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From the Desk of Keith Scott-Mumby

Well, as you can see in the video screenshot above, I’m wearing yet another electronic toy gizmo. This one has to do with improving and restoring brain function.

I’ll explain more about it in a little bit.

Unlike some of the other devices I’ve demonstrated, this is not laser light, this is just ordinary incoherent light from light-emitting diodes, in fact infrared light. It actually represents a whole new breakthrough healing and medical treatment paradigm, we call it photobiomodulation. That’s the posh word.

You might have come across it as low level laser therapy, various other modalities.

Photobiolmodulation just means light as it affects life, and modulating it means we use it to change biological functions.

Now, this particular type of treatment I’m going to share with you, like a lot of amazing medical breakthrough discoveries, was actually a total accident.

It came by surprise.

A Hungarian doctor working in Budapest, his name is Endre Nester, was trying to induce skin cancer in rats, and he was shaving the skin and then shining red light and laser light to see if he could actually create enough damage to cause cancerous tissue.

Well, actually, he used controls and then proper red light and then noticed something amazing. Those that got the red light, their hair grew back twice as fast.

So, fast forward a few months or a few years, and it became established that red light, or light that’s close to that, what we call the near infrared spectrum, is actually very healing and very stimulating biologically.

This light can be used for all kinds of positive health treatments, not least of which is brain conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injury and more.

It’s all very exciting, so keep reading as I walk you through it.

What you see in the above video on my head, is the transmission unit and there is a simple small control unit.

It’s yet another version of the surge of electronic health gizmos that we’re seeing. I predicted all of this, some of you may know, way back in 1999, my book Virtual Medicine. I said this is the way it’s going to go!

Western energy medicine is not going to be funny Chinese stuff with four rivers and seven winds of heaven and all sorts of strange names. It’s going to be Western electronic brilliance, scientific technical brilliance. I could boast easily that this is coming true in spades. But that’s what the West seems to be able to do. It’s real energy medicine. We are not using “stuff”.

We’re using energetic transfers, in this case, light. And light is found to be really a rather remarkable thing.

You might think light has the possibility of destroying things, such as killing bacteria and cancer cells and so on, and that will come in its time, but as I said, what’s really emerged very recently, is that light has tremendous power for healing and beneficial transformation.

I’m talking now about light in particular. Now, the light is not surprising. Light is life.

Light, Life, and Your Mitochondria

As I said in my latest book, Medicine Beyond…Life, or the electromagnetic spectrum, anyway, and life go together.

Light is just one small snippet of the electromagnetic spectrum. It just happens to be curiously unique in that it helps life and favors us.

Whereas some of the other wavelengths like x-rays and gamma rays are very deadly, microwaves are not good for us, they fry us, and it’s even emerged that radio waves and longer wavelengths and higher frequencies are actually not very good for us.

But this little band, called visible light, and right next to it is called near infrared, as the wavelength of light lengthens, you end up with red light. Just beyond that is infrared, and that means beyond the red, of course, and that’s heat or warmth. So, warmth and light are the two things we need, and sure enough, that’s what kicks off. And this works really well. It’s an amazing breakthrough.

There’s a famous saying by David Bohm, who was one of the most beloved physicists in the 20th century. He said, “We are frozen light.” That’s the definition of life.

In fact, in a way, it’s the definition of matter, too. It’s all sort of frozen light if you think of Einstein’s famous equation, e=MC2. Anyway, let’s look at the life story, the biology story.

Let’s start with the mitochondria.

Mitochondria are particularly adept at picking up the beneficial energies of light. They have an enzyme system called cytochrome oxidase, and this absorbs light energies and it can deliver back to the cell as ATP, adenosine triphosphate. You’ve probably heard of this.

ATP is the sort of major biological fuel, if you like, the gasoline in our tanks. So, it helps charge up our little basic organelles, the mitochondria.

There’s also another very interesting positive development when you use light in this way, which is that it can stimulate the release of nitric oxide.

