The End Of Toxic Cancer Therapies In Sight

I have been saying for years that, despite the Cancer Mafia, there are good people out there, looking for real answers. Not every doctor is a crook nor every scientist in the pocket of Big Pharma.

Even so, I was gobsmacked when I read the words of an orthodox oncologist saying, in effect, cancer biology can be derailed and beaten with a fully-functioning immune system!

Jedd Wolchok of the Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, who led the trial just published—and which will likely set the medical world ablaze—remarked that these new antibody therapies treat the patient, not the tumor. Oh my! You could have knocked me over with a copy of the Journal Of Clinical Oncology!

It’s true be have been edging towards this for many years. One of the approaches I mentioned in my “Cancer Research Secrets” book used antibody tagged chemo, to get it directly to the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched.

But this is light years better: no chemo at all; no radiation therapy; no surgery. Just clever interactions with wise old Momma Nature! Whoopee! We’re getting there… and not before time.

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  1. Dr.Keith, I cured myself of cancer without drugs or even supplements ( not known of or available then) over 45 years ago using self healing methods.
    My Mind Mastery Course evolved from that process. Two years ago my eldest daughter who is mentally and physically impaired was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer. We refused chemotherapy and instead used supplements to enhance her immune system, and known herbal cancer killing products, and of course hypnosis and visualization to promote the destruction of cancer and support the immune process. She has been cancer free for 18 months.
    I’m always thrilled when someone of your education and caliber speaks out against the often destructive traditional approaches, and offers alternative healing methods. Thanks to doctors like yourself, people will be wiser and able to choose their medicine.
    Sincerely, Elaine Kissel PHD

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