Silent inflammation is killing you

Inflammation where? All over your body, of course.

But guess what:

Most of it is below the belt: it’s in your belly!

Science has now come up with the latest understanding of what lies behind heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, aging and even cancer… It’s fire in your belly, causing extensive and damaging inflammation. (inflammation is the Latin word for fire).

Hippocrates was right: he said “all diseases start in the intestines”. Well, my amazing new investigation has put together the full story for you.

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Inflammation, the number one disease mechanism, that leads to aging and decay, is like a fire: it’s hot, it consumes our tissues, it lays waste the body, just like a wildfire.

Only now is it emerging just how widespread and damaging inflammation really is. And it’s the fastest aging mechanism of all.

To stay young and healthy for an extra 20 years, you need to learn about this new information and how to block it.

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PS. Learn what your “forgotten organ” is and why neglecting it could age and kill you years before your time.

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