Unscientific Vaccination

Recently I was approached by a researcher and asked some broad questions about childhood vaccinations and their consequences. It’s not very efficient to write for just one reader, so I thought I would share it with the many.

Here’s my response:

My opinion overall is that childhood vaccinations are over rated. We are used to fudging of side effects and overstating the protective effect, so it’s hard to accept the overall supposed social value.

There are several obvious problems.

First, mother gives the typical child plenty of antibodies for the first few months and to blunder in with vaccinations before the 6th month is pretty unscientific.

Secondly, the “schedule” recommended has clearly more to do with making Pharma profits than actual scientifically justifiable needs (many other countries do not administer anywhere near the number of shots that US kids get). It is possible to well protect a child with far fewer shots.

I think there is every reason to be extremely wary that vaccinations can cause neurological inflammations and possibly autism. For me, it was one of those clinical things: you know, after the 25th Mom comes in and says “Well, he was fine till has vaccinations and then started to go backwards in development…” you begin to realize there is a pattern building up. That’s how discoveries start.

But note that I do not and never have believed that mercury is the problem. I think it’s the organisms and almost certainly the measles virus. I cite Andrew Wakefield’s work and point out that the accusations against him have been proven false, over and over. But orthodoxy will not admit they were wrong: clearly driven by desire to protect the industry, not the children.

I do not believe that parents should be advised to avoid having their children vaccinated. With a sensible schedule, I have no problem that vaccination has value, if that’s what the parents want. But parents MUST have the final say, not public employee bullies.

Furthermore, there MUST be provision for variations in the schedule. Some children have health challenges and should NOT be vaccinated, until healthy. The “one size fits all” approach is dangerous, stupid, unscientific and what’s more outside current FDA guidelines, which states clearly there must be “personalized medicine” (testing before administering any medication). This FDA ordnance dates from 2006/7 (can’t remember). Everyone is ignoring that.

To prevent adverse reactions to vaccines, I think we could all learn from Archie Kalokerinos’ work with Australian aboriginal children and make sure that every child is well dosed with vitamin C just before a vaccination. You might find this review of his work useful:


I hope that’s enough for you to chew on!

Protecting children from autism will only become possible when we know the real cause. We don’t!

On a personal note, I protected my children with homeopathic doses. It has a good history (documented) and is very safe. It’s really the same principle as vaccination: a tiny dose to pre-prepare the body’s defenses.

I hope that’s enough for you to chew on!


  1. I think it’s interesting to think that you can inject a tiny child from birth (Hep B), with a cocktail full of different viruses, neurotoxins (formaldehyde – a known carcinogen, aluminium, mercury etc) and not expect them to have neurotoxic damage. I am not a homeopath but am very interested. I saw the feedback from a doctor in the slums of Calcutta (lack of sanitation, lack of nutrition in the kids), who found homeopathic prophylactic pertussis was 90-95% effective against whooping cough in this population. The 2010 outbreak of whooping cough in California showed that 80% of the sufferers had been conventionally vaccinated, 8% had not. Hmmmm…..?

  2. Still no substantial scientific evidence to prove a link between autism and the triple vaccine. Using spurious and tiny samples in specific populations adds nothing to the argument.
    As the MMR debate rumbles on, take it from a Nurse that you only have to witness a child dying from measles once to know for certain that all children shoul dbe vaccinated. Misinformed comments on pages like just feed into the hyseria.

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