very little grey, my mothers hair didn’t turn grey till she was about mid to late 60s and my siblings ( older and younger) have almost no grey.
    I am 55, so grey wouldn’t be a real problem, but I am going to be looking for a new form of employment in about a year or so, and wish to be a desireable candidate for long term employment. Would Catalase possibily help me get back to my normal color, and is there anything I should be concerned with as far as taking it?

    • Seems like you bleached your hair from the inside John! (just a joke).
      I can’t answer any of your questions, I’m afraid. I just don’t know the answers.
      Are you against dye to keep your hair a darker grey? (you don’t have to go back to black or brown).
      Long term, I know certain nutrients, selenium, chromium and coQ10 were effective at darkening my hair.

  26. Warburg, Virchow, Suss, Shapoval and Ferromagnetic Theory of Cancer. German scientist Otto H. Warburg argued, cancer should be interpreted as a type of mitochondrial disease. German pathologist Rudolph C. Virchow remarked that no man, even under torture, could define cancer. German cancer researcher Rudolf Suss (R. Suss; V. Kinzel; J. Scribner; Cancer: Experiments and Concepts / Krebs: Experimente und Denkmodelle; Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Springer, 1970) described oncology as impassable jungle of incomparable facts and ideas; as an ocean of information. Biblical scientist Vadim I. Shapoval argues, cancer and ALS should be interpreted as intracellular superpara-ferri-ferromagnetic infections. Any human cell should be interpreted as a society of dia-, para-, superpara-, ferri- and ferromagnetic nanoparticles. These nanoparticles have certain local magnetic contacts. Any human organism consists of normal cells (cells with non-numerous superpara-, ferri- and ferromagnetic nanoparticles) and tumor cells (cells with numerous superpara-, ferri- and ferromagnetic nanoparticles). Cancer Mortality Statistics: one in three people develop cancer during their lives; over one in four people die from cancer. Intracellular molecules FeO;Fe2O3;Fe3O4 are the main ‘creators’ of intracellular superpara-, ferri- and ferromagnetic nanoparticles that can chaotically distort DNA and shift chromosomes (by local magnetic fields). Cancer is not a genetic disease. Cancer is not disease caused by errors in DNA. Oncologists must beat cancer (an iron disease) by non-complicated anti-iron methods of The Old Testament. Anti-iron intratumoral injections [sulfur (2%) + olive oil (98%); 36.6C – 39.0C] (by ceramic needles) can suppress tumors and large metastases. Anti-iron accurate slow blood loss (even 75%) [hemoglobin control], anti-iron goat’s milk diet and anti-iron drinking water containing hydrogen sulfide [many metal ions react with hydrogen sulfide to give the corresponding metal sulfides] can neutralize any micro-metastases. Molecular biological and clinical aspects of the Ferromagnetic Theory-2006 of Cancer / Carcinogenesis / Oncogenesis / Tumorigenesis (Iron Conception).

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