Are All Cancers Caused By Viruses?

Get this and be clear about it. Many cancers are infectious; they arrive because of infective organisms and can be passed from person to person. 20% of all cancers are caused by infections and, 80% of those, it’s a virus.

An oncovirus is a virus that can cause cancer. This term originated from studies of retroviruses in the 1950–60s, often called oncornaviruses (onco-RNA-viruses)  to denote their RNA virus origin. It’s amazing that viruses don’t cause many more cancers than they do, because a virus is basically a bunch of nasty DNA/RNA that gets into the cells it infects.

Cancer is also basically nasty DNA/RNA. There could come a day when we realize that ALL cancers are infections. That would explain why cancer is basically a disease of the immune system. A vibrant and healthy immune system remains your best insurance against cancer.

Burkitt’s lymphoma (or “Burkitt’s tumor” or Burkitt lymphoma) is a cancer of the lymphatic system (in particular, B lymphocytes). It is named after Denis Parsons Burkitt, a surgeon who first described the disease in 1956 while working in equatorial Africa. It was, essentially, the first confirmed human cancer caused by a virus.

By 1964, Anthony Epstein and Yvonne Barr identified the first human cancer virus from Burkitt lymphoma cells. A herpes-group virus, this virus is formally known as human herpesvirus 4. But it is more commonly known as Epstein-Barr Virus or EBV, after the discovers.

There are many other cancer-causing viruses known, of which HPV (human papilloma virus, which causes cervical cancer) is probably the most well-known. But for sure the list is going to grow and grow and grow.

Be warned.

How does it happen? Scientists have found a clue. When cells sense that an oncogenic virus is trying to “take over”, a process known as “oncogenic stress”, they switch on a signal that keeps the virus in check. But if that mechanism fails, then cancer could be the result. The race is on to find out how to operate the anti-viral signaling mechanism.

The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a notorious human pathogen. Antibody tests show that it infects 90% people at some point in their lives. The resulting disease has various names: infectious mononucleosis (mono), Pfeiffer’s disease, “the kissing disease” (because of its oral transmission) or glandular fever in most English-speaking countries.

Mono can be a severe and debilitating illness and the origin of so-called chronic-fatigue syndrome for many. But fortunately it rarely causes cancer. People with immune systems weakened by HIV infection, or because they have had an organ transplant, or some other reason, are at greater risk of developing forms of lymphoma.

Now researchers have found that when lab cultures of primary human B cells are infected with EBV, they remain in an “immortal” state, producing lymphoblastoid cell lines indefinitely (lymphblastoid means likely to form lymphoma cells). This  could be how EBV, if unchecked, eventually causes cancer in the human body.

[Cell Host & Microbe, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp 510-522, 16 December 2010, DOI:10.1016/j.chom.2010.11.004]



  1. I understand, mainly from holistic sources, that our immune systems constantly attack all cancer cells throughout our lives.
    Do orthodox oncologists accept this?
    Other information that I read says that cancer cells protect themselves from our immune systems, so that our immune systems cannot destroy them. These people then say that surgery, radiation or chemotherapy are the only answer.
    Is there a right or wrong view, in your opinion?
    Which, of the many alternative, teatments are worth a try.
    Personally I regard prevention as the ONLY viable option, in reality, as alternative treatments are not affordable or easily available in the UK.

  2. Keith: You have got to be kidding! What have you been smoking? Who has hypnotized you? Virus? Really? If you had taken the time to do some real research you would have eventually found that Dr. Otto Warburg of Germany in the early 20th century found the one and only ‘true’ cause of Cancer. If you want me to spell it out for you I will. But I need you to first promise that you will write a new Newsletter explaing how you are/were wrong and that you are now in possession of knowledge of the real cause of Cancer. Dr. Warburg based all his conclusions on science. No one has ever been able to disprove his findings. He actually won 2 Nobel prizes for his work in this area. Yet his work continues to go unnoticed and ignored by researchers and most of the media and people like yourself who are just grabbing at straws, failing to discover that Cancer has a simple scientific explanation, and most importantly that Cancer can be ‘cured’-by Prevention.

