Ever since the unravelling of the human genome, the mechanistic scientists have had a field day proclaiming we are just a bunch of “stuff”, made from an accidental molecule called DNA. It’s all genes is their cry. In fact it’s now proven that genes have very little to do with anything. They switch on and […]


I hope that you never, ever get a kidney stone!  It’s pain unlike anything you’ve ever felt in your life.  We need to talk about how to get rid of kidney stones because if you have one, you’re going to want it out of your body as fast (and effectively) as possible! 6 Crucial Facts […]


This is me with my buddy Norman Shealy MD. I was hanging out at his farm in Missouri for a few days. It was good for a couple of old buzzards to chew the fat! That’s an American Holistic Medical Association clasp. Norm founded the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. This is me with […]


You might think occurrences of parasites in humans is a rare thing – but you would be wrong! I once quoted the National Geographic program “The Body Snatchers” as saying, “Parasites have killed more humans than all the wars in history.” [Season 1, Episode 17] Of all the land mass available on Earth, less than […]


Everyone knows we should strive to eat 5 or more portions a day of fruits and vegetables, right? Well, be careful! An observational study reported today said that women who ate more fruits and vegetables containing high amounts of pesticide residue were less likely to get pregnant or have a live birth. Of course we […]


If you haven’t heard about the link between the length of your telomeres and cancer, you need to keep reading.  The longer you put off making radical (but necessary) changes to your personal eating plan, the faster your body will age. Let me explain… Want to Age Slower?  Take Care of Your Telomeres  DNA regulates […]


The Western mechanistic view of mind-as-brain, or thought as a material process, is far from the only model of our experience of Being. Western science is outrageously arrogant in supposing they have a monopoly on truth, especially when they can’t even be honest about the (considerable) gaps in their theories. But the bottom line is […]


You Have To Try This Stuff. It’s Amazing! I’m not going to waste time telling you the health benefits of vitamin C. If you haven’t grasped how truly valuable it is to health, I’m worried for you! We can’t make our own (which is why it’s a vitamin or VITal AMINe). We’d quickly die of […]


Your Emotions and Cancer Prevention – Two Halves of the Same Coin!

Is there really a connection between emotions and cancer development?  There absolutely is!  The way you think, behave, and react to the world around you (and your personal living environment in particular) have a huge impact on your physical wellbeing. The Mind, The Body, and Cancer For more than four decades, I’ve been talking at […]

Loneliness Again – It Starts With Communication

Some months ago I wrote about loneliness and organized a webinar. It was strange: nearly 200 people signed up for it but only 15 attended. Isn’t that the problem in a nutshell? If people don’t engage, they will end up feeling lonely (disconnected). One of the significant layers of this phenomenon of loneliness is a […]

To Slow the Aging Process, You Must Understand It

Everyone wants to slow the aging process.  No matter who you are, your current age, or where you are in your health right now, figuring out how to slow down the clock to the end of your life is a big deal to all of us. To slow it down, you must first understand the […]

The Overload Model Of Disease

It’s been wisely said that our bodies are defended from sudden death every single day. As with all living creatures we too are endowed with a number of key regulatory mechanisms. One can only be amazed that they rarely seem to break down, rather than being surprised and disconcerted when they do. Every day, every […]

Natural Pain Relief for the Most Correctable Cause

If you suffer from chronic pain, you can become desperate to ease it.  Finding safe, effective, and natural pain relief is crucial to daily functioning and quality of life. Don’t give up because there is hope! Over my almost four decades of helping patients, I’ve seen many causes of chronic pain.  Some patients have been […]

Lyme Disease is The New Syphilis

Before the advent of antibiotics, syphilis was one of the most common infections in the Western World, afflicting up to 10% of the adult populations. In 1927 Julius Wagner-Jauregg was given the first and only Nobel Prize awarded to a psychiatrist.  This was for work done in 1917 in which Wagner-Jauregg had exposed three neurosyphilitic […]