Can Poor Dental Health Cause Cancer?

Yes, teeth can kill! In medical terms, “energetic” means that a message or transmitter goes out to all parts of the body. Teeth can work like little batteries. This problem becomes more complicated when you remember that the brain is only a few millimeters away. Sounds strange? Just wait… Think Root Canal Fillings Are Safe? […]


Antibiotics for MRSA Infographic

I keep hitting the topic of antibiotics for MRSA and the fact that people need to get educated on antibiotic resistance. You’ve heard of MRSA, everyone has heard of MRSA. But did you know it now kills more people than AIDS and is gaining ground fast? It doesn’t require unusual sexual practices to spread; with […]



Your Medical Avatar I don’t normally turn to the Wall Street Journal for information. But on this occasion I got it from there first, before my Medscape mailing came around. I used to consider Medscape a lively and open-minded source for interesting news in orthodox medicine, some of it bordering on fringe. Then Eric Topol, […]


Benefits of Oxytocin

The Cuddle Hormone (Can I Get Shots?!) Oxytocin was once thought to be an exclusively womens’ hormone and involved only in setting up uterine contractions during labor and squeezing the uterus empty after birth. Now we know both sexes have it and it performs a great role in love and bonding: so much so it’s […]


What Is Apoptosis by the Alternative Doctor

What is apoptosis? Let me share with you how plants can create a powerful reaction that can cause cancer cells to self destruct. If there was a substance that had powerful properties which caused cancer cells to undergo apoptosis (programmed suicide), you would think it pretty remarkable. You would also expect the medical profession to […]


Is High Voltage Syndrome Real?

If you remain skeptical about electricity’s central role in life forces, just wait for the publication of my new book Medicine Beyond! Meantime, you need to look at some genuine evidence (it’s also evidence of the fact that science knows nothing, not even the limits of its own ignorance). Consider the following intriguing and well-documented […]


Health Benefits of Sleep

Yet again, the health benefits of sleep comes up as a major factor in anti-aging. The less sleep you get, the more your mental faculties decline. In fact, if you don’t get a regular 8 hours sleep, the magnitude of the mental decline is equal to being four to seven years older, according to new […]


Acceptance As A Tool

Here’s an abridged piece from my new book BOOM! I first wrote about it back in 1994. This is today’s version… There are two fundamentals rules of rational living. These equate to a happy life, not only in terms of the “feel good” factor. They also work well as foundations for personal growth, competence and […]