Heart disease remains the #1 killer in the world. For decades, cardiovascular disease has claimed the lives of hundreds of millions globally while scientists scramble to unravel the mysteries surrounding the human body. Every year, new information comes to light about our critical organs, how our bodies work, and what we can do to protect […]


    Who is living the perfect life? Nobody, for sure. I’m not. But I’m working all the time on improving my life a lot and I think that’s something we should all be doing. It’s NEVER too late to learn how to better your life! I read a marvelous story of a guy who graduated Oxford […]


    Anyone who doesn’t refer to the obesity rates in the Western hemisphere as an epidemic has not been paying attention. As of 2012, more than two-thirds of American adults are considered overweight or obese. The dangers of obesity can no longer be ignored and they should not be molded into something they are not. It is […]


    I got an interesting piece in my inbox from MedScape this morning (Who Believes That Medical Error Is the Third Leading Cause of Hospital Deaths? May 26, 2016)… Readers may be aware of the absolute furor generated by a recent (2016) article in the British Medical Journal: Medical error-the third leading cause of death in […]


    (It’s SAD for a reason…ha pun.) There’s nothing more frightening to so many of us as the threat of losing brain function. While I avoid dwelling on what “could happen” in regards to my cognition, I definitely examine the risk factors for Alzheimer’s and strongly guard against them. Currently, more than 46 million people have […]


    Last week I promised you more on the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease being caused by a microbial infection (“Can You Catch Dementia” 3 Jun 2016). Even so, I was surprised by the serendipity of reading an article on this exact topic in my New Scientist today (4 Jun 2016, vol 230 No 3076). In addition […]


    Gallstones are hard deposits that form in your gallbladder when there is an imbalance in the substances that form bile. Cholesterol, bile salts, and bilirubin (the waste material formed as your red blood cells break down) are the building blocks of bile. As the liver produces bile, it’s stored in this small organ. In the […]


    Science says probably yes. We are beginning to understand that many chronic health problems are, in truth, caused by hidden infections. This renders some of the old “explanations” obsolete and defective. For example, it is now known that a great deal of arthritic trouble comes from bacterial infections in the troubled joints. It is NOT […]


    Natural Pain Relievers in 5 Herbs & Spices

    When you suffer from chronic pain, it’s hard to focus on anything else. All the areas of your life feel the impact of pain that never ends. From your sleep to your ability to work to relationships with your loved ones…pain colors all of it with a broad brush. Chronic pain can be the result […]

    The Importance of Vitamin B12 – A Study For Boomers and Boppers

    (what are boppers?—OK I just brought it in to mean: people not as old as us boomers!) One of my favorite medical institutes in the world is the Karolinska in Stockholm, Sweden. Viv and I were there only last year! The reason they command a lot of my respect is they are paid by the […]

    Just About The Most Powerful Medicines Known

    Those of you who have read my book Cancer Research Secrets will know I am a big supporter of beta-glucans. They are among the most powerful remedial medicines known. There was a time when one of the only reliable ways to heal disease and (in particular) cancer was from mushrooms – such as the fantastic […]

    Make Your Body More Efficient with the Health Benefits of Fasting!

    Before I talk about the incredible health benefits of fasting, let me be clear. I’m not talking about starvation. I’m not talking about some sort of eating fad. This is not a “lose weight quick” strategy! Yes, you’ll likely drop a few pounds if you fast but that shouldn’t be the primary goal. You already […]

    The Healthiest Protein Shake Now Comes in Vanilla & Strawberry!

    Lowering calories and feeling great never tasted so good! Last week saw the launch of my new line of Dr. Keith’s Own nutritional drinks. We went out with the chocolate (Yum!) But now we have brought on stream the vanilla (my favorite) and strawberry. These shakes are just about the tastiest and healthiest protein foods […]

    Sleep Is One of The Best Tips for Learning

    I talk about sleep so often because I can’t stress enough how important it is to your health and your life. Sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture and results in serious physical and psychological damage over time. While you might not experience lack of sleep to this extreme, a long-term habit of “not […]