As I told you last week, beating cancer is getting easier all the time! Now there is a chance to see a free compilation of the world’s top cancer therapies and ways to avoid the disease. Time was when cancer was all-but a death sentence: if the disease didn’t kill you, the doctors likely would, […]



I want to talk to you about simple ways you can protect your prostate.  The sooner you take steps to safeguard your prostate health, the longer it’s going to function for you. You really (really) want it to function. The prostate is a male-specific gland responsible for the production of semen.  It is about the […]



It could happen. If we lose our range of effective antibiotics and create antibiotics resistance, we’ll lose a lot more too: no more sophisticated interventions, like organ transplants, pacemakers, joint replacement and care of preterm infants, will become more difficult or even too dangerous to undertake. Minor wounds and trauma will once again become life-threatening […]



The benefits of vitamin E have been proven time and time again.  This fat-soluble antioxidant is required for your body to utilize vitamin K and is essential to many basic functions. Though vitamin E deficiency is rare in developed countries, those who have difficulties absorbing fat are at higher risk.  Experts estimate that while deficiency […]



Do you think it a good idea, to learn to drive on your own—no instructor, just trial and error? You do it over and over, until finally, you learn to have fewer and fewer crashes? Probably you would wreck a few lives in the process but that wouldn’t matter much, would it? Well, you know […]


Why Do You Need Zinc?

by ProfKeith


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), zinc deficiency affects more than 30% (almost 2 billion people) of the global population.  In fact, they name it as the 5th major contributing factor to many diseases in underdeveloped countries. Death due to diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria affect hundreds of thousands worldwide annually due to not getting […]



Anyone who reads my work knows I have been saying for nearly 40 years that RED MEAT DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. It’s pseudo-science nonsense. I have repeatedly stated that I have never seen a single study linking real red meat and cancer. I have only EVER seen studies showing red meat plus processed filth like […]



I’ve talked about the importance of detoxification in the past and this article is going to give you a bit more detail about a technique called chelation therapy.  It works to remove contaminants – particularly heavy metals – from your body that accumulate over time. I think you’re going to love the way it makes […]


Flu Vaccine Effectiveness, Comedy For The Season


Well, it’s Halloween tomorrow! Silly signs, placards, costumes and revelries. People go daft for a day and have fun. It’s also the vaccine comedy season, with governments having their annual BIG JOKE on us! “Get Your Flu Shot Here” signs are all over the parking lots and at the doors of supermarkets and pharmacies. Every […]

Can Vinegar Treat Burn Wounds?


I love when solutions that have been around (and worked) for hundreds of years are scientifically proven to be a valid option for us today.  Vinegar has been used in one medical application or another for several millennia and may prove to be far more effective in modern science than ever believed possible. Doctors struggle […]

Could Broccoli Prevent Prostate Cancer?


Using food to prevent prostate cancer sounds too easy, doesn’t it?  Research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute confirmed that it really can be as simple as that. Broccoli, cauliflower, rutabaga, arugula, radish, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, greens, watercress, turnips, and kale are members of the cruciferous vegetable family.  Scientifically, they […]

Drug Marketing Sleaze & Big Pharma Conspiracy


OK, Let’s Poke Some Fun! Having lived in the USA for a dozen years, I am struck by the most common marketing technique used here, which is outrageous and shocking lies! Just make any wild claim you like, to get the sale. So long as you get rich doing it, everybody seems to approve (sort […]

Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s You Need to Know About


Around the globe, 44 million people are afflicted with Alzheimer’s or a similar dementia.  It is a disease of the brain that steals away your memories, your quality of life, and your ability to be independent.  The effects and signs of Alzheimer’s disease are devastating to the person with the illness as well as those […]

Get Relief By Understanding Chronic Pain


Drug Dealer Cartels Surpassed By Doctors Dangerous prescribing is in the news again this week, with a warning from Medscape. My regulars will know one of my sayings is: if you want to stay healthy and live well, for as long as possible, stay away from doctors! Modern medicine can kill you! In the Y2K […]