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“At present, intelligent people do not have their children vaccinated, nor does the law now compel them to. The result is not, as the Jennerians prophesied, the extermination of the human race by smallpox; on the contrary more people are now killed by vaccination than by smallpox.”

George Bernard Shaw (August 9, 1944, the Irish Times)

Maybe read this first – please!
Dispelling Vaccination Myths (booklet) by Rev. Alan Phillips


6 reasons to question vaccination and 10 reasons to say “No”
16 Reasons not to get vaccinated
If you feel you must do it, what is the safest schedule for your child?
Use a homeopathic approach instead

Get an exemption to mandatory vaccination

At you can find state exemption laws. Some states require a religious exemption and do not recognize philosophical exemptions. Your doctor will be very unhappy about this and probably try to bluster you.

To avoid vaccination using a religious exemption, people may join the non-denominational Church of Universal Wisdom. You don’t have to convert to another religion to do it. Got to or contact Walter P. Schilling, DC at to find out more for yourselves and your patients.


Read how the scientific/medical profession is running rings round the truth; read these 12 killers ploys that are used against sensible alternatives and new discoveries which threaten the business status quo.

Ploy 1. Lower the risk by failing to fully report vaccine damage
Ploy 2. Secrecy
Ploy 3. Junk Science
Ploy 4. Lies and Statistics
Ploy 5. Fear mongering
Ploy 6. Pass inhibiting laws
Ploy 7. Outlaw the opposition
Ploy 8. The Voice of Authority
Ploy. 9. Scorn and Derision
Ploy 10. If all else fails.. Resort to bullying
Ploy 11. Arrogant Indifference and Inaction
Ploy 12. Fudge it

read PLOYS!

I Doubleday Dare you!

Will any licensed MD take up Jock Doubleday’s offer, now standing at over $100,000, to allow him or herself to be injected with mercury and other vaccine ingredients? The catch is that the measured dose has to be scaled up to adult doses, equivalent to what is injected “safely” into little bodies! read the Jack Doubleday vaccine dare to MDs

Is Doubleday kidding? Make up your own mind.


Many decent and caring doctors are opposed to vaccination, on good grounds too:

Other leading critics of the system:

The Vaccines

Influenza vaccine linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome


UPPA test shows mercury poisoning in autistic children

Miscellaneous, Startling..

Interview with a former vaccine manufacturing employee

Plain EVIL

attack on Dr Andrew Wakefield

Russell Blalock comments on the attack

Now Some Good News

Vaccination works and preventable deaths dramatically lowered.
CDC claims vaccination is the reason.


Contact groups –

Organizations to help falsely accused loving families of child abuse whose babies were damaged by vaccines.


  • Vaccination Liberation is a national association dedicated to providing information on vaccinations not often made available to the public so that one can make an informed choice.
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome Truth Foundation Shaken Baby Syndrome Truth Foundation represents a cutting-edge group of physicians, medical researchers, bio-mechanical engineers, legal authorities and falsely accused who believe that Shaken Baby Syndrome is often an incorrect medical diagnosis leading to false allegations. Often the hype from victim advocacy groups and the media results in innocent persons who are falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome, incorrectly prosecuted and jailed. Their mission is to seek the truth in alleged cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome and to ensure that the public does not fall prey to inaccurate medical diagnosis, sloppy investigative techniques and mean-spirited prosecutors.
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome bibliography Read the latest articles concerning causes for subdural and retinal bleeding in children.
  • Without your voice, there is no choice! Citizens For Health is a free, grassroots, consumer advocacy group that champions public policies empowering individuals to make informed health choices. Let your voice be heard!
  • CPS Watch (Child Protective Services Watch) Currently, CPS Watch has thousands of members in all 50 states and Canada. Members of CPS Watch come from very diverse backgrounds; parents, step parents, foster caregivers, social workers, attorneys and even judges make up the membership of CPS Watch. All are concerned about the manner in which CPS agencies are treating families.
  • A Voice for Children helps parents who are FALSELY ACCUSED of child abuse, lobbies for Civil Rights, and the ELIMINATION of corrupt officials, judges, bureaucrats. Pamela and Will Gaston are highly involved in “Rattling the Gates of Hell” of the bureaucratic and judicial corruption in the state of Oregon. We support Measure 1 to overturn Oregon Constitution Article VII (amended) and restoring the original. 
  • American Family Rights Association is the national association of children’s, mothers, fathers, parents, family, justice, freedom advocates. OPPOSES the insertion of the coercive power of government into the FAMILY. We oppose false allegations, malicious prosecution, anonymous reporters, and the denial of Civil Rights and Miranda Rights to the accused. We oppose the denial of Civil Rights to children, and government presumption that they know what is “In the best interest of the child”, and anything government does to children is unquestionable. We oppose immunity and impunity of CPS Social Workers, law enforcement officers, and judges from being held accountable for deliberate wrong-doing and corruption. As parents- We have the right, guaranteed by law and the Constitution to make our own choices in our relationships and marriages; birthing and raising our children; instilling our own values into our children; controlling our children’s education, health, and discipline; controlling what social values we chose to accept, or not, for ourselves and our children, without coercive governmental intervention and control.


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