Now, you’ve probably heard of this. Nitric oxide is a big buzz thing right now, especially to do with erectile dysfunction. One of the ways that the blue pill, Cialis and Viagra and these things work, is by restoring nitric oxide levels.

You see, nitric oxide will dilate blood vessels, meaning more blood flow. More blood flow to the genitals means a better erection. But of course, more blood flow also applies to the brain, too.

If you get more blood flow to the brain, you get more nutrients, more oxygen, more toxins are taken away faster. It’s really good.

It’s like a major improvement in the plumbing system.

So now what’s happening is you’ve got a lot of people who are peddling ways of introducing or increasing nitric oxide, like l-arginine is an example.

However, there’s something they don’t know, you may not know, which is that, actually, if nitric oxide just sits there in the cells, that’s not good. It will block the respiratory pathways.

That’s not a good idea because the respiratory pathway is the sort of electronic nutrition chain. I’m sure that these people selling you stuff probably wouldn’t want you to know, even. But it’s important.

I’m telling you this because, the device like the one I’m wearing, produces infrared light, and it’s this type of light and infrared light, that actually releases the nitric oxide from the cells.

It’s only then the body is able to produce all those good benefits. But as I said, without some means of releasing it from the cell, you’re more likely to clog things than do any good, actually.

One of the important developments is the use of this in restoring brain tissue. Nobody, I think, can really pretend that we understand Alzheimer’s disease.

Conventional doctors think it’s all cut and dried. It’s neurofibrillary tangles, it’s amyloid plaques, therefore they cause it, but hang on a minute. That’s nonsense science.

There’s a very good scientific reason for thinking that one of the causative agents might be the Herpes virus. Amyloid plaques could be part of an inflammatory process that’s holding back the virus. So, in other words, amyloid plaques are not a cause of anything. They’re simply markers of something going on, you know, like a red warning light comes on in the dashboard of your car, that’s a warning. Maybe amyloid plaque is really just a warning. It’s a biomarker for the disease.

So, to just try and knock out the amyloid plaques like the pharmaceutical industry’s obsessed with doing, might be just like blanking out the warning light on your car. It’s not going to do the car any good, and of course the engine isn’t going to last very long if you just ignore the warning signs and blank it out. This is not very clever.

Anyway, restoring brain tissue, of course, has many applications other than just Alzheimer’s, as I’m going to tell you about in a minute.

There are other diseases of concern, not the least which is Parkinson’s Disease, but you know, autism and multiple sclerosis, there are a number of diseases with physical changes in the brain, and maybe we can help restore that, too.

What we are finding, and there’s lots of science coming out now, is if we administer red or near infrared light, that brain cells are able to take on the healing process. They can help themselves. They can even regenerate.

I’d love for you to watch the video above, if you don’t want to watch the whole video just start it at the 9 minute 47 second mark and watch this carefully, it’s really inspiring!

Okay, well, I hope you found that fascinating like I did.

And that was against the background of the fact that only very few years ago, the correct orthodox teaching was that you can’t regenerate brain cells; you only get so many and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever; they’re dead, you’re finished. You get senile, old and foolish and you’re done!

This shows a disgusting lack of understanding on the part of doctors and scientists and biologists.

Nature can actually heal anything. She has formidable powers of recovery. And there was absolutely no reason to make this claim that well, it doesn’t apply to nerve tissue. Why not?

Nerve cells are not that different from any other cell, really. They have their mitochondria, and they too are able to... well, you’ve just watched the proof, so I don’t think I need to labor the point.

So, How Do We Administer This Beneficial Light?

We’re specifically talking red light and near infrared light. These are the biologically friendly wavelengths that stimulate and support healing.

Dr. Anita Saltmarsh in Toronto, and Dr. Michael Hamblin at Harvard University were able to show that this kind of light at this particular wavelength will pass easily through the skull.

The bones of the skull are relatively transparent, so you’ve probably come across the term transcranial stimulation, or transcranial light therapy, meaning shining it through the cranium. The cranium is this kind of boxy part that holds the brain, as opposed to the other parts of the skull. This is very important.

