Pick’s disease and Shy Drager

One of my subscribers, Joanne, asked me about Pick’s disease. She has a friend with this condition. Coconut oil is helping, she says, but they are both desperate for information and solutions on this dismal condition.

Pick’s disease, is a rare neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive destruction of nerve cells in the brain. Symptoms include loss of speech (aphasia), and dementia. The disease progresses and patients often die within two to ten years.

A defining characteristic of the disease is build up of tau proteins in neurons, accumulating into silver-staining, spherical aggregations known as “Pick bodies”, after named after Arnold Pick, a professor of psychiatry from the University of Prague who first discovered and described the disease in 1892.

The symptoms of Pick’s disease include difficulty in speech and thinking, behavioral changes, impaired regulation of social conduct (e.g. breaches of etiquette, tactlessness, dis-inhibition), passivity, inertia, over-activity, pacing and wandering. The changes in personality allow doctors to distinguish between Pick’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Nobody knows the real cause but inflammation accelerates degenerative change, for sure. I never had a case but I did have some Shy Drager’s, another kind of miserable neurodegenerative condition (but worse, because the whole body is involved).

What I suggest here is good for Alzheimer’s, motor neurone disease, ALS, Pick’s and Shy Drager.

The first two are crucial:

  1. IV glutathione (has to be IV). See David Perlmutter’s site on this: http://www.brainrecovery.com
  2. Hericium erinaceus mushroom. It has a powerful nerve growth factor (grows new neurones).

Also remove inflammatory foods of all kinds, as described in my book DIET WISE. (http://www.dietwisebook.com) This is essential and I have had more “miracle” turnarounds from this one thing than any other medical treatment I know—bar NONE.

Oil is good, as Joanne found with the coconut oil. Omega-3s quell inflammation and you must stop inflammation in this person’s body as far as you can. Read Udo Erasmus’s book; it’s as good as any, even though he’s not an MD.

Wobenzym is good for quenching inflammation too. Wobenzym, as its name suggests, is an enzyme formula, brilliant at killing inflammation and digesting and mopping up the metabolites of that. It has uses, even in cancer.

If ever I start to fall apart (God forbid!), this page contains what I want done on me, whether it’s Alzheimer’s, Pick’s, Shy Drager etc.!


  1. I am a bodyworker who wants to speak to Prof Keith about the pancreas and the role of muscles related to the crushing force the muscles place on the pancreas. I have thought of this for many years and now can cure diabetes with only treating the muscles which reduce the blood, lymph, &/or the nerve conduction to the pancreas and it stops or reduces production insulin. I am CERTAIN that this same bodywork approach will restore the pancreas ability to producing the protective enzymes! I wish to speak to Dr. Keith before I contact Dr Gonzalez or Dr Issacs. I have two of doctor Gonzalez patients as my clients and this is how I found out about this concept of pancreatic enzymes.
    Please let me know. My phone # 713-875-7541
    Thanks so much
    Kenny Owens Wellness Pioneer

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