    • Murray, You are disgustingly rude and an ignorant person to boot.
      If you did YOUR research properly, you would know that already 20% of cancers are known to be caused by viruses.
      Moreover, if you had an even cursory look over my website, you would find that Warburg’s theory probably needs modifying.
      I’ll add the link in a moment.
      Moreover, you are talking to a doctor who has treated 1,000s cancer causes and knows more science than you have forgotten in this area.
      How many cases have you got clinical experience with? None? I thought so.

  3. All right you guys– theres more than
    one cause as I see it-what I do know is
    I have witnessed more than one cure
    and I probably dont know the cause-

  4. Keith: Maybe I am a fool-in your eyes. But I will say this. Cancer has but one cause. If someone contracts Cancer and it is caused(?) by a virus then that is a secondary cause, not the prime cause. Just as smoking cigarettes itself does not cause Cancer but will lead to the conditions under which Cancer can take hold and grow. Until someone proves that Warburg’s conclusions are wrong or inaccurate, I will stick to my position. Maybe I am more stubborn than foolish. But my understanding is unshaken. Cancer has but one true cause. All the rest are secondary. Cures are a different story Herb. That’s all from me on this topic.

    • That’s fine but you don’t have imply I’m stupid or ignorant or unaware of the issues. “Clutching at straws” I think you said.
      That’s just plain rude.
      I’m a person with vastly more experience than you, indeed I suspect you have no clinical experience at all.
      When I state that cancer has many causes and no one condition leads to it, I mean it.
      Nothing is as simplistic as you want to believe.

      • ProfKeith: Let’s just agree to disagree. In my humble defense I will say that at least I offered up a source for my information and claim, whereas you have not. I would also like to apologize if I sent you a ‘rude’ message. I was only trying to get a reaction from you, an in-depth explanation of your sources (like trials, experiments,etc.). Yes I am not a clinician,nor a researcher, nor a cancer scientist. However I do read Medical Journals, past & present. I also receive and follow the numerous medical Newsletters full of claims,statements,etc. that purport to have the secret cure for cancer. As I said earlier, the best cure for Cancer is Prevention. We are all looking for the same thing-to eradicate Cancer from our lives. ‘Nuf said.

  5. Dr Keith Scott-Mumby, I very much appreciate your efforts as an alternative doctor but I disagree entirely about cancer and viruses. I say cancer is never caused by a virus! I have found that cancer is about stem-cell mediated immunity erroneously ignited in the body, owing to perceptions that an area of the body is under attack. Foul play and toxic sub-human rubbish is behind cancer and the harder the person fights the more “barrier or shield cells”, you call cancer cells, that they build.

    I have had cancer several times and have had spontaneous remissions every time. The first time I only knew about it when it was already stage 4, from the ovaries to uterus, cervix, the bowel and to the lungs. The doctors threw up their hands. I followed an intuition, cut my ties with everyone and moved back to Sydney from Cairns, where I was from. I found on the trip down (took me 5 1/2 weeks) that the symptoms had largely abatted. In the next six months and with a course of Chinese medicine I was cancer free. Doctors couldn’t find any cancer. I thought the Chinese medicine helped but I found later this was not the case.

    Second time in 2004, had severe flu-like symptoms for three weeks and inexplicable anger. Then I discovered an issue, some of my property was being violated. I confronted the people and found a satisfactory resolution. To my utter surprise the flu-like symptoms were gone within about half an hour! I had trouble swallowing and I knew there was a lump half way down the oesophagus but in a few months time that was gone.

    Third time 2005, in the bowel but possibly ovarian again. Lump appeared after 2 months of stress in right side of my lower abdomen, about size of a golf ball and painful when I bent over. This time I saw more and was able to use ideas /mental prescription to return the cells to fully-functional, fully-specialized cells of the bowel and any other organs involved and within 5 1/2 weeks it was gone.

    I have seriously upset a lot of people in the under-culture and have been targeted many times since then, bone cancer, pancreatic etc., I can get my body well pronto. These days I can prevent the immune reaction /ie cancer from taking place at all. I am posting my findings on cancer on my blog here and on a more personal level
    I say with confidence, cancer is a paper tiger!
    Kyrani Eade

    • You don’t have to read far in my writings to find I consider emotions the #1 cause of cancer.
      However, the question you are not answering Kyrani is whether it needs a virus and an emotional disturbance.
      This is how most diseases get started: TB is caused by the bacillus PLUS severe emotional shock.
      Emotional shock cannot cause TB without the bacillus.
      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Hi Prof Keith, I want to first say doctors like youself restore my faith in the medical profession as a profession and not simply as an industry for profits.

