(what are boppers?—OK I just brought it in to mean: people not as old as us boomers!) One of my favorite medical institutes in the world is the Karolinska in Stockholm, Sweden. Viv and I were there only last year! The reason they command a lot of my respect is they are paid by the […]


    Those of you who have read my book Cancer Research Secrets will know I am a big supporter of beta-glucans. They are among the most powerful remedial medicines known. There was a time when one of the only reliable ways to heal disease and (in particular) cancer was from mushrooms – such as the fantastic […]


    Before I talk about the incredible health benefits of fasting, let me be clear. I’m not talking about starvation. I’m not talking about some sort of eating fad. This is not a “lose weight quick” strategy! Yes, you’ll likely drop a few pounds if you fast but that shouldn’t be the primary goal. You already […]


    Lowering calories and feeling great never tasted so good! Last week saw the launch of my new line of Dr. Keith’s Own nutritional drinks. We went out with the chocolate (Yum!) But now we have brought on stream the vanilla (my favorite) and strawberry. These shakes are just about the tastiest and healthiest protein foods […]


    I talk about sleep so often because I can’t stress enough how important it is to your health and your life. Sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture and results in serious physical and psychological damage over time. While you might not experience lack of sleep to this extreme, a long-term habit of “not […]


    Your body needs amino acids (that you receive in food) to manufacture critical proteins. Recent reports link risk factors of memory loss to not getting enough of these necessary building blocks. What does protein do for you? Repairs damaged tissue and produces new cells Boosts lasting energy stores Controls weight and regulates appetite Maintains blood […]


    My name has been associated with the best-researched data in holistic medicine for over 40 years. I am proud to have been at the leading edge. In all that time, I have resisted the urge to produce my own products for consumption, being satisfied merely to point my readers in the direction of good stuff! […]


    Get your FREE EBOOK now and discover the Introductory Version of Medicine Beyond. It’s time to embrace the electricity in our bodies, in the world, in the universe that surrounds us and utilize these scientific concepts to overcome disease through electric healing. Medicine Beyond is a whole new dimension of thinking. You have the means – inside […]


    Alcoholism and Food Addictions

    What Makes You Drunk But Isn’t Alcohol? Alcohol and drug abuse can lead to depression and the reverse is also true. General thought impairment can make it difficult to pinpoint which happens first – the substance abuse or the depression. Removing drugs and alcohol from your life will enable you to think clearly and assess […]

    How a High Protein Breakfast May Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes is destroying the health of millions. Unlike type 1 diabetes (which represents less than 10% of all diagnosed cases), type 2 is preventable with the right mix of diet and lifestyle. What many patients might not know that it’s also reversible! That’s right. You can control type 2 diabetes to the point […]

    Body Clocks and A Chrononutrition Menu!

    We have thousands, or even millions, of body clocks. Learning to control them, it is said, will solve problems from jet lag to weight loss. We now have a field called chronobiology (time and biology) and a spin off called “chrononutrition” (timed eating as a means of controlling appetite and weight loss). More on that […]

    Could the Keys to Wisdom Be Found in Your Heart?

    Researchers with the University of Waterloo seem to have found the physiological keys to wisdom! It’s something I talk about in my work but it’s always nice to have the “conventional” guys work on some of the same things about which I’m passionate. The beat of your heart seems to be linked to how reasonable […]

    Low-Dose Chemotherapy, The First Sensible Media Pronouncement On Cancer

    I am grateful to my friend and correspondent Grant, from Brooklyn, for calling my attention to this article from the UK’s Daily Telegraph. I don’t read British newspapers, since they stopped featuring me years ago… (It’s just a joke, get it? I’m not that vain… no, really…!) At last some scientists are waking up to […]

    Say No This Cancer Risk Factor: Processed Carbs!

    Diet is the root of everything (good and bad) for your physical body. If you feed your body nutritious food, most of the time, you’re going to get a body that works efficiently and for a long time. Those are the scientifically proven odds. You might think to yourself, “Lots of people take care of […]