So, how do we administer it?

Well, we use LED arrays, like this, or in this case, I’ve got an LED shining into my nasal passages.

How does that work? Well, in fact, the nasal passages are extremely richly supplied with blood vessels. I’ve got a diagrammatic in the video above starting at the 14:00 minute mark to show you.

There are more capillaries per square centimeter in the nasal passage area and the back of the throat, the pharynx, than in any other part of the body.

And in fact, so much blood circulates through that part of the body, you’ve only got to irradiate it with red light for about 20 minutes, or have a red light source up your nostril for about 20 minutes.

That means all the blood has gone past at least once, and all been irradiated. So that’s good. So that will carry this healing energy modality to the brain.

But we’re also shining light directly through this array of LEDs. They are quite bright and they will shine light into the skull and not just onto the skull. It’s not invasive at all.

It’s just clad on the outside of your head, fairly comfortable. It’s a very inexpensive and efficient way to administer these things.

You’ll be surprised when we come to the cost of these things, if you want to get one. I mean, compared to the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars that you’d be spending in a hospital situation for that really fancy equipment, these things are very affordable.

You can even have one at home! you can treat yourself on a daily basis.

In fact, we don’t recommend it quite that often, every couple of days is good, we don’t want to push healing too fast, but you know, you can just do it for yourself, so that makes it very, very inexpensive!

Now, this can be used for a whole range of conditions.

Alzheimer’s I’ve talked about, and there’s clear science and evidence and case histories of people who’ve been benefited very considerably by this.

Why You Don’t Want Your Brain To Go In Default Mode!

But also, there are other diseases where brain function is affected. Let me tell you for a minute about what we call a default brain function.

That’s when you stop thinking—well, you can’t stop thinking, but when things go quiet and you’re not using your brain actively, it moves into what we call default mode.

The brain won’t go to sleep and it won’t go unconscious, you know, the brain is doing something all the time, even when you’re fast asleep, the brain is quite active. It’s just producing a different kind of waveform, delta waves.

In this default mode, there’s a whole network of nodes and junctions that kick in when the brain settles down into default mode.

What’s really interesting, and nobody can explain this yet, and I can’t explain it but I find it fascinating, is that the Alzheimer’s plaques all form around these default mode nodes, the little hubs where the network springs out from and that’s significant!

But also, the default network it goes on the blink, or is dysfunctional, to use the correct medical term, in a whole range of diseases, not just Alzheimer’s, but Parkinson’s Disease, autism, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, and even depression, so there’s potential healing for this whole range of things. Anything with brain damage.

So, we’ve got physical brain damage, or PTSD, and in fact, people have been injured, they’ve had blows to the head, boxers and sports people would come to mind, people injured in automobile accidents. This has something very strong to say to them as well.

In fact, I want you to just watch this short video above now it’s at the 18:07 minute mark (screenshot), by Dr. Margaret Nasser from Boston University, and she’s going to tell you about some remarkable recoveries using exactly this kind of technology that I’ve been talking to you about. Okay, check it out.

If you don’t want to watch it, then just keep reading:

“The first patient, a big car hit her from behind in her smaller car, and the driver of that car was going about 55 miles an hour and was focused on a green light a block away, but failed to see the red light where she was stopped. This woman was highly educated, she taught at university in New York, had basically a whiplash traumatic brain injury. She had been a professor teaching web design. She had to resign all her professional work for six years. The longest she could work on a computer was 20 minutes. She had been through all sorts of cognitive rehabilitation therapy programs, so she had her first treatment.

“When we treat traumatic brain injury we apply the light-emitting diode cluster heads, and we place them all over the head. We do six at a time, about ten minutes per placement, and there’s two sets of placements in order to cover the whole head. And, we treat every 48 hours during the week, so outpatient treatments, they come in, it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and we do that for six weeks, and then we test.