    About the cancer and viruses,
    First, it takes toxic relationships and a mental attack here’s how..
    The person needs to be made to see issues that are really unrelated as related and act on them somatically. So..
    1. danger is posed, through relationships and the use of ESP. The chief offender is key. He/she has the primary motive (usually to gain power and influence but may also be revenge or jealousy or even to kill the other person for some reason). The chief offender relationally entangles the targeted person with real criminals. Those criminals can then be brought into the vicinity of the person, eg next door, down the street and given a spare key to the person’s house. They never approach the targeted person but they hold criminal intent and they are armed. You will find that with this method the targeted person will feel fear but not understand why. Sometimes the fear can be very nebulous or even sub-conscious. Furthermore they will erroneously attribute it to any ideas that occur simultaneously so the danger will be thought to be inside the body. This triggers the immune system into high gear.

    2. they need to have some reactivity in an organ or tissue which will be perceived to be under attack. So for instance if the lung is to be attacked issues of loss are created so that sadness can be used. Sadness creates extraordinary activity in the lung (ie not usual activity so it is noticeable), if they attack the bowel, despair or depression is used. again it creates activity in the bowel. If the stomach is attacked worry is used, liver is attacked anger is used and so on. Always the emotion used creates activity in that organ. Emotions are not just in the brain. I would describe emotions as rational changes in the body due to the need to address some issues, either by a job done by the body or in the body. With each emotion certain organs and tissues are mobilized.

    3. Very nasty ideas are presented by the chief offender, strong relationship, strong ESP The perceived idea depicts some sort of attack on the organ or tissue. There is an effect from possibly mirror neuron activity too. So you have (nasty idea + fear) concurrent and makes the person believe that the idea is real because of the fear. There is the added problem for them that there is activity in the organ perceived to be attacked so it becomes convincing that there is a problem there.

    4. The body’s reaction is plan A attack the alien aggressor but none can be found. So the body then goes to plan B shield the area. The only shield the body can build is made of cells. I have used insight meditation and I am not good enough to get down to the subcellular level easily, but I have done so sufficiently on enough occasions. I noticed differences in the nucleus -different movements /shadows in the nucleus- between different cells in the same area. If I look further away from the cell barrier then all the cells behave in the same way, there is uniformity in their division process. It is as if those that become part of the cell barriers divide earlier, while the other cells take longer and maybe something is going on in the nucleus that isn’t done in the ones that finish their division early. I also noticed that barrier always began in “fringe tissues” not in the middle of an organ’s tissues but on the edges. That is way I suspected stem cells might be involved. I wondered if it was the stem cells that changed their genetic expression to become shields. So I upheld ideas of the cells returning to full specialization and I found the cells then had become uniform looking. And indeed I have been able to cause the shrinking of the tumor by ideas in the mind that the excess cells are removed by apoptosis. I even have the newer cells preferentially kept and older cells in the area removed. Might as well rejuvenate my organs given the opportunity!

    5. Always there are also issues of injustice/ violations created to make the targeted person angry. This too can be sub-conscious so the person only feels slightly hot or experiences what they see as mood-swings. The reason for the anger is to make the person hostile and aggressive. The more they fight the more shields they build which become masses. I found that if you do nothing else, get rid of the anger by addressing the injustice issue/violation. That stops the growth.

    All of this and more can be addressed using a mental prescription with 100% satisfactory result every time. Indeed mental prescriptions can be used when one recognizes the onset and no cancer is formed and to fight off the aggressors.
    The idea of a virus is understandable that physicians may consider because it can be conjectured that it may alter the genetic expression; However that is not my findings the case of cancer. Whether there are viruses there or not doesn’t matter. It needs the person to be attacked and in an ongoing manner and with a stepped up tempo if they are going to be killed.

    I have been attacked upwards of two dozen times in the past 12 years so I have had ample opportunity to examine the process very well.

    In the case of TB I would suggest that the emotional shock involves at least fear. Fear as I am sure you know, where the danger is perceived to be external, declines the immune system. So any bacteria that is there will gain an opportunity.

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