Discover Exclusive Natural Pain Relief Products Now

Here you can get yourself several of the devices mention in my book The Ultimate Guide To Natural Pain Relief, at favorable prices.

All are guaranteed fully refundable for 30 days (or more), plenty of time to ensure they work well for you.

The Kasina

This kit is the Rolls-Royce of brain entrainment devices. It delivers superb audio and visual quality, using binaural beats, mood music and flickering light (photo-following) technology, to reduce your brainwaves down to calming, soothing and healing alpha and theta frequencies.

The are several groups of entrainment materials:

  • Getting to sleep
  • Waking up!
  • Recovery from fatigue and exertion
  • Trance (deep meditative states, on the borders between sleep and unconsciousness)
  • Mind Art—lots of wild, exciting tracks, with powerful mind-shift possibilities

Dr. Keith Tracks

We have chosen this device for its excellent build quality, the fact you don’t have to buy tracks for an additional cost and it will accept my acclaimed “creative mind walks”, such as Journey to Atlantis, Tour of The Universe, Visit to Avalon and Contact with Gaia.

It’s a simple device to manage your tracks with; you just hook it up to your computer (USB) and treat the Kasina like an external hard drive or jump drive. Load and unload as many tracks as you like. Use your own MP3s!

It even comes with software, to create your own moods and tracks.

As I said, the Rolls-Royce in this line of equipment. Yet very reasonable.

$360.00 but with the coupon code: PAINGUIDE you can reduce that to $335.00, plus S&H.

U.S. & Canada

Price: $360.00 + $18.95 S&H

For International Orders

Price: $360.00 + $48.95 S&H

VieLight: 633 Red (the LED Model)

After a lot of searching around, I decided on the VieLight as your best possible option for self-administration of life-saving light therapy (phototherapy). I own one, which I use almost every day, even though I do not suffer from pain.

As well as lowering inflammation and pain conditions, it reduces blood viscosity in a remarkable way, which means thinner blood and less likelihood of a heart attack.

What’s more, if you are taking nutrients and looking after yourself, you don’t want the problem of thick, sluggish blood to prevent these nutrients getting to where they belong (very important for those fighting cancer). Thinner blood means more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

The great thing about this device is that by shining healing light directly up your nostril, it’s as good as intravenous perfusion.

Quite a lot of blood goes through the nasal cavities; more than enough to ensure full blood perfusion in about half an hour.

You wear this device for a 25-minute session and you can find relief from a remarkable number of painful, inflammatory conditions, from auto-immune disease to cancer; arthritis to toothache!

Read more here… Or you can place your order below.

U.S. & Canada

Price: $299.00 + $8.75 S&H

For International Orders

Price: $299.00 + $28.95 S&H

The Avazzia Life

Avazzialife are the world leaders in non-invasive pain resolution. Differing from other companies that only offer “Pain Management”, this new micro current high voltage biofeedback technology is an easy alternative to NSAIDs, COX Inhibitors and harmful narcotic drugs.

Whatever you have read about the brilliant SCENAR can apply equally well to the US-made Avazzialife.

It’s a brilliant hand-held device, capable of rapidly healing sports injuries, back pains, fractures, toothache, headaches and irritable bowel disease (as well as pre-menstrual tension, scalds, burns and post-surgical complications).

Click the link below and get yours now.

U.S. & Canada

Price: $1250.00
+ $13.95 S&H

For International Orders

Price: $1250.00
+ $65.00 S&H

The Avazzia Life – Pro Sport III Kit The Only Choice for Health Professionals

“I do believe that Avazzia has really outdone the Russians, with their wide range of features and superb build quality.

The port on the side of the device accepts options such as a SCALAR wave device or a PEMF device or, soon to come, and LED device.”

The Pro Sport III contains 53 different Algorithms and is completely programmable by the operator, using frequencies from 1/2 Hz to 1560 Hz.

Once you have selected the frequency of choice, then you can add such things as (pulses) for better pain control, damping, modulation, Z interval (gap width between your pulses).

When completed you can now put your created program into one of 4 banks that you would keep for your favorite set of newly created programs.

The Avazzia Pro Sport III Kit contains the following:

  • Avazzia Pro Sport III device
  • Deluxe carry case
  • Y Probe
  • Comb
  • Pencil
  • Conductive pads
  • Lead wires
  • Batteries

Click the link below and get yours now.

U.S. Orders

Price: $4,295.00
+ $12.99 S&H

Canadian Orders

Price: $4,295.00
+ $35.00 S&H

For International Orders

Price: $4,295.00
+ $90.00 S&H

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