“She went to her computer, and she could work on her computer for 40 minutes. Now that was twice what she had done for the preceding six years. Then she kept going back once a week, and after eight weeks, that would be two months, she could work on her computer for two hours. So, she was so happy, because she’s basically described as ‘I got my brain back.’

“Another traumatic brain injury case who we’ve been able to help quite a bit was a gentleman who, through a work-related accident, was actually pulled into a blast furnace. He got a lot of facial trauma and broken bones in the face, and then for two years after this accident, he had a lot of problems thinking and problems with cognition and problems with memory. So, we treated him with our treatment program, transcranial treatment program, and he was treated Monday, Wednesday, Friday for six weeks, and then we tested him at the sixth week, and there was again, significant improvement in executive function and in verbal memory. But the most striking finding for him was, he was so grateful that after three weeks of the LED treatments to his head, he no longer had recurring nightmares of the accident, where he had been pulled into the blast furnace. And that had been going on for two years.”

  • Dr. Margaret Nasser from Boston University

Okay, well I’m sure by now you want to know how to get one of these.

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VieLight Neuro Alpha Product Features


I’ve got one, this is mine, I use it personally, and I like to think of myself growing new brain cells. They’re pretty useful, I’ve certainly beat up the ones I’ve got heavily with brainstorming and, I’m a very powerfully intellectual person that spends a lot of time inside my head working things out.

I enjoy living in my head, I have a wonderful time, but my wife Vivien often notices that my brain, or my head, gets hot there’s so much brain activity!

You probably know that we use 25 to 30 percent of our oxygen and body’s energy sources are actually needed for the brain. I suspect in my case it might be even more.

Anyway, whether you’ve got PTSD, brain damage, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or you just want to head off aging for as long as you possibly can, which is why I’m using it, you want one of these!

This is the best on the market, it’s produced by the people that do the Vielight, which is quite brilliant, and a lot of people have good stories with that. Lou Lemm, the developer and researcher is up in Canada, he’s an amazing character, and he takes all this work very seriously, and I think he’s done a tremendous powerful lot of good for mankind, making this sort of thing available.

However, I just want to tell you this and I mean it very seriously:

If you live in the USA, now I don’t want to make this sound a bit salesy, you know how they try and get you by saying, “Well, it’s only available for the next seven days, otherwise you’re screwed.” I’m not saying that, but I’m just saying if you’re interested, I think you should get one soon.

Because this is so good that the USA people are faced with a very real possibility the FDA is going to block it!

The pharmaceutical industry, which is making billions selling worthless drugs, supposedly to treat Alzheimer’s—they don’t do anything, they’re a waste of time, and a waste of money pedaled with fake science.

But you know, with a device like this that works so—how fast?

It works on the first treatment. On the first treatment, you can see changes in the brain scan and the person feels different. Of course, the changes and improvements are not confined to just one session.

You keep doing it, twice a week would be good, or every second day, as I say, if you’re in a hurry to get significant improvement, but I mean, that’s how good it is. It’s fast and positive.

There’s no way the pharmaceutical industry is going to be happy about this. It’s serious competition for less than a couple of thousand dollars for ten years’ worth.

How much do you think a person’s going to spend on drugs? So, I’m saying only the people in the U.S. of course, and I’m not trying to do a sales tease, there’s a serious reason to get a move on and get one now.

For the rest of the world, you’re fine. The FDA doesn’t interfere with your rights to good health and your rights to take and choose whatever kind of medicine that you like or you think is comfortable and convenient to your body.

I’m thrilled to share this knowledge with you, and sharing what is an amazing new device, particularly for people in my age group, you know, 60 plus. I’ve joined the 70 plus not long ago! Still pretty active, holding onto it!

But a device like this is very good for us boomers, as we grow older, well, as we don’t want to grow older.

Let’s look after our brain, because let’s face it. Most of our being and our engagement life comes via our brain. Your brain is kind of the smart phone with which you communicate with your memories and thoughts and so on. The brain is important, and here we are with a great new healing modality, photobiological modulation. So, click the link below and get yours now!

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