To discuss one of the biggest medical scams in history, look no further than the dangers of statin drugs!  The pharmaceutical industry pulled a fast one and their profits are proof!  How did they accomplish such a feat? Outright lying and bending the few “facts” to fit their narrative Questionable statistics, scientific studies, and very […]


The damage that toxic overload is doing to your body right now would blow your mind.  Stopping it is truly critical to your health! Addressing this issue is not only the best way to prevent, fight, and beat illness – in many cases (for many patients), it’s the only way. You Can Beat (Even Cure) […]


A Crime Against Women

by ProfKeith

Over the years I have several times referred to the abuse of women that is called “mammograms”. Someone commented aggressively on the blog, demanding to know why I took that stance. Clearly she thought I was a subversive idiot and “everybody knows” that mammograms save lives. Mammograms actually KILL. Dr. Epstein, M.D., professor emeritus of […]


If you’re someone who regularly suffers from heartburn, you need to know the potential dangers of stomach acid drugs and how you can put out the fire. Why Your Belly Burns Heartburn is also referred to as “acid reflux.”  If it happens more than twice in any given week, it’s called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).  […]


This week heralds something very special. I want to help redefine YOUR life in a way which will excite you… a life of abundance and joy. That’s my ultimate definition of true health. But what do we mean by abundance? It’s an over-worked word that’s kicked around, often by people who clearly have no concept […]


Doctors know many details about cancer but very little about how to prevent and fight cancer naturally.  There are many treatments available for this deadly disease – conventional, alternative, and complimentary – and some of them are fiercely debated. There are two things everyone should be on the same page about:  The first is prevention […]


Old hands following me will know I see the future, clearly. I occasionally run a column I call “I told ‘Em!”, meaning I got there 10, 20, 30, years before everyone else. Here’s another example, concerning transient smartphone blindness (TSB), a new clinical phenomenon that will likely cause great confusion and neurologic misdiagnosis in orthodox […]


Have you ever wondered what would happen to our bodies if we didn’t have the ability to fight against disease? Well it’s no secret, the flesh would be gone from our bones in just 3 days! That’s why it’s so critical that you must do EVERYTHING in your power to safeguard and boost your immunity. […]


Subtle Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease You Need to Know!

The symptoms of autoimmune disease can be difficult to understand, diagnose, and treat.  Very often, these signs are brushed off as unimportant, diagnosed as something else, or treated incorrectly.  Meanwhile, autoimmune disease is becoming an epidemic. The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) states that 50 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease.  Researchers have […]

News From The Cutting Edge of Holistic Medicine

A bit of alternative medicine news for you this week, folks. We just finished a POWERFUL 3-day workshop on micro-current therapy (MCT). It’s electroceuticals, which Scientific American magazine has described as “the medicine of the future” (well, I said it first, of course, about 18 years ago, in my book Virtual Medicine! Now republished as […]

How to Fight Diabetes Naturally with 3 Powerful Foods

With the staggering statistics rocking the globe, you must learn how to fight diabetes naturally.  No matter your doctor’s recommendations, no matter the drugs you may be on to manage what has quickly become an epidemic, there are steps you can (and must) take to increase your chances of successfully regulating (and even reversing in […]

The Story Of Boron the Arthritis Miracle Cure

In my freebie download concerning osteoporosis I drew attention to the little-known requirement for boron. It’s very important for bone health and bone density. In fact it’s vital. But who takes boron supplements? Not many people, I’ll warrant! I first came across the story told by Rex Newnham, a naturopathic doctor and osteopath who, at […]

Too Much Sitting (Yes, Sitting) Is Killing You!

In our modern world, many people lead sedentary lifestyles.  The shocking news is all that sitting is killing you.  Sometimes gradually, sometimes rapidly, staying parked in a chair (or on a couch) is sucking the life out of you one cell at a time. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) names sitting as the fourth […]

Ready for a Laugh? Why Laughter Therapy Really Works!

Most of us are familiar with the extraordinary book The Anatomy Of An Illness by Norman Cousins (1979). In it he describes the therapeutic benefits of laughter. Cousins had crippling arthritis and was told, pretty much, it was incurable. Well, it wasn’t! Norman Cousins checked out a whole bunch of old movies (Marx Brothers, Candid […]