Latest protection from EMF dangers

The latest and best idea to protect ourselves from dangerous EMF raditaion, such as cell phones and “smart” meters, is to transform them to something more biologically friendly.

But could it work? A European consortium reckon they have got it taped.

Listen here to me host a teleclass trying to get across this point:



  1. HAVE YOU RESEARCHED Ethyl Starbard’s Polarity pillows and her other devices for neutralizing Bad Energies? She was working from a Ranch in California and
    had remarkable results in neutralizing bad frequencies.
    She was working in the 1980’s and may not be alive any more.
    She would protect a whole property from bad ray’s
    She also would get rain on her property when all around her had drought .
    Are you also familiar with Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator?
    please respond,



    • Where can I find info on Ethyl Starbard? and her pillows? When I googled her, you came up again.
      Many thanks

  2. Hello Dr Scott-Mumby, and everyone else out there!

    I have bought and read most of your books and also read most of your newsletters for the past few years, and I have to say that I am impressed with everything you do and say. Thank you so much for enlightening me in a lot of areas. But with the EMF issue there is one thing I don´t understand. OK I understand that there are huge problems with electromagnetic fields and the fact that we humans are not compatible with the onslaught of this bombardment of EMF. This must have caught the attention of the manufacturers of the related equipment as well. They are surely struggling with the public opinion and therefore trying to find ways to mitigate the problems with EMF, or otherwise they are complete morons, which I will not believe. The technology at hand in the way of Floww , and other competitor’s products, such as BioPro can’t be that expensive to include in the equipment to begin with, especially when made in China. We are talking about a few percent higher manufacturing cost, at the highest. End of problem, everyone happy. They could even dwell on how responsible they are and be more profitable just as those selling free ranging organic eggs, or fair trade bananas. I know the world is pretty wicked, but don’t say that the manufacturers of mobile phones and other electronic equipment have an interest in harming us more than necessary. I am ready to believe that about the medical industry as they will make more profit on us in sickness than in health, but I cannot see the same mechanisms in the field of electronic technology.

    Best Regards,

    Allan Lindberg, Sweden

    • Allan, you made a very valid point there. Would Dr. Keith please answer for our benefits? Thank you.

    • Allan, I am not as sanguine as you.
      The history of the cell phone industry is one of lies and more lies.
      They have not the least scruple and I am sure they will fight for every last dollar, till they go down in a hail of bullets.
      Please examine, for example, their conduct with the Interphone studies. If you believe their “science”, a cell phone protects you from radiation dangers.
      You can pick up the trail of facts from my friend Camilla Rees’s website
      Oh, just in case you think I ducked the actual question: they will never admit liability, the lawsuits would follow like a windstorm.

  3. Dr. Keith, most interesting interview!Who were you interviewing? His name–I could not catch it with the audio quality.Does he have a website?Could you please drop a note to my e mail address?.

  4. Dear Prof Keith,
    Love your information, love your mind and thank you profusely for all the useful info.
    Very interesting, especially as I have just been told that my electricity meter is in fact an older type smart (read – stupid) meter.
    I have a question that’s bothering me which I hope you will answer.
    I was somewhat dismayed to hear you make the remarks regarding the harmful energies from Earth and would like to hear more regarding the shielding of Earth’s energies.
    I have heard that it is only because of the resonance/frequency coming from Earth that it is possible for us to live here on Earth in these body vehicles. Apparently it was found that astronauts that have spent any length of time away from Earth were found to have challenges with their organs breaking down. Same also with people living in high-rise buildings that come down rarely . I have also heard it said (mainly by the people selling grounding equipment) that we need to spend as much time walking on Earth with our shoes off as possible in order to replace the disharmonious energies and fill up with Earth’s benevolent energies.
    It has occurred to me that if the Floww’s and like technology does what it says it does, it would also shield us from benevolent energies as well.
    Would you please elucidate this for the benefit of our organs.
    Thanks again

    • Schumann waves are important. I’m not sure lack leads to organ breakdown. But are used to living in this benevolent frequency.
      The story about astronauts is one of those urban legends that goes on and on.
      I spoke with a guy from NASA at one of my keynotes and he said: it’s absolutely untrue.
      They did NOT need to supply artificial “Earth waves” of the Schumann type.

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